Hitachi Magic Wand- Not Just For Her

The Hitachi Magic Wand is widely considered the best vibrator in the world. The first time I saw one, I thought it was a home-made toy made out of a roller-skate. When I was writing and modeling for an adult toy testing site, it was the most-tested toy, simply because all the girls wanted to use it. Chanta Rose, author of Bondage for Sex, once told me that the best way to make friends with your models was to buy a crate of the things wholesale and give one to each new model as a bonus gift. Every dungeon I’ve ever worked in has had at least two with extension cords nearby.

But they’re not just for the ladies. After I’d been using them for about a year, I did a double session with another Mistress. The client was bound to a chair, completely helpless and we kept teasing him about his inability to masturbate when she brought the thing out. I assumed it was for one of us, then she fitted an oversize condom over the head, turned it on, and pressed it to his crotch. I had never seen a guy climax so fast.

After the session, I asked if that was something she did just with that client and, looking confused, she asked if I didn’t use the Hitachi on all my clients. I giggled and shrugged. Was I supposed to? Buttoning herself back into her jeans, she said that she’d let me do it next time. I said thank you, if only because I didn’t know what the hell else to say to being offered a chance to get a complete stranger off by a third party. Looking back, she was offering me valuable training and a new way to control and satisfy my playmates both professionally and privately.

“Next time” didn’t turn out to be all that far off. Less than a week later, we were in a double session again in our matching black stockings, waist cinchers, and heels. This time our plaything was rigged to the wall, spread eagled and arms out like the Vitruvian Man. My cohort grabbed the Hitachi, plugged it in, sheathed it in a condom, and handed it over.

I wasn’t sure what to do, but it turned out to be pretty easy. All I had to do was hold it still on his glans and boom went the dynamite. It was all so effortless, yet gave me a great sense of power over this man, completely at my mercy and unable to protect himself from jizzing like a teenager. It was fun!

I began incorporating the Hitachi into just about all my sessions. Luckily, I’ve since developed a little restraint and an appreciation of variety, but the Hitachi is still a big player in my dungeon. As soon as I began breaking it out, clients began telling me of their own experiences with the vibrator. One used his so often and so hard that the necks routinely broke, which must have been strenuous indeed because I’ve had mine for six years and she’s still just fine.

Another only liked it used at the base of his penis with no lube. Yet another found the vibrations too powerful unless he wrapped his penis in a thick cloth–usually his cast-off jeans–and vibrated the length of fabric running to his glans. I’ve never been able to tolerate the high setting. Low is more than enough! (In general, plug-in vibrators are stronger than battery-operated ones.)

Only a handful of the men I’ve tried it on haven’t like the Hitachi, including my husband, which is too bad, because I have a fantasy about using the vibrator on myself and a male lover simultaneously, seeing who can pop first. (You’ll have to look elsewhere to find someone willing to do that in session. I’m just here for the BDSM.) I’ve yet to meet a woman who doesn’t absolutely love it.

The Hitachi is also great for anal play. Don’t worry, fellow tight-asses, you don’t insert it! Instead, it can be pressed against the base of an inserted anal plug with delightful results. There are also extra attachments that can be slipped over the head for insertion.

And on top of all that, it really does relieve back pain.

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