Holiday Ball 06- Pink Spit and Green Wigs

It’s a slow day here at the office. You”ll find thin layers of eyeliner and glitter around everyones eyes. Yesterday was our annual holiday ball held at club NV with esteemed guests such as Carol Queen, Margaret Cho, and Candye Kane.

The evening started off with a bang as Jack Davis showcased his delicious wears in the “Lick Your Lips” fashion show filled with candy-rific styles. Myself and three other cohorts kicked it off as we pranced around the stage in fairy garb which included flowered bonnets, neon g-strings and jockstrap. We capped it off with Peptobismol facials and an impromtu wrestling match.

The sugar coated procession also included a wedding party of queens, divas and of course the bride who all looked marvelous. Then it was back to the dressing room for outfit number two, a sexy oompa loompa number with big green wig and striped stockings which created several double take since there were two of us out there. We gogo danced the night away in the company of sweet tarts, chocolate kisses, candy canes and even Sweet Jesus made an appearance. The icing on the cake was Margaret Cho’s burlesque performance. Naughty or nice she had a special package for all of us. For all the aural sweet tooths, King Jay Walker and the Cockavore soothed the audio cravings with Erotic City.

At 2am it was time for the Goodie Shoppe to close. Eyelashes and wigs were removed, pants were put back on. It was time to go. I love riding my bike home on empty San Francisco streets especially in the rain. And damn, is that Mac makeup tenacious. I was soaked head to toe when I got home but not a drop of mascara ran! A hot shower, warm bed and my sweetheart was the perfect ending to a wonderful night. I love my job.

and what would top off this morning for me? a sugary donut of course!
pictures to come…


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