Harmony Roberts Gets Laid, part 2

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Harmony Roberts wished she’d kept her big mouth shut. Just because her friend Denise Packerby couldn’t stop talking about the women she’d recently laid, didn’t mean Harmony had to discuss her own sex life.  All the same, it had taken mere minutes for her to blab about her encounter on the train.

“Seriously, said Denise, sipping from her wineglass, “he’s hot and he’s good with his fingers.  What’s to lose?

“I don’t do sex.

Denise gave her a dry look.  “Unless it’s on public transport?

Harmony prodded her untouched sushi.  “It was a one-time thing.  Dating’s off the agenda.

“This is all about Kev, isn’t it, Harmie?

When Harmony sighed, Denise told her not to let her ex ruin her fun.  “I know you were in love with him, but it’s time to move on.  Running a hand through her short red hair, Denise asked, “Are you afraid to ask Train Man out?

“Of course not!  It’s just\'”

Denise gave a sideways smile.  “A tenner says you won’t.

“Shit, muttered Harmony, who could never resist a dare.

“Unless you’re too chicken, said Denise.

Harmony’s face burned.

Denise popped a shrimp in her mouth. “Well, she said, “we’ll see.

When Denise went to the loo, Harmony reminded herself that she wasn’t chicken and she didn’t have to prove it.  Even so, she pulled out the Train Man’s card – it said MARCUS FANNING, FREELANCE JOURNALIST. Remembering him, she began to smile, and next thing she knew, she was dialing his number.

Marcus turned out to be quite sweet on the phone, and it was he who suggested they get together the following night.  When Denise returned from the loo, Harmony told her the news and received an affectionate hug.  “Let’s go back to mine, said Denise.  “We’ll find you a killer outfit.

And so, an hour later, Harmony stood in front of her friend’s full-length mirror, smoothing a black dress over her hips.  In spiky black stilettos, with her curls piled up on her head, she had to admit she looked pretty hot.  Denise, who had worked as an escort while she was at college, gave Harmony a few seduction hints, including how to walk with a slinky lilt.

“But I might not want to seduce him, said Harmony, enjoying the sensation of the clingy lycra.  “I might just kiss him on the cheek, then go home to my vibrator.

Denise walked up and placed her hands on Harmony’s shoulders.  “You, Harmony Roberts, are going to have a ball.  Lust is a gift.  Now enjoy it.


The following night, Harmony arrived at an Indian-themed bar, the black dress teamed with stockings, briefs and very little else.  As the drinkers let her pass, her hips swayed to the bollywood music, and she saw the Train Man looking up from his corner table, his gaze running down her body.  In a flash, Harmony remembered his soft-firm touch, and instantly found herself aroused.  As she joined him on the corner seat, which formed an L-shape behind the table, he placed a hand on her knee and kissed her softly on the lips. “You look stunning, he said.  “I’m a lucky boy.

Don’t get too excited, thought Harmony, who wasn’t sure she was ready for full-blown sex.  All the same, once they’d got their drinks, she relaxed a little “ in fact, as Marcus touched her thigh she didn’t push him away.  He told her he was a journalist with a passion for true stories, and while he spoke his gaze sparkled.  “The truth is important, he told her, stroking a tendril of hair from her face.  “How can anyone really live when all they get is lies?

Harmony was moved by his passion for the truth and decided she should be honest instead of stringing him along.  So she downed some gin and said, “Listen, you’re great, but my ex broke my heart and I’m still wobbly.  I don’t want you thinking tonight’s a sure thing.

With a serious expression, Marcus took her face in his hands.  “I’m happy just chatting, okay?  And yet, as he pulled away from her, Harmony realized she craved more than “just chatting.  It had taken guts to get herself here, and this guy was dreamy.  Plus he’d helped her feel good on the train, so why not return the favor?

She pressed his hand onto her thigh so he could feel the tops of her stockings, and the amazed smile he gave her was adorable as heck.  Soon, they’d sidled closer and he was drawing Harmony into a clinch.  As their kiss grew fiercer, she felt his hand on her chest and knew he’d discovered she was wearing no bra.  How perfectly he cupped her breast, teasing her nipple through the layer of lycra!  And when she placed a hand on his cock, the strength of his hard-on was divine. Soon, Marcus was reaching beneath her skirt, caressing her through her tight, lacy briefs.  She grasped the seat, trying not to cry out as the bar became more packed.  God, she was wetter than she’d ever have dreamed!  But when she tried to unzip her lover’s jeans he caught her wrist.  “No, he said.  “You come first.  I’ll watch, okay?

Remembering that’s what he’d told her the last time, she said, “You like that don’t you?

He nodded.  “Since yesterday, I’ve been thinking about you on that train¦God, you were beautiful¦you writhed when I touched you. He continued, describing how sweetly she’d moaned, and how her skin had given off drifts of perfume¦  As he was speaking, Harmony grew wetter, parting her knees more widely and begging him not to stop.  Her head spun to think of the nearby drinkers, who, at any moment, might notice her breathy abandon.  Meanwhile, Marcus was clearly delighting in her arousal.  But just as she was falling back, ready for the rolling climax, Marcus pulled away.

“Why have you stopped? she gasped.

He gave a sly grin.  Reaching for his jacket, he said, “Baby, I like to linger.  By the time you come, I’ll have teased you so much it’ll hit you like a high.

Harmony melted to think of it.  Laughing, she straightened her dress, and said, “Then let’s go somewhere new.

Marcus winked.  “I know just the place.



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