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I’ll Do Anything

Kristina never wanted the two of them to meet.  Luke and Stephen were supposed to remain separate in her life, just as they filled very different needs in her bedroom.

Luke was the bad boy, the one Kristina called when she was in the mood to be handcuffed to the bed and teased until she begged for his cock, which earned her a bottom-searing spanking for having such a dirty mouth.  Luke made her take off her panties before they went out so he could finger her under the tablecloth at fancy restaurants.  He made her fuck him in not-so-hidden coves at the beach and pulled her into the host’s bathroom at parties where he lifted her up on the vanity and took her with her pantyhose dangling from one ankle.  He made her feel deliciously wicked, a naughty slut who could do anything to satisfy her lust.

Stephen was the gentleman, the one she took to meet her parents.  His magic was slow and sensual: he’d warm her up with his satin tongue, then lift her on top so he could suck her nipples and play with her tender ass cleft while she rode him to a glorious climax.  Stephen let her come twice, sometimes three times, before he finally took his own pleasure.  He always cooked her brunch the morning after\’crepes with Calvados and apples was his specialty\’and cheerfully offered to help her put in her new garden.  He made Kristina feel cherished, and she had to admit he satisfied almost every desire.

Except, of course, for those dark cravings that kept her calling Luke every week for her fix.  She knew it was risky to be juggling two lovers, but as long as she kept them well apart, what did she have to lose?

The answer came one Saturday morning when she was getting Luke breakfast after an all-night sex game involving a sultan and his wayward concubine whose misdeeds merited hours of erotic punishment.  Kristina was bending over to get a new jar of jam from the cupboard, providing an irresistible target for “The Sultan who promptly gave her a swat on the buttocks, just as he had so many times the evening before.

She squealed and jumped to attention with a giggle, just in time to see Stephen standing at her back door with two rosemary shrubs in his hands.  She was expecting him to come help with the garden, but he wasn’t due until after lunch.

Kristina could tell from Stephen’s expression that he’d seen everything.  At that same moment, she saw something very clearly herself.  She didn’t want to lose him.  But before she could say anything\’not that she had any excuse to make things right–Stephen was gone.

For two days he refused to take her calls.  When he finally did answer, his voice was a stranger’s, cautious and chilly.

“Please give me another chance, Stephen, was all she could say.

“Another chance to fuck other men behind my back?  His tone was positively Arctic.

“You’re the only one I want.  I know that now.  Please.  I’ll do anything.

He paused.  “Anything?

The lilt in his voice was the first sign of hope.  “Anything, she repeated.

“Then come to my place at nine tonight.  Don’t be late.

He hung up without even a goodbye, but Kristina allowed herself a smile of victory.  Once she got him alone, she knew he could melt him.

Unfortunately, Stephen still gave her the icy treatment when she arrived promptly at nine.  He stepped out of her reach when she tried to hug him and gestured toward the living room.

“Stand over there and take off your clothes.

Kristina obeyed, her heart pounding.  Under his impassive gaze, she stripped to her underwear then tried another winning smile.  After all, she’d chosen the pink satin bra and panties specifically because he once told her they made her look like the first rose of spring.

Apparently Stephen was still in a wintry mood.  “Hurry up, Kristina.  We can’t get started until you’re naked.

“What are we going to do?  She meant to purr seductively, but her voice came out in a timid squeak.

His eyes flickered with a strange light.  “No questions, no explanations.  You promised you’d do anything, right?

Her belly tightened, fear mixed with a definite twinge of lust.  She had indeed made that promise, but to a different man from the one who stood before her.

Stephen reached for his fancy digital camera that he once used to take photos of her posed amidst the flowers on a romantic country outing.  “All right then, take your breasts in your hands and stick out your ass.  A fitting pose for a trollop like you.

Kristina felt herself blush.  Yet posing for a few suggestive photos in the nude wasn’t such a bad punishment, and it might easily work to her advantage.  She’d already noted the promising bulge in his jeans.  Dutifully cupping her breasts, she arched her back to accentuate the curve of her buttocks.  She heard the faint tap of his finger snapping the first picture, a vaguely obscene sound, like the wet click of her secret flesh when she masturbated.

“Now spread your legs and tilt your hips forward.  That’s good.  Hold your lips open so I can get a good view of that insatiable pussy of yours.

Kristina hesitated.  This was getting into hard-core territory.  Besides, if she opened herself for him, he would discover another truth:  this X-rated photo session was making her incredibly wet.

Stephen clucked his tongue.  “You won’t do it?  I guess you lied to me again.  Get dressed and go on home then.

“No, I’ll do it.  Hands shaking, Kristina timidly parted her labia.

Stephen knelt and snapped pictures from several angles.  She squeezed her eyes closed–as if that would hide the fact her fingers were shamefully slippery with her own moisture.

“Bend over and let me get some close-ups of your ass.

By now she was used to his orders, so she turned and leaned forward without protest.  Still it was impossible to keep from trembling with desire as well as embarrassment.  She’d seen pictures of women in porn magazines like this, their ass cracks and swollen pink vulvas exposed, ready to be taken.  Kristina was very ready, and her cunt muscles instinctively pushed open to the probing of that cool glass eye.  She could feel Stephen draw closer.  Was he finally going to touch her and reclaim her at last?

Instead he stood abruptly and walked over to the armchair.

“Come sit down over here.  I have a present for you.  He reached behind the chair and handed her a box done up in a pink ribbon.

The frilly wrapping concealed another surprise: a large, pink dildo embossed with life-like veins.  Kristina stared, speechless.  Somehow the usual “thank you didn’t seem appropriate.

Stephen seemed to enjoy her confusion.   “I know you already have plenty of lovers, but even a busy girl like you must have room to insert a special new friend into her social schedule.  Why don’t we take a picture of you giving him a get-acquainted kiss?

Kristina flashed him a quick look.  He didn’t really mean it.

The steely glint in his eyes showed his indecent proposal was in dead earnest.

Anything.  I promised I’d do anything.

Licking her lips, she obediently planted a kiss on the faintly gelatinous glans of the sex toy.

“Now suck him, all the way down, just like you do with that other guy.

This cock was thicker than Luke, more like Stephen himself, but she sensed it wasn’t the right moment to pass on the compliment.  Wincing, she slid the rigid column into her mouth until the cockhead came to rest at the back of her palate.  Stephen captured it all with his camera.

“Okay, I think you two know each other well enough.  Shall we get a few juicy pictures of you two making love?

Kristina pulled the toy from her mouth with a soft slurp, aware of the film of saliva coating her lips like semen.  She was beyond protest.  She would fuck this obscene tool if he wanted that.  She would indeed do anything for Stephen now.  Moaning softly, she spread her legs and nudged the dildo into her opening.  With her other hand, she began to strum her clit.

“That’s it, push him all the way in and work yourself to a lather, Stephen crooned.  He was kneeling between her legs now, the camera lens like a second cock, waiting its turn.  “Oh, yeah, this is going to get the best ratings on those amateur porn sites.

Kristina froze.

Stephen snickered.  “What’s the matter?  We both know I’ve been sharing you with at least one other man, why not thousands?

Her heart skipped a beat.  Would he really post her image all over the Internet so that any drooling stranger could whack off to it?  The Stephen she thought she knew would never do something so perverse.  Yet tonight, she had to admit, anything seemed possible.

She swallowed down the lump in her throat.  “I guess I did say I’d do anything for you.

His eyes flickered with a new softness, but a moment later his lips lifted into a wolfish leer.  “Then let’s get on with the show.

Kristina worked the dildo in and out as he instructed, self-consciously at first, but soon she was so hot and tingly, she rammed it into her vagina with abandon.  Stephen continued to record it all for the viewing pleasure of countless horny men, but by then she was so turned on she didn’t care who else would see as long as Stephen was there, urging her on to new heights of depravity.

She was close to climax when she heard a voice, soft as velvet, in her ear.  “Do you want to make love to a real man now?

“Yes, please, she panted.  At last she would get what she really wanted.  Then a chill shot through her.  What if he had a buddy waiting in the back to do the honors instead?

Stephen had a different test in mind.  “I’ll fuck you, but first you have to tell me what he did for you that I couldn’t.

Somehow this confession was the most humiliating of all.  But Kristina was beyond shame now.  “He¦tied me up and he¦spanked me¦and I¦ I liked it, she stuttered.  “I never asked you because but you seemed so perfect, so nice¦.

Stephen made a funny sound in his throat.  “Oh, yeah?  Wait here.

A moment later he returned with one of his neckties.   “Stand up.  Cross your hands behind your back.

With impressive skill, he quickly bound her wrists, pushed her to knees and bent her over the chair.

The first slap was a smarting blow aimed right at her tender crack.

She yelped.

Stephen snorted.  “No whining.  You deserve this, don’t you?

“Yes, Kristina said, her voice hoarse and thick.

His hand slipped around to tease her clit just as the second slap landed.

“You’re so horny, you have to fuck two men to get what you need.

“I’ll change my ways, she pleaded.

The offer earned her another spanking.  Kristina whimpered as the fiery sting faded into pleasure.  Her ass was glowing like a Christmas tree.  Stephen was very good at this, yet another of the evening’s surprises.

“From now on you promise to fuck only me?

“Yes, I promise.

His finger slipped from her labia, and she groaned in disappointment, but the rasp of his zipper gave her hope.  She groaned again, as he pushed his thick cock inside her.

“You’ll do anything, right?  In fact, you’re going to come while I spank you for being a bad girl.

“Yes, I’ll do anything, she managed to croak out, as Stephen quickened his pace, each thrust punctuated with a slap on her buttocks.  Every blow drove her closer to the edge and then before she knew it, she was keeping her promise.  She was coming hard and loud, and he was returning the favor in kind, grunting like an animal as he emptied himself into her.

Afterwards he took her in his arms and pulled her down to the carpet.

“Did you¦like that? he asked softly.

“Very much, she whispered.  “Did you?

“More than I expected.  We’ll have to try it again some time now that we’re back together.  Stephen hugged her closer, his warm flesh melting into hers.

Kristina smiled.  When her two lovers met, she thought she’d have to choose between them\’the good boy or the bad?  Tonight she learned Stephen was good enough to be both, a man who could do anything.

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