If Thunder Was Desire

The rain started just as Alex was leaving work. It had been on the point of raining several times that week in the way rain sometimes does when you want it most\’teasing, frustrating, holding out the promise of relief after weeks of drought but never quite delivering.
As Alex pulled out of the underground garage and headed for home, he thought of the empty house that awaited him. Although nearly six months had passed since Roberta left him for her yoga instructor\’the one she used to joke looked like Brad Pitt\’her absence still didn’t feel real at times. But try as he might to forget, the dark house and aching silence that greeted him each evening provided a daily jolt of reality.
The rain shifted from the spitting phase to a steady drizzle, and Alex turned on the windshield wipers. For no apparent reason, he found himself thinking of his neighbor Kate. She’d dropped by the night before to return a DVD she’d borrowed and to tell him her husband was leaving on a business trip the next morning.
“Maybe we could go to a movie this weekend,” she’d suggested.
“Sounds good,” Alex had replied, fighting to keep his eyes from straying down to her ample chest.
Kate and Ben had moved into the house next door about a year before Roberta left him. Roberta had immediately dubbed them the odd couple. Pushing forty, Ben had already lost most of his hair and seemed to be losing the battle with his waistline as well. The much younger Kate, on the other hand, had the body of a Victoria’s Secret model and the wholesome good looks of a Midwestern farm girl. In the world of Archie comic books, Kate would have been Betty.
As it turned out, the two couples had hit it off right away and started socializing regularly. Roberta sometimes joked that Ben must have made a pact with the devil to land himself such a gorgeous babe, but while he didn’t have the energy or personality Kate had, he was still good company.
Alex hadn’t seen as much of his neighbors since Roberta left. Although Kate had been supportive, bringing him dinner from time to time and offering words of encouragement, Ben just looked embarrassed when they ran into each other. It was as if Alex had developed leprosy or some unmentionable social disease.
The air in his house was stifling when Alex finally got home, and he cracked a few windows to let the rain-cooled breeze inside. When he turned on the kitchen light, he saw that it was nearly 8:30. He’d been working later and later the past few months, probably because working seemed preferable to an empty house. No wonder he was so hungry now.
He grabbed a cold beer from the refrigerator and began to make himself a sandwich. As he worked, he found himself thinking about Kate again. He was aware that she’d been visiting him more frequently than usual the past month or so, particularly when Ben was away. He got the feeling sometimes that she was lonely or dissatisfied, but he felt funny asking her about it.
By the time Alex sat down at the kitchen table with his sandwich, the rain was coming down harder than before. Good, he thought. Maybe the dry spell was finally over.

Alex was still sitting in the kitchen when the first rumble of thunder came. The sound sparked a sudden memory. About a year earlier, he and Ben had met for a drink after work. Since Roberta and Kate had gone to a movie together, there was no need to hurry home. One drink had turned into two, and two into three.
“Did I ever tell you about Kate and thunderstorms?” Ben had asked out of the blue.
Alex shook his head. “Is she afraid of them?”

Ben was smiling now in a sly kind of way. “Not afraid. For some reason, thunderstorms make her horny as hell. I mean seriously horny. If one comes along in the middle of the night, she practically rips my boxers off she wants it so bad.”
Alex hadn’t known how to respond to this revelation. In fact, he’d been a little embarrassed by it. But now that he’d remembered it, he couldn’t get it out of his head.
The thunder rumbled again, a little closer now. Alex thought about how Kate was listening to the storm alone next door and felt a stirring in his loins. Glancing at the clock, he saw that it was almost 10:00.
You’re out of your mind, he told himself. Forget about it.

Kate answered the door wearing a pair of summer pajamas. They were made out of some kind of shiny material\’satin or silk, Alex guessed\’and he could see immediately that her nipples were hard.
“I was just thinking about you,” she said warmly. “I was debating whether it was too late to ask you over for a drink, but here you are.”
“Here I am,” Alex agreed.
He chose an overstuffed chair near the coffee table and sat down. When Kate returned from the sideboard with two glasses of Scotch, she sat on the couch opposite him.
“I heard on the news that tonight’s storm is going to be violent,” Alex said. “Intense thunder and lightning is what the announcer said.”
As if to confirm his words, a long, slow rumble of thunder filled the room. Kate’s legs went slack and fell open slightly. Alex noticed the dark stain at her crotch.
“Intense?” she stammered. She took a big gulp of Scotch and put her glass down on the table.
Before Alex could answer, there came another crack of thunder. Kate glanced instinctively at the window and then back again. Her eyes were shining now, and her mouth slightly open.
Alex stood up and moved quickly around the coffee table. He took Kate by the hand and lifted her to her feet. Then, without a word, he began unbuttoning the top of her pajamas.
When he was through, he took hold of the lapels and rubbed the satin material back and forth across her nipples. Kate let out a low moan. After a moment, he pulled her top wide open, revealing her large, shapely breasts. He leaned down and took each nipple into his mouth, brushing them with his tongue, sucking on them. Without warning, another flash of lightning filled the room, followed a few seconds later by the loudest thunder yet.
Alex had a sudden idea. “Over here,” he said to Kate, taking her by the hand.
He led her to the nearest window and opened it as wide as he could. Then he bent Kate over so she had to prop herself on the windowsill with both hands. Although this was the most protected side of the house, the swirling wind sent an occasional burst of fine spray through the window and into their faces.
Standing behind Kate, Alex reached around her waist and found her tits. A flash of lightning blinded him momentarily, and the crash of thunder that followed was so loud it made him jump. Over the sound of the wind and the rain, he could hear Kate whimpering.
Moving quickly, he pulled her pajama bottoms down to the floor and helped her step out of them. She spread her legs further apart and tilted her pelvis, giving him a bird’s-eye view of her cunt. When he reached his hand between her legs, he discovered she was soaking wet.
Another flash of lightning illuminated the room. It had barely died away when the thunder came. The storm was almost on top of them now.

“Hurry,” Kate pleaded.
Alex stepped forward and let the head of his cock brush back and forth against her sex. The rain was sheeting down now, and it felt as though the storm surrounded them. It took all his willpower not to penetrate her, but he was waiting for exactly the right moment.
It came a few seconds later. An impossibly bright flash of lightning turned the night momentarily into day. Almost the same moment, an explosion of thunder shook the house. With the aftershocks of the thunder still reverberating in their ears, Alex slid the full length of his cock into Kate’s impossibly wet pussy.
They fucked as the storm raged on around them, their faces wet with rain. Between the crashes of thunder, Alex could hear Kate making a high keening noise. He found her clit with his fingers, and she began to come almost at once. A moment later he was coming too.
When he finally pulled out of her, their mingled juices dripped to the floor and merged with the puddle of rainwater that had collected there.


Clive Dixon

An English teacher in a former life, Clive Dixon now works as a psychotherapist. When not listening to his clients talk about their sex lives, he writes erotic and other fiction. His stories have also appeared in Clean Sheets and Penthouse Variations.

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