Harmony Roberts Gets Laid, Part 3

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Marcus hailed a taxi to take them to a club.  As the driver pulled away from the curb, Marcus ran a finger down Harmony’s arm – the teasing sensation made her want to purr.  The club was apparently called the Glory Room, and Marcus said it was different to the norm.  “You dance? he asked.

Harmony flushed, remembering the last time she’d gone to club.  Back then, she’d been naked underneath her flouncy dress, and, dancing with a friend gave her a frisson of excitement.  But when a draft blew across the dance floor raising her skirt, a bouncer noticed and dragged her from the club, calling her a slut. “Go and get dressed, he said.  Inside, she felt heavy with shame.

In the taxi, Harmony said she did indeed dance.  “Slow’s best, she told him.

He slipped an arm along the back of her seat.

She gave a smile.


Harmony had never heard of the Glory Room, but as soon as she entered she knew it was her sort of place.  The dance floor was packed with gleaming bodies that were lit like freeze frames by the silver lights.  Women in fishnets danced on podiums, along with bare-chested men slicked with oil. The music hammered the floor and the air seemed to pulse.

Marcus bought vodka shots, which they immediately downed.  Soon, they were dancing, Harmony’s hips rocking, her wrists crossed above her head.  She sent Marcus a sultry stare, and when she turned her back, he snaked his arms round her stomach.  Before she knew it, she was melting against him, breathing the scent of his fresh cologne.  His fingertips glossed her breasts, which were naked beneath the lycra, and he caressed her nipple so she tingled at his touch.  “You’re perfect, he whispered, plunging beneath her skirt where he found her slit easily.  Harmony arched with abandon.

“Good? he murmured.

“Christ, yes.

And with that, he pulled his hand away leaving her gasping.  “Do it to yourself, he said, and she didn’t need a second bidding “ she reached beneath her skirt and touched her wet lace gusset, caressing her cunt until she was on the beautiful, giddy brink.  But sensing the moment, Marcus spun her towards him, pulling her hips against his.  “Everyone’s watching, he told her.  “They all want you, baby.  When she looked several dancers were glancing her way, allowing their stares to travel down her body.  Harmony burned to see it.  “God, I want to come,” she gasped.

He kissed her, but told her, “Not yet.  So they danced and pressed and danced and pressed, their sexes rubbing together, until Marcus was so hard his cock pushed against the denim.  A dancer who was heading for the bar reached beneath Harmony’s skirt, and Harmony trembled to feel the woman’s hand on her ass.  Soon others were doing the same, fingers glossing her skin.  With a hand cupping her breast and another on her thigh, Harmony’s head spun.

“I know you’re not sure about going all the way, said Marcus, “but this is good¦right?

All the way is all I can think of, said Harmony.

He laughed. “I’m glad to hear it.

“Who’d have thought it, she told him, slipping her arms around his waist.  “Tonight’s the night that Harmony Roberts gets laid.


It didn’t happen on the dance floor, or in the cab on their way to hers, though there was plenty of fumbling from them both. It actually happened later.  In the elevator, their mouths sank together, and when Marcus raised her knee, she trembled to feel his sex against hers.  After a moment, he slammed the stop button and they shuddered to a halt, before telling her to touch herself.  “I couldn’t see you properly in the club, he said.  “Touch yourself.  Go on.

Fixing him with her stare, she reached between her thighs, and moaned to feel her fingertips and know that he was watching.  Leaning against the doors, she pleasured herself, crying out so loudly her moans echoed off the walls.  Marcus gazed in amazement; and when Harmony was about to climax, he stepped towards her, unzipped himself, and filled her with a lunge.  Jesus, she thought she’d come right then!  But no.  He fucked her slow but hard, whispering that he loved her cunt, licking her neck, saying she felt so good; thrusting harder and harder, he stoppered her mouth with a kiss that went on and on, until Harmony’s senses gave way and she cried out in pleasure while Marcus emptied himself inside her.

Afterward, in Marcus’s arms, Harmony started laughing at how foolish she’d been.  “Why, she gasped, “didn’t I think this was worth it?  Why have I been so scared?

Marcus gathered her up, kissing her hair and neck, and she told him he was the sweetest lover she’d had.

And she wasn’t lying.  Marcus was better than Kev.

And maybe she was, too.



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