Icy Hot

When you come home, I meet you at the door. I’ve been waiting for this all afternoon, and I’ve put on a pretty dress for you. It’s new, and I bought it because of the how round and full my tits look in it.  I smell good, and you like the way my curly hair frames my face. I take your keys from you and set them down, then turn to tug your motorcycle jacket off of you. You watch, and try to kiss me, but I turn quickly around, taking your hand, and lead you to the kitchen.

You see the chair in the middle of the kitchen and obediently go over to it. Before you sit down, I turn you around to face me, and I strip off your shirt. I run my fingers lightly over your chest, admiring you, as you stand before me. My fingers trail from your collarbone to the hollow at your neck and down the center of you, stopping at your jeans. I make my way back up, this time with my nails on your skin. Your nipples harden, and I’m sure that your cock is feeling this, too. I put my hands on your shoulders and push you down into the chair.

I go to my purse, sitting on the table, and come back with two pairs of soft furry handcuffs. After I fasten each wrist to the arm of the chair, I drift slowly back to my bag. Your eyes follow me, admiring my ass, as you test the cuffs. They’re not uncomfortable, but while you can slide your hands back and forth along the length of the arms of the chair, you can’t reach out for me.

I return to you, holding lipstick and a small bottle. You watch me apply the lipstick; it’s a deeper, redder color than I usually wear, and you like the way it looks against my white teeth. I walk behind you, setting the lipstick on the table. You crane your neck to look at me as I pour some of the massage oil into my hands. You’re being very good, and I tell you so, whispering into your ear as I start to massage your shoulders. You let out a small moan, either from the feeling of my hands on you, sliding down your chest, or from my mouth, my breath, my lips, my tongue on your ear. You thrust your chest forward, meeting my hands as they firmly rub you. I take your nipples between my fingers, pinching them gently, pulling on them, and you start to squirm in the chair. I continue to rub you, occasionally letting you feel my nails on you. When they skim across your nipples, you gasp. I can see that your cock is getting harder, and your skin has warmed from my touch and from the blood rising in you.

I go to the freezer, and you guess what I’m getting. I come back to you, the ice cube already starting to melt in my warm hand. I straddle you, taking care to avoid pressing myself against your cock. Holding the cube over your skin, I let it drip onto you. You gasp as the first freezing drop touches you, and your hips move, trying to reach me. I move my hand, and the next drop hits your nipple. You are already so turned on from the lingering feeling of my hands on your chest, and your nipples are as hard as your cock is. The small drop of water is a cold fire on you, and as you grip the chair, I can see your cock strain against your jeans. I continue to drip the icy water on you, each place it touches coming more alive. Finally, I trail the cube down the center of your chest, before taking it into my mouth. When I lean forward and kiss you for the first time since you walked in the door, my lips, my tongue are cold against your mouth.

I  kiss you hard, my hands on your face, my tongue forceful. I can feel you try to touch  me, your hands unable to reach my waist, my hips, my face. Your hips, too, strain toward me, your cock wanting me, wanting to find the heat, the dripping wetness between my legs.

I stand suddenly, and strip off my dress. I’m naked now, and you take me in as I return to the freezer and drop two more ice cubes into a cup. The late afternoon sun is shining in through the curtains, and the whole kitchen seems to be glowing. You love the way I look in this light; almost as if I’m on stage. Putting on a private show, just for you. I retrieve my lipstick and a pillow from where I stashed it earlier, and set the cup down beside me as I kneel before you on the pillow. I plan to take my time with you, and I want to be comfortable.

You practically hold your breath as I unbutton your pants and take out your stiff cock. I stroke it very lightly with my fingertips, and your hips thrust sharply. I look at you and shake my head, and you work hard to stay still, pressing your ass into the chair. I lean forward and study your cock. I love the way it looks, so hard, so wanting. I love knowing that soon it will be in my mouth, soon I’ll get to taste you. You can feel my breath on you, and your breath is ragged with the strain of staying still. The entire kitchen is still. Neither of us has said a word, except when I told you how good you were being. Our kitchen is in the back of the house, sheltered from the noise of the street, and I feel completely alone with you.

I lean back and reapply my lipstick, and then I take an ice cube from the cup and slip it into my mouth, sucking on it. While I suck on it, I rub the other one against my lips. Dropping them both into the cup, I lean forward and suddenly take you into my mouth. My cold mouth is unlike anything you have felt before, and it makes you jump, your arms working against the chair. But as I slide ever so slowly down the length of your shaft, you enjoy the cool new sensation. By the time my lips make it back to your head, my mouth has warmed.

I continue to slide slowly up and down, taking all of you into me, and holding you there for a moment, before slowly rising up off of you, sucking steadily all the way. You can see the deep red of my lipstick staining your cock, and you like the visual imprint of where my lips have been. I slowly slide up and down again, and again, before swirling my tongue around your head, then flicking at your tip. You feel my flickering tongue against you, and look down at my nakedness, admiring my tits, my waist, my ass, and you can feel the cum start to rise in you.

I can feel it, too, and I slide you quickly into my mouth. You ache to put your hands in my hair, to hold onto me as you thrust your cock into my mouth. But instead you just watch and feel. Feel my lips and tongue sliding up and down, up and down along your shaft, feel how hard I’m sucking, how much I want to suck the cum out of you and into my throat. You start to moan, a deep down moan starting from your balls, cupped in my hand, through your belly and chest, erupting from you as you explode against my lips. Your hot cum fills me up, and I swallow every bit of it.

We rest for a moment, my head in your lap, and then I uncuff you. You reach for me, and pull me into the chair, holding me close and kissing me gently. Then you shift and I can tell you want to stand. I uncurl from your lap let you, and you wrap your fingers in mine, getting up and pulling me into the bedroom. Where I have a feeling your cuffs are waiting for me.


Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations is the premiere sex-positive, women-principled adult toy retailer in the US. An iconic brand and one of the world's first sex toy shops to focus specifically on women's pleasure and sexual education, Good Vibrations was founded by Joani Blank in 1977 to provide women with a safe, welcoming and non-judgmental place to shop for erotic toys. Good Vibrations has always included all people across the gender spectrum, and is a place where customers can come for education, high quality products, and information promoting sexual health, pleasure and empowerment. Customers can shop Good Vibrations' expertly curated product selection across any of its nine retail locations or on the GoodVibes.com website, where they can also find a wealth of information pertaining to sexual pleasure, exploration and education.

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