Invade Her (Erotica)

He slipped through the front door like a ghost so as not to wake the woman sleeping within. He had plans for her that didn’t involve her catching him creeping through her house in the middle of the night.

His biggest worry had been the neighbours. A six foot eight, three hundred pound man with chocolate skin and green eyes was easy to spot, and even easier to point out in a police line-up.

Earlier he had used Twitter to scope her out. He thought he knew what she wanted and reading her tweets he was sure:

*I imagine your massive hands holding me, my hands against your muscular chest and my head tipped to receive your #ravishing kiss.
*I sit here trying to think of the words to make you notice me, I dream of your #ebony touch.
*Imagining things you could do with your #tongue to make my muscles clench and my breath catch in my chest.

He read her words, wanting to reach out, to touch her like she wanted… but he held back.

Now, sliding silently through her home, her intoxicating perfume was driving him wild. Reaching into his pockets, he felt for the blindfold, electrical tape and ball gag, all part of his plan.

Her room was down a hallway. He shuffled rather than risk making noise. Once in the hall he smiled, her bedroom door was open. He was getting turned on as he thought of the things his hands, tongue and cock would soon be doing to her to bring her dreams to life.

Stepping into her room he drew in a breath. She was naked, sprawled across the king-sized bed, tangled in silver satin sheets. Her scent filled the room and he felt lightheaded as his cock throbbed in his pants. He pulled out the blindfold.

He stared at her; long red hair on the pillow, one arm thrown up against the headboard. She looked like a doll, thrown down by a careless child. She was about five foot two and her delicate curves were highlighted by milky skin. Her perky breasts and downy red snatch made him realize that she was all woman.

She shifted and he froze. A dream, he decided, listening to her moan in the dark.

I’ll give her something to moan about, he thought. He gripped the blindfold and stuck the electrical tape between his teeth. He dared reach out an enormous hand, brushing a strand of flaming hair from her face. Lost in dreams, she smiled.

Slowly, gently, he slipped the blindfold over her face. She didn’t stir. He took the tape, looping it around her wrist next to the wooden headboard. Quickly, he taped her wrist to the thick wooden post, ripping the piece off with his teeth. As he reached over her to bind the other wrist she jolted awake. He grabbed her free hand, wrapped it in tape and then spun the roll around the bed post. He didn’t even bother to rip it, leaving it hanging.

She opened her mouth to scream. He had the ball gag out of his pocket and popped it in. She tensed then fought him as he did it up.

He stepped back to admire his bound prize. He made out the profanity she was screaming from behind the gag and smiled. She shuddered as he ran one massive hand from shin to shoulder. Leaning in, he whispered, “Just imagine the things I can do with my tongue that will make your muscles clench and your breath catch in your chest.” She froze as she recognized her own words. He licked her earlobe and began his way down her body, using only his tongue.

Women had been fascinated by his tongue in the past, like the rest of him it was large and long. He had learned to use it to his advantage and past lovers had no complaints. He pulled out all the stops now, working to drive his captive wild. He sucked and nibbled at her neck before licking her breasts and pulling on her soft nipples. He bit down as they hardened to firm peaks.

She tried to fight, but she was no match for him. He continued down her taut abdomen. She twisted to one side and his hand swung, connecting with her tight ass. She jumped, but seemed to calm a bit.

He pushed her knees apart and she clamped them closed. Flipping her partway over, he administered another stinging slap to her ass. His handprint showed in red on her ass cheek. His cock pulsed. Another slap and another until her ass was completely red.
Changing things up, he slipped a thick finger into her pussy. She was dripping wet and he almost lost control.

She fought him but he kept his hand between her legs. With his thumb he began to stroke her clit with increasing pressure. Her body tensed then fell back onto the bed.

He knelt before her and she opened to him. His hands tightened on her hips as he raised her to his mouth, diving into her. His tongue delved into her slick folds. She went wild, her moans getting louder with each swipe of his tongue over her swollen clit.

Pulling back, he heard her groan of disappointment. He stood up and peeled off his clothes to feel her skin against his. He used her own wetness to lube his hard cock and moved between her legs. He entered her slowly; she stretched tight to accommodate his huge cock.

Once in deep, he pumped hard and fast. The gag couldn’t mask her loud cries. He slipped a small vibrator onto her throbbing clit, turned it on and felt her body tighten. He slowed down as she squirmed desperately. Speeding up the vibrator made her muscles clench and she came hard, sobbing. Gasping, he came with her.

He removed the gag and blindfold. She swallowed, blinking to allow her eyes to adjust to the light. She turned to him, “That was fucking amazing!”

He undid the tape, took her left hand and spun the wedding ring around her slender finger, “Happy anniversary my darling!”

Shayna York

Shayna York writes erotica; sexy, steamy fiction. She is the raunchy alter-ego of a 30-something woman who was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. By day, she works in the field of communications, planning events and making things happen. Shayna believes erotica is all about getting your mind tuned in and your body turned on! Her first published story, 12 Steps to Desire is available now at:!

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