Inside the Quickies: Love Birds

An interview with Brian Lye!

Good Vibrations is proud to present the 2012 QUICKIES Erotic Short Film Competition on Friday, October 26th at the Castro Theater.

Get tickets and more information at Producer Camilla Lombard interviews the directors and participants inside this year’s Quickies! 


1. How did you find out about the GV Indie Erotic Film Fest?

I heard about it from two friends, fellow filmmakers here in Vancouver, BC.

2. Tell us a bit about your film. What’s it about? And what inspired you to create it?

My film is a love story, it stars humans who are acting as birds.  I was inspired to make it because I took an acting class where we are all playing as animals and this concept became very interesting to me.  I was also inspired by how I think we look funny when running around nude.

3. Seven minutes or less is a pretty tight limit. What are some of the challenges in creating a short erotic film?

Challenges in creating a short film are that you have to be simple and clear, especially with the story. I think if it gets too complicated it becomes impossible to make something coherent in a short time period.

Brian Lye

Brian Lye

4. What’s your background in film or in making erotic films? How does making an erotic film differ from making a non-erotic one?

Well, I guess this would be the first ‘erotic’ film I have made, I think it is deemed this because of the nudity.  I don’t think there is much difference between erotic and not erotic, just depends on the mood you are in when making it or watching it J  With this one the most important thing was that the actors were ok with being naked, and they were totally comfortable and open people so it was no big deal to have them nude.

5. What do you hope audiences will get from your work?

I hope the audience will enjoy themselves watching this film, in whatever capacity enjoyment means  for them.  I hope the film will entertain and put some smiles on faces.

6. Who are your performers, and how did you meet them/invite them to participate?

The actors were awesome people.  Maja, the female bird, is from Croatia, she is a good friend of mine, she has been performing as an actor/musician/poet/dancer for many years, she is one of the more open and free people I know.  Beda, the first male bird, is from Prague, his background is diverse, he has been a ballet dancer, he is a musician and peformer, and again a very open and free and friendly person.  Jiri, the red bird, is also from Prague, he was really fun to work with, I think he was a bit shy at first with the nudity, but he warmed up very quickly and had a lot of fun on set.  He is a theatre actor.

7. Were there any funny or unexpected moments while filming?

One very lucky moment or experience while filming is that we were filming in a public nature reserve on the way to the airport in Prague.  That week was the week of the volcano erupting in Iceland that caused the dust cloud to float over Europe and cancel all flights, this was great for us because we would regularly have been in the flight path and had troubles with sounds/sights on planes in our shots/sound track.

8. What projects are you working on now/next, and where can we find you?

I live and work in Vancouver.  I have just finished a stop motion animation called Peach Juice that we are showing in festivals now.  And I am in pre-production for a collaborative documentary project together with members of the Uganda Skateboard Union, an organization I co-founded 6 years ago.

Thanks and good luck at the competition! Find more info about this year’s festival at Get your tickets through Brown Paper Tickets today!

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