Keeping Your Sex Life Private in Crowded Living

If you live in a place where privacy isn’t guaranteed, it can seem near-impossible to do anything kinky. It can seem even more difficult to keep your kinky items such as sex toys or floggers away from being seen. However, with slight adjustments to your living space and how you store your toys, you can have an easier time being sure that no one will know what should be private “ your sex life.

One of the harder places to keep your sex life hidden is if you happen to live with your parents or roommates. When it isn’t your own house, it can be difficult to hide things that that person may not approve of. The easiest way to go about having your own sex life is to talk to the person you’re living with “ let them know that you have a sex life and will be bringing people over sometimes. I can understand that can end up being awkward, though, so if possible, if awkward applies to you, you can always try to go back to the other person’s house for anything sexual. Another option is to attempt to plan your activities for when the rest of the occupants of the house are out.

If you can talk to the other occupants about your sexual activity, I’d recommend setting down rules and times about your privacy. For example, maybe you can work it out where the other occupants leave the house at certain times that you work out in advance. You could always talk about a specific signal that means “leave you alone. To some people, this means a closed door, but you never know what your other occupants were raised on “ I recommend covering this. For example, maybe a closed door will mean that you require privacy or maybe something else like a hairtie on the door handle.

When it comes to storing your toys in a place like that, you can always stash that stuff in a sock in your underwear drawer. Another choice is to keep it stashed in a storage box in a closet, or if you want to be really sneaky, it’d be possible to hollow out a larger book and stash your toys in there. Another choice is to keep your stuff inside an unused purse or backpack which makes it easy to get a hold of when you want it but still stores it out of sight.

The other big place where privacy can be a problem is when you are in college. College dorms tend to put at least two people in this tiny room and expect them to share that small space. With that small space, it can be difficult to keep your personal things as personal. The above strategy about talking with your roommate about when you’d like privacy works best. Of course, adding something like a hairtie to the door handle is something that a lot of students do in dorm rooms.

The most common way is to work out private times with your roommate in advance. Since both of you probably would like personal time away from each other anyway, you don’t even have to say why you want the time alone. You can just say that you’d enjoy having the room to yourself for studying or just relaxing.

When it comes to locking up your private items in a college dorm, it depends on your roommate. If your roommate seems content to leave your items alone, you have a lot more choices. You can keep it in a storage bag with your shower items, or you can keep your items in a discarded backpack under the bed. However, if your roommate seems to want to look through all of your items, I recommend you get a lock-box that attaches to your bedframe. If you aren’t that concerned about your roommate getting a hold of your toys, there are some sex toy storage solutions that offer a lock and key which should keep your nosy roomie from looking at your toys.

Of course, sex toys in college also require you to make sure that they make little to no noise. Most dorm room walls are extremely thin, and you might find yourself the object of some knowing smirks if you decide to pick out an extremely loud rabbit vibrator. Make sure to find some of the quieter vibrators possible to keep your own sexual escapades by yourself.

You just have to make sure that when you decide to do works for you. You want your toys and activities to be hidden but not too difficult to deal with. As always, it works best to be open about what you’re doing, but in this case, some people prefer to keep things to themselves. Just come up with your own creative ideas or use mine and enjoy some worry-free sex.

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