Inside the Quickies: Filmmaker Interview with bruce

An interview with bruce from “Tu sais quoi?”

Good Vibrations is proud to present the 2013 QUICKIES Erotic Short Film Competition on Friday, December 6th at the Castro Theater.

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Filmmaker Bio:  bruce is a young trans director. He loves to work on genre movies, especially porn and horror flicks. He’s also an activist and made two movies about rights for trans people.
Movies: Sweeter than roses (2010), Pornation (2012), Beware (2012), Vos papiers (2013), Trips (2013).

Tell us a bit about your film. What’s it about? And what inspired you to create it?

The movie is a safe sex short from a campaign called “Tu sais quoi?” (“know what?”). A French LGBT site,, asked several filmmakers to do short safe sex movies and they wanted me to do the one about trans people. We wanted to talk about how we can go under some pressure to have unprotected sex, especially pressure based on body issues as transguys. We also wanted glitters, naked bodies, condoms in the movie!

Seven minutes or less is a pretty tight limit. What are some of the challenges in creating a short erotic film?

i just had 3 or 4 minutes to tell the story i wanted to do, so i decided that we’ll have to show desire and a sex scene but that we couldn’t have explicit sex, full frontals and stuff like that on the screen.

What’s your background in film or in making erotic films? How does making an erotic film differ from making a non-erotic one?

I made several movies about porn, most of them with explicit scenes or nudity. In fact, most of my movies as director are porn, except for one that i co-directed about depsychiatrisation for transpeople, Beware and a documentary about ID papers for trans people, Vos papiers. For me there’s no difference in making porn or non-porn movies: i have a story to tell and i try to make everything happen to tell it the best that i can. Of course, the work with the actors is a bit different but not that much if they’re comfortable with it.


What do you hope audiences will get from your work?

Sex positive vibes!

And i wanted to show a difficult situation in which the character has to think really quick of what he wants in terms of his personal safe sex strategy. So i hope that this movie can make us think of this kind of situation before it may happen. The goal is to respond to it without feeling the pressure or the heat of the moment.

Who are your performers, and how did you meet them/invite them to participate?

For this movie a made a pretty big casting because for the transguy i wanted someone who can really act and be comfortable with nudity, touching, kissing… It wasn’t difficult for the others characters: i asked friends that i know would be good, i made a casting… But the transguy part was not so easy. But when i saw Tom i was sure that it was him: he was great, we had the same ideas about showing trans bodies… In fact, he’s not only a performer, he also wrote a play in which he plays with those body issues.

Were there any funny or unexpected moments while filming?

No, it was a really smooth shooting. We had a great crew, people that i like working with for several years now. And i discover some amazing actors and i really want to work with them in the future. Of course, the glitter scene was fun to shoot, we made a lot of takes and it’s a shame that i couldn’t use more on the movie because the dancing with Tom Nanty, Beck Heiberg, a voguing performer, and M’, a friend who played in some of my movies, was so sexy.

What projects are you working on now/next, and where can we find you?

I’m editing a movie from Thembela Dick, produced by my soccer team, Les Dégommeuses: it’s about a black lesbian soccer team in South Africa, the Thokozani Football Club, and it’s called Kick off. I also work as an assistant director. And i have a project of sci fi movie with some insect pornography! I also have long terms projects including zombies, blood and some scary stuffs!

You can find me via my movie making association, What The Film!, on my vimeo: or by email:


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