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Just Another Night?

They had been friends for a few years so a trip to the movies together was nothing out of the ordinary¦or was it?

Brad was an openly FTM Trans Man and Michelle had always supported his transition. She also knew he had strong feelings for her since he had never made a secret of the fact. However it was pretty much understood that nothing was going to happen in that area “ at least not in the near future. So, that being said, it seemed just like another movie ˜date’ as they met outside the local movie theater.

As the movie began Brad found his mind wandering to that place it always ended up visiting when they were together and especially this close to one another. He purposely connected his leg to hers, feeling her energy he felt the urge to kiss her¦.but of course as always the urge was resisted. So instead he just confined himself to enjoying her presence by his side. When the movie was over he walked with her back to her apartment. Saying goodnight they indulged in the usual friendly peck on the lips, however on this occasion Brad looked into her eyes a little longer and decided to kiss her one more time¦.

As his lips met hers for the second time they lingered¦and she allowed them to. He felt her surrender to him in a way he had only ever dreamed of in a kiss that seemed to never end. As they finally parted she looked at him, partly confused and yet excited at the same time¦.Do you want to come up for a while? she said. As if a reply was necessary, “sure he replied¦.

Arriving at her apartment she fumbled for her keys¦closing the door swiftly behind them Brad reached out for her and gently but firmly kissed her, pulling her tight against him. As he kissed her his hands ran over her body exploring her like never before¦he whispered in her ear¦.I want you¦the look in her eyes let him know the feeling was mutual. Grabbing his hand she led him into the living room where they sat down together on the sofa. In an instant he sensed her anticipation and gently placed his hand on her thigh saying “Don’t worry¦.I’ll only take this as far as you are comfortable with.

Her eyes gazing directly into his, he reached forward and kissed her again¦sliding his hand inside her thigh and then up over her breasts. Exploring her like never before¦.he felt her breathe more heavily as she fell back into the sofa…kissing her neck he ran his hands underneath her T shirt as she in turn reached to pull it off¦pulling off his own T shirt he bent over and ran his tongue over her nipples, as his hands reached down towards the top of the tight lycra pants she was so fond of wearing. His tongue slowly running down her stomach as he slid the pants down and off. Running his hands up her inner thighs he teasingly brushed them over her pussy, her response letting him know that she wanted more¦

Reaching for his jeans she quickly unbuttoned them, pulling them down as he threw them aside and finally felt the heat of her naked flesh against his. Sliding his thigh between her legs she parted them eager to feel him against her pussy as it throbbed increasingly, begging for attention.

Returning to her lips he kissed her slowly and passionately as he pressed his thigh against her clit and rubbed it gently yet firmly up and down ¦feeling her get wetter and wetter he shifted to allow his hands access to her thighs as he ran his tongue down her stomach again¦this time slowly arriving at her pussy as he saw her clit emerge pounding for attention¦.she wanted him¦.and he knew it¦.

Leaving her for just a moment he quickly got up and went to the closet where he knew she kept her toys¦selecting the Turbo Glider he quickly returned to her¦.ran his hands inside her thighs as he spread them apart, reaching into her expectant pussy with his tongue as he wrapped it around her clit, circling it over and over again as she moaned with pleasure. Returning to kiss her again he took the vibe and ran it down her neck towards her breasts, circling her nipples over and over before slowly running it down to her navel then down her inner thighs and back up towards her now aching pussy…brushing over it gently and teasingly as she moaned ” fuck me¦..fuck me¦.

With one hand running down her neck and over her breasts he gently glided the vibe over her clit again and again bringing her just to the point of cumming before stopping for a moment, replacing the vibe with his tongue as he ran it all over her hard pulsing clit¦.faster and faster¦until once again she was begging to cum and he knew it¦..running his hands up and down her body he then grabbed the vibe again and moved it slowly up her thighs towards he pussy¦..gliding it over her clit and then slowly inserting it just where she needed it¦.filling her with the intense vibration as he felt her shudder¦.her body unable to take any more as she came hard against the pulsing of the vibe¦.as the shock waves of the intense orgasm sent her body into ecstasy he slowly removed the vibe, replacing it with his fingers on her engorged clit¦.tapping it just enough to make her cum again and again until she was spent and lay breathless underneath him.

In that instant they both knew there was more to come as he kissed her satisfied pussy and then worked his way slowly up her body ending at her lips as he caressed them with his¦sliding his tongue inside and exploring her like never before. She wanted more and so did he¦.this was going to be a LONG night¦¦.

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