IXFF Filmmaker Interview! Part 6: Malia Schlaefer and Lex Sloan

Local filmmakers Malia Schlaefer & Lex Sloan will premiere their new film “Outlaw” at the Good Vibrations Indie Erotic Film Fest at the Castro Theatre on September 23rd  (for more details and tickets, visit www.gv-ixff.org).  “Outlaw” is their first voyage into adult film, aided by their muse and film star Maxine Holloway, and a giant dildo.

Malia Schlaefer & Lex Sloan are up and coming queer pornographers who plan to rock the adult world with their unuque, Bay Area brand of hotness.  Lex is a filmmaker and media activist whose work focuses on gender, sexuality and equality. Malia’s work addresses contemporary female sexuality and her two favorite things to photograph are naked ladies and food.

If this is your first film, did it come out like you anticipated?

We have both worked on adult films before, Maxine as a performer and Lex as a filmmaker. But this is the first film that was all ours.  Our expectations shifted as the process went on.  When we started off we wanted to keep it a really simple fun short film about a call girl and a dildo.  But as the story progressed we somehow ended up needing 8 sex scenes, 8 costume changes and hair-dos which were all hot, fun and amazing, but not simple. We ended up with almost 5 hours of really good footage that was so hard to edit down to 7min. So we are going to make an extended version to showcase all the sexiness we captured on film.

What do you hope audiences will get from your work?

The premise and mantra for the film was “Outlaws have a fucking great time”! the main characters are a 9 and 3/4 inch dildo that is called the Outlaw and a sex-worker, who in a sense is an outlaw.  We kept thinking about outlaws and lifestyles that oppose notions of conformity and authority – and how that can be really liberating.  The goal was for our audience to identify with the outlaw, to experience the excitement of fucking outside the lines. We want the audience to have a sense of pleasure, playfulness, camp, humor and horniness while watching the film. We hope our audience keeps thinking of the outlaw when they get home and that their own sex life is inspired from watching the Outlaw’s journey as it  becomes a part of Maxine’s queer, kinky, lovely, lawless, sex-worker world.

Who are your stars, and how did you meet them/invite them to participate?

We have a brilliant cast! Some of the hottest performers right now: Billy Castro, Courtney Trouble, Bella Rossi, Juliette Stray, James Darling, JAK and a few first timers who turned out to be awesome kissers! When casting it was important for us to represent the queer community and show a diverse selection of sexualities and bodies.  Which mostly entailed Maxine Holloway making a list of people she really wanted to fuck or make-out with and then asking nicely. Everyone was really supportive and so generous to be a part of this film. We are really grateful for that. Our hosts Tamara & Perrish Nelson made our shooting site a little haven and treated all of the performers and crew like royalty.

Were there any funny or unexpected moments while filming?

The funniest thing about making the Outlaw is that Lex, who is the main cinematographer, editor, and codirector is actually scared of Maxine’s vagina. She turns beet red every time she thinks about it and almost refuses to look at it.  Which can be problematic when your are making a porn together!  Also, during Trouble’s scene which took place on a bed full balloons and treats, Maxine accidentally sat on a balloon while Trouble was fucking her with her hands. She must have hit the right spot because as she was cumming the balloon popped and added some surprise and extra excitement to the orgasm! Filming Maxine in short dress and heels, with a giant dildo in her purse right in front of the police station was also very interesting and solicited many strange looks and comments. But perhaps the most funny and unexpected moment was while filming the last scene when Maxine places the Outlaw in the window after she masturbates with it in the bathtub. On the last take it fell out of the window and hit the ground outside. We have countless hilarious outtakes!

What is your favorite sex toy to use in a film?

Defiantly the Vixen Outlaw Dildo – which is the name sake and most important character in the film! Although we also made sure to have lots of other safe sex supplies on hand. As a high priced call girl Maxine always uses gloves, condoms, and lots of lube.

What advice would you give to first-time erotic filmmakers, or filmmakers in general?

We say DO IT! If there is something you think is hot, or is not represented by other erotic films, then make your own. Making erotic films is a lot of fun, so the advice we have is to keep it fun. Film making is stressful, it takes time and money, but the most important part is planning. We were ready for each scene, decided on the wardrobe, hair, and basic shot list ahead of time. We made sure our talent and crew were treated amazing and well fed.  We would like to take this chance to thank our amazing porn stars for donating their time, and our talented crew Horsebite, Amanda Moorehead, Natalie Berthe; Music by Tristan Buckley and Joeseph A Meyer, and stylist team Jarrod Almada, Michelle Rothman, Dana Balay and Jacob Inocencio. We thank each of them for their work and effort put towards this film because the Outlaw could not be what it is without them. Getting the right people together is the most important part of making a successful film.

How does the film you submitted reflect your views on sex, and was there anything you learned in the process of making the film?

For us The Outlaw  is a contemporary example of San Francisco sex in all its tantalizing glory. We wanted to provide audience something new, unlike any film they have ever seen. We hope The Outlaw turns on our audience while making a statement. Our film strives to project a different picture of sex work, showing that it comes in all kinds for all kinds of desires. Our goal is to raise questions about the illegality of prostitution while creating a discussion that shows the benefits of living out side the laws or the norms.  Maxine and Lex learned so much in making this film like the importance of great cast, locations, and sound design. Lex learned about hair, Maxine learned about money lights. Mostly our love  and passion for making erotic films was solidified and we cant wait to find funding for our next project.

What projects are you working on now/next?

Currently we are cutting together a feature version of The Outlaw, from the over 5 hours of fucking hot sex scene footage we have. There is so much more of The Outlaw we want people to see. Bella Rossi strapping it on and giving it to her groupie slut, Maxine and Trouble’s retro balloon pajama wetfest webcam, Billy Castro putting Maxine on her knees in the kitchen and making her gag, Juliette Stray being punished by Maxine for being late to work, and James Darling putting a condom on with only his mouth…. It would be selfish not to share these sexy scenes with the world. In the mean time Lex is still blushing over Maxine’s vagina.  Maxine is already planning a car porn, a food porn, and a short story acted out by bedazzled genitals. We are both focused on distributing a feature length version of The Outlaw to horny audiences everywhere, while continuing to plan our next great adventure together.

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