Hot Lights


“OK, it’s official.  I REALLY wish I had stayed in bed today.

Cameron Jewel glowered at the mass of shattered glass that adorned the floor of her photography studio.

As a seasoned lens woman, Cameron could adjust to virtually any situation, handling the dourest predicaments with grace and flexibility.

“Damn it!  Damn it all!

Except maybe not today.

Cameron’s day had started with a heated argument conducted over blueberry pancakes; one that pitted her against Matt Zompetti, her live-in boyfriend of five years.

“Matt was pretty sure I had bought the pancake batter I claimed to make from scratch, according to my grandma’s recipe, she steamed.  “I’m pretty sure he’s screwing one of my models.  I ask you, which is the greatest crime?

She’d encountered horrific traffic on her way to work, only to discover that her first shoot of the morning was cancelled.

And now this; one of her most expensive lighting fixtures lay broken on the ground, with no hope of repair.

“I think that fate is sending me a definite message, she sighed aloud.  “Pack it in, Girlie, and head to the nearest bar and/or male strip club.

“Not so fast, ˜Girlie.’  I’m here to strip for you today.  And you won’t even have to tuck a buck for the pleasure.

Cameron jumped, suddenly aware that she wasn’t alone.  Turning she came face to face with Alden Turner; a stunningly gorgeous male model who ranked among her favorites.

“He’s my fave for a number of reasons, she mused.  “He’s an absolute sweetheart, very professional, and, well¦he looks like THAT.

Her gaze took a leisurely walk down Alden’s tall, sculpted form; one accented by a massive chest, sculpted abs, and long, firm legs.  She admired the tight denim shorts that marked his only piece of clothing, just barely containing some ample endowments.   Then she dared to stare straight into his wide blue eyes.

Big mistake. She trembled at the sight of his sculpted face, accented by carved cheekbones and full, moist lips, and framed by the long, luxurious hair that shone a luminous chestnut brown.

“Did you forget we had a date today, Boss?  These lips parted to release a deep voice.  “You’re supposed to shoot my first nude layout today.

“Oh Alden, I forgot.  Cameron literally bopped herself upside her blonde head.  “I’m sorry, but I just don’t think I can do this today.  She shrugged her sturdy shoulders.  “I’m just not in the mood.

She froze as Alden erased the distance between them, searing her lips with a soft, persuasive kiss.

“Then let me get you in the mood, Boss.  He whispered, staring deep into her eyes.

Cameron watched transfixed as Alden stepped away from her, allowing her a full view of his masculine perfection.  Holding her gaze, he ran his hands down the length of his bulging chest before fixing his fingers on the clasp of his shorts.  Her breath suspended as he pulled down the shorts, nice and slow, revealing a bulging cock that saluted her presence.

“Like what you see, Cameron?  He flexed his muscles, gyrating for her pleasure.  “Just remember that you’re the photographer, and I’m the model.  He fixed her with a sexy grin.  “I’m at your command, my lady.

Heat flushed Cameron’s cheeks as she fumbled with a nearby camera; one posted before a simple, all-purpose set that consisted of a cushioned ivory couch and accompanying straight back chair.

“Get on the couch, she mumbled, avoiding Alden’s eyes.

“Oooh, yes Ma’am.  Alden charmed her with a boyish pout.  “I like a woman who knows how to take charge.

Approaching the broad, soft velour couch that marked the center of the room, he threw himself into its feathered depths; soon his flawless form was splayed perfectly across the couch, ensnaring the attention of his blushing photographer.

“I’m so glad you’re doing this shoot, Cameron.  He turned on his side, revealing his bronzed, sculpted chest and still erect shaft.  “You’re my favorite photog, without a doubt.

For the first time that day, Cameron smiled.

“Why thank you, Alden.  That’s very sweet of you to say.  We have done a lot of shoots together in the past three years, haven’t we?  She shrugged.  “Most of my male models, though, are too transfixed by the women they pose with to take much notice of me.  She snuck a self-conscious glance down her fair-skinned, fully made form.  “After all, I wouldn’t be a size two if I lived on seaweed and celery stalks for a month.  And I couldn’t get a tan if I camped out in a microwave oven.

Alden shook his head, chuckling.  “And that’s exactly why I like you.  You’re real, and warm, and funny.  He paused, brow furrowed with concern.  “And, on a general basis, you’re usually very confident.  I’ve never heard you put yourself down like this.  He cocked his head.  “What’s wrong, Cameron?

Cameron shrugged.

“The same thing that’s wrong with a lot of women these days, Alden, she sighed.  “I work all the time and still have trouble making my bills.  I’m over 30 and still unmarried, a fact that causes my friends to look at me in abject pity, like they were watching one of those ˜Please help us save the fill in the blank’ ads on TV.  Despite this, I still mourn the days when I was truly single, not having to deal with a demanding, annoying man-like substance known as a ˜live in boyfriend.’  She shook her head.  “Shall I go on, or are you ready to take a flying leap from the nearest convenient open portal?

Alden said nothing, only stared at her with thoughtful eyes.

“Go on if you like, his voice lowered to a smooth whisper.  “I think it would be more helpful to you, though, if you relaxed and threw yourself into something you love to do.  He pinned her with a mischievous grin.  “And I’d be more than happy to help.

Cameron released a girlish giggle; then started at this foreign sound.

“What are we talking about here?  She felt her cheeks flush.

“Why, picture taking of course.  Alden winked, folding his hands behind his head for a smooth, relaxed pose.  “Snap away, babe.

“Oh.  Cameron fumbled with her camera, trying to hide the disappointment in her voice.  “Of course.

Releasing a long withheld breath, she did as he advised and threw herself totally into their shoot.  She basked in his perfect masculine beauty, snapping away with feverish fingers to capture every angle of his chiseled face, wide, compelling eyes, and sculpted, flawless form.

That is, of course, the real reason why I went into photography.  Artistic inspiration and creative urges be damned. Her gaze took a long walk down the perfect tableau of his muscled chest, washboard abs and long, erect cock.  I just wanted to ogle the hotties.  If some friggin’ cameras happened to be in the room at the time, then so be it.

His words lent further sensual succor to her weary, beleaguered mind.

“That’s it, Cam, he beckoned her closer.  “Enjoy it.  Enjoy me.  Tell me how to pose, what to do.  I’m at your command.

Eager to prove his point, he laid his body into the depths of soft cotton velour, flexing every muscle in the process.

“You’re the boss here, Cameron.  His gaze captured hers, and she responded to his hypnotic tone by setting aside her camera and moving just a little bit closer to her subject.  “You’re in control.

Cameron felt her body relax as she bathed in his adoring gaze; not to mention the sight of his adoring shaft, as it lengthened and hardened before her.

“That’s a rare feeling, to be admired like this.  Her heart pounded as she caught a whiff of his citrus-tinged scent, and the undeniably masculine musk that filled the air between them.  “And a good one.

“Not as good as it’s going to feel when I make mad, passionate love to you, baby.  Alden’s beautiful azure eyes sparked with raw desire; with torturous slowness he licked his moist lips, making her heart pound.

Did he really say those tempting words, she wondered, or was his seduction the feverish product of her addled imagination?

He erased all doubts moments later, when he opened his arms to her.

“Come to me, baby.  His voice barely above a whisper.  “Take me now.  Let me take care of you.

“Criminy.  No need to tell me twice.  Practically sprinting the brief distance that remained between them, Cameron launched herself into Alden’s arms; collapsing with a relieved sigh as she drowned in his embrace.

With tender hands he rubbed her back and shoulders, his fingers like warm water as he soothed and relaxed her.  Easing against him, she rested her head on his sturdy shoulder as he planted sweet baby kisses on her face and neck; all the while slipping off her basic brown dress and throwing it on the floor beside them.  Her bra and panties followed suit, and soon she was naked before him.

“Feels good, she smiled, her hungry hands canvassing the skin of his hard, massive chest.

“It’s about to feel better, baby.  Seizing her lips in a heated kiss, Alden pulled her closer to him as his lips massaged hers.  Their tongues tangled as he kneaded her spine, releasing the tension that had held her captive for ages.  Her hands also canvassed the length of his planed back, resting finally on his hard, firm ass for a little good-natured squeeze.

“Oooh, you little minx.  Alden squeezed her rump in kind return, nipping her earlobe in a playful tease.  “Tell me what you want, Cameron.

“I want you.  Cameron licked Alden’s nipples until they were hard and erect, lifting her hands to lay a gentle tug on his shiny chestnut hair.  “All of you.  Inside me.  Now.

“All in good time, love.  His long, firm tongue laved the length of her neck.  “Oh, and speaking of a good time¦

Cradling her with one strong arm, Alden dipped his hand between Cameron’s legs and coaxed open her feminine folds, enjoying her surprised gasp as he slipped a long, agile finger inside her tight, wet pussy.

Ducking his head to lave and devour her full, tender breasts, he fingered and probed her slick, tight pouch as she sighed with delight; igniting a fire that coursed every inch of her, setting her body ablaze.

This sigh evolved to an amplified moan as he finally ˜hit the spot;’ finding and sparking her G-spot.

Cameron threw her head back and screamed outright, her body erupting in the heated throes of a pounding, convulsive orgasm.  With a second screech she launched herself into Alden’s arms, seizing him up in her grateful embrace and pulling him closer than close.

He charmed her with a sexy chuckle as she rubbed herself against him, creating a hot, delightful friction that made his cock surge.

“Now baby.  He closed his eyes, issuing his raw, lustful words between gritted teeth.  “I want you, my sweet Cameron.  Please fulfill my fantasy.

“Again, I repeat. Falling on her back, Cameron opened her arms wide to her wild, sweating lover.  “No need to tell me twice.  Come to me now, Alden.

With a heated growl he descended upon her, sweeping her up in his arms and covering her body with his.

Cupping her face in his hands, he stared deep into her eyes, stroking and kissing her flushed cheeks as she purred her delight.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted you, wanted this.  He smiled.  “If only you knew how beautiful you are, Cameron.  Do allow me to show you.

Once again seizing her lips in a hot, intense kiss, he settled himself between her legs and bucked his hips against hers; soon their legs, tongues and arms tangled in a decadent naked tango.

“You’re my fantasy, Alden.  Cameron whispered against his lips, running her hands through the lengths of his silken hair as she opened herself to him.  “I want you inside of me.

“That, my darling, can be arranged.  With an animal howl he surged within her, his hips and chest pressed fully into hers as his cock penetrated her pussy.

They shared a secret smile as two became one, joining hands in an intimate gesture as he moved within her; thrusting to her core.  Their hips locked and their eyes opened wide, lost in a haze of blissful euphoria that melted their surroundings.

“I want you to forget about your cares, Cameron.  He rubbed her trembling shoulders, licking her lips as he continued to probe her.  “All that matters is you and me, here and now.

“Kiss me Alden, she released on a growl.

Their lips merged as he surged within her, driving them upward into the heights of a rousing, explosive orgasm.  They clung together, their bodies shuddering and pulsating; finally they collapsed in one another’s arms, sated and exhausted in the divine afterglow of an invigorating experience.

An hour later the couple lounged in the depths of Cam’s soft white couch, resting in an easy embrace as their tender whispers filled the air above them.

“Sorry we didn’t get a lot of work done today.  Alden stared with sheepish eyes at the hot studio lights that oversaw their encounter.

“Cha, talk about laying down on the job!  Gracing his shoulder with a playful slap, Cameron nestled deep in his tight embrace.  “I hereby order you to come back every day this week, to make up for all the lost studio time you cost me today.

Shocking her with a joyful whoop, Alden swept her up in his arms and held her closer than close.

“As previously stated, he kissed her smiling lips, “your wish is my command.

Rolling happily in his embrace, Cameron charmed him with a girlish grin that seemed to come straight from her heart.

“You know, I started off this day wishing fervently that I’d stayed in bed.  She winked.  “That sentiment still holds true.


Megan Hussey

Megan Hussey is a Florida-based journalist, feminist activist and erotica author. Please visit her website.

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