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Is the Word “Uterus” Obscene Now?

via TampaBay.com

During a debate about government regulations in Florida, one House representative was making the argument that his opponents want deregulation for corporations and increased legislation for individuals. In order to make his point, he borrowed a line that his wife had come up with ans said that she should “incorporate her uterus” in order to protect it from anti-abortion legislation.

Apparently, the word “uterus” is indecorous and he was chastised. Futher, the Speaker of the House said:

“Additionally, the Speaker believes it is important for all Members to be mindful of and respectful to visitors and guests, particularly the young pages and messengers who are seated in the chamber during debates. In the past, if the debate is going to contain language that would be considered inappropriate for children and other guests, the Speaker will make an announcement in advance, asking children and others who may be uncomfortable with the subject matter to leave the floor and gallery.”

I can’t help but wonder why the name of a body part is out of bounds. Is it really such a problem to say “uterus”? Does that really hurt anyone?


Dr. Charlie Glickman

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