Journey’s End (Coliloquy’s Entwined Erotica Runner-up)

Good Vibrations is pleased to have had the opportunity to co-sponsor Coliloquy’s Entwined Erotica contest. Entwined Erotica features a story begun by one erotic author which is then concluded by several other noted erotica writers, giving the reader a choice of many happy endings. The May 2013 contest gave fans of the project the opportunity to writer their very own conclusions to EE’s Volume One, Unbound. We published the winning story, “Airport Bathroom” by MsRobin, last month; this week we feature the runners-up. Thanks again to Coliloquy for the chance to participate in this fun and steamy project! — Carol Queen

Journey’s End, by smartina

“I’m Charity McCormick.” She said to the man.

“Hello Miss. McCormick. My name is Seamus. Mr. McCormick sent me to pick you up. He sends his apologies for not being here himself, but he had to attend to an urgent issue at work.” Seamus lowered the sign and held out his hand. I shook it and smiled.

“Nice to meet you Seamus. Please call me Charity.”

After about forty minutes, Seamus turned down a tree lined driveway. Charity looked out the window and saw a beautiful house. It looked like something out of a fairy tale. The limo came to a stop and Seamus came around and opened the door for her. Charity new she was gaping, but she could not help it. The house was huge!

Charity followed Seamus to the front door. Before she could knock the door opened and the next thing she knew she was in Patrick’s arms. His lips took hers in a fierce tango that left her wet and wanting. Breathless, she looked into his brilliant green eyes and got out a meek, “Hi.”

“Hello, love. How was your flight?” Patrick smiled down at me. Before I could answer I heard the click of heels across a floor. Patrick turned around, Charity peeked out from behind him and gasped. This women was gorgeous. She had really never thought of women in a sexual way, but this women looked like high class, expensive sex in fuck me heels. Charity looked down at her rumpled jeans and t-shit, wow she felt really under dressed.

“Patrick darling, are you going to invite the poor women in are continue to maul in the doorway?” Patrick laughed and turned back toward her. “Charity may I present my wife, Meg.” Charity stepped around Patrick and held out her hand. Meg came forward and embraced Charity and kissed both of her checks.  Charity felt like she should be hearing the theme from The Twilight Zone or really bad porn music.

“Charity I am so glad you decided to join us. Patrick has told me so much about you.” Charity decided to just roll with it. This was for her. A little experimentation, a lot of hot sex, no worries.

“Thank you for inviting me.” Charity smiled at the handsome couple.

“Let me show you to your room so you can freshen up. Then we can all talk over lunch.” Meg led the way through the beautiful house. Charity thought she may need to ask for a map. When she was finally alone in one of many guest rooms. The butterflies started again. Shaking herself she grabbed what she needed for a shower and headed toward the bathroom.

Charity stepped into the shower stall and let the hot water sooth her aching muscles. She started to reach for the soap when she heard the stall door slide open. Charity spun around and slammed into a firm masculine chest. Arms came around her and she heard Patrick chuckle. “Sorry love, couldn’t wait to acquaint myself with that sweet pussy of yours.” Charity gasped at his words. His hands were roaming over her slick body, sending shivers to the very core of her. Patrick slowly backed her up until her back was pressed against the tiled wall. He grabbed her ass, “Wrap your legs around me,” he growled. Charity was lost in his eyes and his touch, she immediately brought her legs. Patrick groaned when his cock felt the warm heat of her. He claimed her lips in another rough kiss.” I am going to fuck that little pussy of yours and then I am going to watch while my wife eats my cum from you cunt.” Charity couldn’t breathe. At the exact moment Patrick drove his cock into her, Meg entered the shower. She was just as beautiful without clothes on. She walked up behind Patrick and started caressing and kissing his back as he thrust harder and faster into her.

Charity moaned. She was so close. Arching her back she tried to take him in deeper. Meg sensing that she was close, reached around in between them and started stroking her clit. Charity gasped and looked into Meg’s eyes. Meg’s eyes were bright with lust and demand. “Come for us Charity. I want to taste you.” She said huskily. Charity could not control her reaction. Her pussy tightened around Patrick’s dick and she screamed her release. Patrick thrust a few more times and groaned as his semen filled her pussy. Patrick eased out of her and she slid down the wall. Meg knelt in front of her and looked up into her husband’s eyes as she licked Charity for the first time. Patrick growled deep in his throat and started rubbing his cock as he watched. Charity moaned and withered under as Meg sucked and fucked Charity with her very talented tongue. Charity felt her another orgasm building. Then Meg inserted two fingers into her cunt and the world exploded around her. Her legs gave out and she would have fallen if Patrick had not reached for her. He kissed her gently on the lips and helped her sit on the shower floor.

As Charity watched Patrick took Meg from behind. The slapping of wet flash was an erotic sound that made her nipples harden. It was over quickly with Meg screaming Patrick’s name. We all ended up breathing heavily starting at one another. Then Patrick smiled down at me and said, “Welcome to Ireland.”

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  1. Charity is so lucky to have been entertained by a husband and wife team. Very hard to get such very hospitality people nowadays.