How young is too young?!

So, Boo got kissed the other day. CP got ALL FLIPPED OUT about it. I got a little flipped out about it too but mostly because I was annoyed that the boy in question didn’t ask Boo if it was o.k. that he kiss her. He just seized the moment, as it were. For me this is right up there with her other friend (a girl) picking her up all the time when she doesn’t want to be picked up or the bigger girls at school who are always patting her/touching her hair because she’s little and cute.

I see it as a personal space thing as in “Respect my kid’s personal space/leave her the hell alone unless she says it’s o.k.” In CP’s opinion, though, this is worse because it’s sexual in nature. And that’s where i just don’t know. I mean it’s not like this kid is 16. He’s 8. He’s had a crush on Boo since kindergarten. All the kids in her class are talking about who “likes” who and who “favors” who (which kills me that they’re using a Grandma term. i wonder if they’re going to have “special friends” when they get older! But I digress…) If I recall correctly when I was 8 my bestfriend and I physically held a red-headed boy named Daniel down so we could ostensibly “count his freckles” but which ultimately culminated in him getting very kissed against his wriggling little will… NOT that I’m saying anyone who feel like it should be allowed to just waltz up and kiss my kid, I guess, i just don’t see it as all that different from the aforementioned other types of “unwanted physical contact”… Anyone? Is this just me?

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