Jackie Strano calls CatalystCon the TEDx of Sex


Coyote, Jessica Drake, Tristan Taormino, Colten, Shar Rednour, Jackie Strano


CatalystCon is like the TEDx of Sex. For queer folks it’s like their Michfest or how it should be. Academics, writers, bloggers, educators, performers, industry professionals, and others come together for a weekend of potent concentrated mashup and I thought I knew everything and couldn’t be challenged any further but when hearing Tristan Taormino given a heartfelt interview during The Deeper Truth sessions hosted by Shar Rednour or when icon and pioneer Betty Dodson uttered the words ‘feminist beaver’ I realized that not only did I have lot more to give, I had a lot more to take in. I was honored and pleased to sit on the Hijacking our Healthy Sexuality panel and talk about sexuality and parenting (my come away was that we need a whole conference dedicated to this topic). People came up to me all weekend thanking me for my words, real world experience, and helpful advice. Good Vibrations’ Purchasing Manager, Coyote Days also gave her expertise and years of manufacturing knowledge a spin on the sex toy panel. I also co-hosted Lesbo Retro with Shar Rednour and took viewers down memory and herstory lane decades back to the beginnings of queer porn and it was especially sweet to have Annie Sprinkle, Veronica Vera, Veronica Hamilton, and Jessica Drake there to share war stories and laughs with. Good Vibrations was a sponsor for this session and hats off to founder Dee Dennis who continues to run a top notch well organized summit of thought leadership and think tanks for all things related to sex.



Coyote Days at CatalystCon

Colton, Shar, Jackie, Jessica Drake
Colten, Shar, Jackie, Jessica Drake

Carol Queen, Betty Dodson, Shar Rednour, Jackie Strano
Carol Queen, Betty Dodson, Shar Rednour, Jackie Strano



Jackie Rednour-Bruckman (Jackie Strano)

Executive Vice President of Good Vibrations

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  1. Mona Darling says:

    Great write up! And yes!! Sex positive parenting summit! Sex positive gender agnostic parenting summit!