I Needed to Remember

I needed to remember.

I needed to remember what it felt like to give myself, completely, to her. To have no boundaries, no limits, no “you can or cannot do these things to me. To be lost in the space where our bodies didn’t make contact and revel in the places they did.

I needed to remember.

I started it, but I didn’t imagine the evening would turn out the way it did. Teasing texts. Putting the idea in her head. It was there already, I knew, but exacerbation was the name of the game. I was frisky and sassy and I have no idea where those attitudes came from.

We agreed that I would go over.

I stepped out of the cab wearing a crotchless fishnet body stocking, a short plaid skirt (handmade by yours truly), my black knee-high boots, a striped tie and a denim jacket. Had the jacket been unbuttoned, you would have seen that my nipples were erect. I was dressed like a hooker and I knew it would turn her on. It was at this point that I turned my head off. I didn’t second-guess my decision to go to her. I stopped thinking and began anticipating. Reacting. Going with the flow. She was a little nervous and I gave her the time and space to get where she needed to be.

While she was in the shower, I devised a plan.

She walked into the living room and there I was, perched on one of the chairs, my back arched, legs slightly spread, with one of her ties tied tight around my eyes. Her footsteps came to an abrupt stop and I could tell she had lost her breath for a second. Slowly, the game began. Gentle touches. My skin on fire. I held my position and kept my breathing calm until the first singe of her cigarette on my inner thigh. My head exploded and it took every last bit of self-control not to collapse and cum in that moment.

We moved to the floor and I could feel her thick cock rubbing against my belly. With her body covering mine, she entered me slowly. I gasped and wanted to tell her not to waste anytime destroying me, but the words were caught in my throat. I was clenched tight around her cock and was not going to let go. My fingernails dug into her back and my hands clutched at every part of her body they came in contact with. She pulled out of me quickly, shockingly. She leaned back and started stroking her cock. At this point, the blindfold had been ripped off of my eyes and disposed of, and there was only one thing I could think of.

Having her cock in my mouth.

I kneeled down in front of her and started slowly. My lips around the tip. My tongue licking the full length. In and out of my mouth went her dick. Up and down went my head. Taking it all in. I needed little help from her hand on the back of my head. But that didn’t stop her from pushing. Hard. She liked to see her dick disappear into my mouth. All of it. Me deep-throating her while my eyes watered. She liked to watch the tears stream down my face, to hear the whimpers from the back of my throat while she gagged me with her strap-on. I liked to please her. To hear her tell me how impressed she was with my performance. To hear her tell me how beautiful I looked and what a good girl I was.

Start and stop and start again. Smoke breaks and drinks. In the bedroom. In the living room.

I was greedy and it was 2 a.m..

The climax came in the bedroom. Lying in bed for what I thought was sleep time, me on my stomach, she crawled on top of me. Whispering into my ear how she wanted to fuck me as I held my ass open for her, I began to shiver internally. She knew this would destroy me. Anal sex always did. Left me quivering and crying, the emotional release being one that sent me to Mars.

I arched my back to make the penetration possible. I felt her fingers playing around the edges of my ass. My eyes were closed, but the view was crackling, stars were everywhere and I began to lose myself. This was me, at my most primal. I lost all control as her fingers slipped inside me, a little at a time. It usually took me some time to relax, but I was open and ready for her.

Slowly she fucked me as the moans, screams really, escaped from my mouth. Neighbors have complained before about the noises that came from her apartment. I grabbed the nearest pillow and buried my head in it. Screaming for more, screaming for her to stop, she is relentless. We’d discussed the safe word, but I wasn’t going to use it. Pounding in and out of me, I came and came and came. My body was lost in convulsions, my mind shattered, my pussy shooting cum onto the sheets below me. The waves rolled over me hard and slow. She continued on and I began the slight struggle to pull myself off of her fingers. Just as I had her almost completely out of me, she stopped. I took a breath as she plunged her fingers deep into my ass and held me there.

One of her arms held me around the waist while the other was busy wrecking my body and mind.

I collapsed onto the bed, unable to speak, unable to move, lost, found, clear, cluttered. The shocks moved through my arms and legs at a continuous pace, not lessening in their strength. After a bit, I felt my muscles relax. I felt drugged. Lethargic.

Then sleep.

And no dreams.

There was no loss this night.

c 2006 Meredith Dean

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