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Higher Education

He has beady eyes, thick wire-rimmed glasses, no fashion sense at all and a belly that sticks out over his belt¦and yet all I can think about is how badly I want him to fuck me, how much I would love to rip off his cheap fake leather belt and suck what I am sure is his very fat cock. I’ve taken a few classes with him during my college career and this, our fourth, will be the hardest on my GPA. It’s not that I’m bored. In fact, I’m overly interested. The way he lectures on the poetry from his country, the one I’ve always dreamed of visiting, completely sucks me in. His intelligence, his passion, his enthusiasm, get my mind spinning in all the wrong ways and as a result my grade is suffering. Thankfully, this is my last semester and a B won’t keep me out of grad school. This knowledge not only relieves my stress, but also the sexual frustration I’ve had to deal with for the past four years. Now that I’m on my way out, I’ve decided to do something¦ballsy.

Lecture is ending and my heart starts to race as I mentally prepare for the risk I’m about to take. I stay in my seat, the one still body in the room as my peers filter out to their next classes. I know this lecture room is empty after my class and I’m hoping my professor will want to use it with me. My row is empty now and I cross my legs, draping them over the back of the seat in front of me. He nods goodbyes at the last few students trickling out and then sees me sitting in the middle of the sea of theater style red-upholstered seats around me. I flash him the faintest sideways smile I can muster and for a split second he looks confused. He recovers quickly and looks normal again, all business.

“Did you have a question Lila? I cock my head to the side as I watch him shuffle the papers on his desk without actually putting any of them away in his bag. Maybe I have a chance here. He looks up at me and I give him a non-committal and challenging shrug. “I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed taking classes with you during my undergraduate career. He looks confused again and I take the opportunity to stand and slowly descend the stairs toward him as I work to control my voice. I may have to keep my voice from cracking, but lord do I know how to move my body to my benefit. I push my hips forward and chest up as I continue, “As you might remember, I’m graduating in a few weeks and I just wanted you to know how much your classes have meant to me. I’m feeling more confident when I notice his eyes darting around nervously, so I decide to go for the gold. I put my books down on his desk and meet his eyes, “I’ll miss your instruction. He looks startled and I figure I’ve already rung a bell that can’t be un-rung, so I hold my ground and wait.

I smile at him and he can read exactly what I’m thinking. I smile a tiny bit wider as he gets the faintest blush. I flash him a sideways grin and lay it all out, “I would be interested in¦maybe a quick private lesson. No strings attached unless you want strings. He rubs the back of his neck and looks at the floor and for a second I think I’ve managed to say too much, spoil the moment, and ruin my academic career with one sentence. I almost sigh with relief when he looks up and meets my gaze with the secret, crooked smile I love. I lean back against the edge of his desk and cross my legs, but he has other ideas. He steps forward and grabs me roughly by the forearms. I sag in relief just from the pressure of his strong hands on my soft skin.

He kisses me. Hard. It’s just as I imagined it would be. His lips are soft, surprisingly so, but the pressure of his mouth and his hand on my neck are exactly as animalistic as I need. I’m gasping when we break apart, but he doesn’t give me a second to process anything. Instead, he spins me around and holds me close to him. For a second, I think he’s going to hold me, but instead he stops squeezing my hips and slides his hands around my stomach. One rests just below my belly button while the other creeps down and flips open the button at the top of my jeans with more ease than if he were pulling Velcro apart. I’ve seriously underestimated this man.

He shoves a hand down my pants and finds my clit before I know what’s happening. I jerk at his touch, but he presses forward, forcing me to feel the shock of his rough hands. If I wasn’t wet before, I am now. He supports my increasingly weak body by holding me close with his free hand, as he tweaks my clit with the other. Without a word, he pushes my upper back hard and I reach out to catch myself on his desk. I’m about to turn and tell him how pissed I am, but he thrusts his pelvis against my ass and I forget to be mad.

He’s just grinding against me over our clothes, but somehow the force of his touch and the sound of his grunts does it for me. Without a word, he kicks my feet apart and pulls my hips towards him until I’m in doggy style position and holding myself up on his desk with my palms resting on the midterms he was grading. Even the blue books beneath me get me off and make me feel naughty. I lose my train of thought as he yanks my pants down until they’re around my thighs. I reach back to help him, but he grabs my wrists in each of his hands and pulls forward. His body pushes against mine as he covers my hands with his and presses my palms flat on his desktop. I understand and don’t move again.

I cry out in surprise as he rips my underwear and pulls them away. I have time for a second of nervousness before his cock head is pressing against my skin. No other part of him touches me as his bulbous head runs up and down between my lips. I’m grateful when he grasps my hips and helps me pump against him. I’m not sure I would have the strength to stand there placidly with his cock nestled between my lips. Still, his refusal to enter me is its own kind of frustration. The feeling of his head teasing my clit is a beautiful and excruciating sensation, but I need him to drive into me.

Before I go crazy with wanting, I feel the tip of his dick at my entrance. He could force himself in with one push, but he just stays where he is, in me but not in me. My hips inch towards him, as if of their own volition, but he somehow knows my body and he compensates, staying just millimeters from where I want him to be. I get the hint and just lie still. He rewards me by reaching forward and teasing my nipples. For a second his fingers stroking my nipples feels great and then I sense the knot of frustration in the pit of my stomach getting that much tighter. I groan and I think maybe this is what he wanted all along, because he finally slides into me. I expected him to force it all into me in a second, to punish me, make me hurt, but he surprises me again.

Once his head has popped into me, he gingerly pushes the rest of his hardness in an inch at a time. When he’s sealed all the way in me, he pulls me upright and holds my body against his before whispering in my ear, “you are so beautiful. Before I can say anything, he thrusts up into me and in this standing position, my shaking legs are ready to fold under me after only a few pumps. He pushes me forward until I’m bent over his desk once more, only this time he shoves until my pubis is against the edge of the desk. The sharp wooded edge of the desk cuts into my skin as his thrusts knock me against the piece over and over again, but I thrive on the bite of pain coupled with my pleasure.

When he starts spanking me between thrusts, I know there’s no turning back. My fantasy is complete as I reach a screming orgasm against his desk and on his dick. I let myself fall forward onto the cold wood under me and try to angle my hips to let him keep pushing deep inside me. After a good 45 seconds of tremors, I come back down from my climax and realize he has pulled out of me, but hasn’t added to the wetness between my thighs. I’m still too exhausted to put two and two together, until I feel his head pressing against my other entrance. I tense up out of reflex, but he places a light hand on my lower back and I relax again. I reach up and grip the other end of the table before angling my hips towards him again.

I can feel his eyes on me and somehow I think I can feel his smile. He reaches up and pulls my hair up off my neck and over to one side so my face is turned and my cheek is pressed against the desk. He runs a hand down my neck, my spine, and my buttocks, before slipping it between my legs. His cock is testing my asshole’s response to its overture as his fingers gently dance over my swollen clit.

I’m breathing harder as his hips press forward and his fingers caress me. Suddenly, my body accepts his offer and his impossibly large cock head is swallowed up by my body again. I turn and press my forehead against the desk as he slowly rocks his pelvis to ease the rock hard thing between us forward. I’ve done this before, more times than I can count, but this feels like a seduction. I moan softly as he moves inside me without changing his depth. His rhythm of swirling slowly inside me and then pushing an inch deeper helps me stay relaxed as his thick hardness slowly disappears into me.

Before I know it, he’s inside and I can feel the full weight of his shaft inside me. I love the heaviness of his dick inside me. He helps me get even more aroused by slowly working his shaft in and out of me, just giving me a taste of friction with a few inches and his rigid head moving within me. Soon, I’m gripping the table hard and begging him to do it faster, rougher. I can feel him struggling to hold out as my words excite him and he let’s himself set the pace he wants. My nipples and pubis burn as I rub against the unfinished wood beneath me, but my body aches with pleasure from the sensation of roughness. I can feel my hole gaping wide to take his thrusts and I know that tomorrow my hips will be dark with bruises from his fingers digging into my skin. Just when I think I can’t take another thrust, our insides release in synchronized tremors and his come shoots inside me. The feeling of my asshole squeezing around his shaft feels as good as my pussy orgasm did and I flop forward against his desk in satisfaction.

He holds me for a minute, before pulling out and pulling my pants up. I’m still slumped over his desk, when he gently grabs my arms and turns me around, sitting me on the edge of his desk. I smile sleepily as he brushes my hair out of my face and holds it between his hands. “I’m ashamed to say that was very much worth the ethical violation. I grin up at him and pull his recently fastened pants towards me. I whisper in his ear as his body parts my legs again, “Ethics shmethics, I say we go back to your office to discuss that extra credit oral report we discussed. He looks back at me in surprise and his grin tells me this is only the beginning. Thank goodness I got into our university’s graduate program and I’ll be back here next fall.

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