Hard Love: Acrylic Dildos

I’ve always been fascinated by “hard” dildos — toys made of acrylic, glass or metal. Having recently had an encounter in which my favorite tomboy femme Holly brought home a tempered glass dildo and begged me to fuck her with it, I wanted to try out some other entries in this intriguing toy category.

One of the things that made these toys so interesting to me is that Holly responds powerfully to G-spot stimulation. One of my new favorite things is that “come-hither” motion that lets me hit her G-spot with my fingers. And I absolutely adore using a dildo on my partner, no matter what type. I’d heard that sometimes firmer sensation can be great when applied to a willing G-spot, so I was eager to try it out. I came home one Wednesday (hump day, mind you) with four toys I’d picked up at Good Vibes: the Platinum Vibe, Betty’s Barbell, the Jupiter Dildo and the Saturn Dildo. Holly is anything but shy when it comes to trying out new toys, so it didn’t take long for us to get lubed up and start playing.

After some enthusiastic foreplay, we tried out the Platinum Vibe. This is a metal-shot vibe of delicious smoothness that sports moderately powerful vibrations. Holly was initially skeptical because it tapers strongly — she tends to prefer toys with prominent curves or largish heads. I knew from experience that a big-headed toy like a glans-endowed representational dildo can spell mondo G-spot stimulation. But the toy’s smoothness appealed to Holly, so we started with the Platinum. From the first moment I slid the vibe into Holly’s cunt, she was as focused on her pleasure as it is possible for a woman to get. I have it on good authority that the tapered head felt great inside Holly, and the firmness of the vibe allowed me to play with the angle, giving her excellent stimulation of her rapidly swelling G-spot. Holly also informs me that the ridges near the base felt great sliding into her as the front part of the vibe rubbed inside her. I loved the feeling of such a hard toy in my hand.

Another thing Holly loved about the Platinum was that when it first entered her it was cold. Coldness in such tender places is an intense sensation, and she dug it. The metal rapidly heated up, though, and when I eased the toy out of her an orgasm later, it was toasty-warm with her body heat — an added turn-on for me.

But the most notable thing about all these toys was summed up by her breathless “It’s so smooth!” Indeed, all these toys feel much, much smoother than a silicone or jelly dildo. From the end of someone wielding them inside a loved one, it produces a completely different sensation in the hand. With enough lube, the smoothness makes penetration an almost frictionless experience, perhaps worthy of study in the field of quantum mechanics. It’s really quite amazing how different smooth toys like the Platinum feel.

Soon we were ready to try Betty’s Barbell. The Barbell was designed with a dual purpose in mind: as a PC-muscle workout (you can insert it and hold it in, which its weight makes a little challenging if you’re upright) and as a metal dildo (you can… well, you get the idea).

This time I entered Holly with the Barbell from behind, propping her belly and hips on pillows. The Barbell is a narrower toy than the Platinum, and it features a more notably prominent bulb on each end. Holly liked it lots. The weight of the thing felt incredible in my hand, and when I slid it out a few gentle taps on Holly’s clit (very gentle) with the heavy implement was enough to turn her into a moaning, squirming tomboy. Similar to the Platinum, the Barbell was cold to start with, but piping hot by the time I slid it out of Holly with her still writhing from orgasm. “This is a great toy,” was all she could whisper.

But I wasn’t done with my toys yet, least of all my favorite toy, Holly. After a brief rest, we tried the Jupiter Dildo with Holly in the same position (since she really wasn’t interested in moving by this point, or for that matter very capable of moving). I was excited by the chance to use such a strongly curved toy. But to be frank, in the heat of everything Holly later confessed it was hard to feel the curve on her G-spot. I’m sure the shape of the dildo works differently for different women, but it might have been too strongly curved to reach Holly’s.

Note, however, that this didn’t prevent Holly from loving the Jupiter, and having another intense orgasm. She tells me that the Jupiter is smooth like the two metal toys, but doesn’t get as cold. It’s still a little chilly upon entry, but nothing like the intense coldness of the metal dildos.

Lastly, we gave the Saturn a chance. I loved the fact that this longish and double-sided dildo gives you a perfect handle when you’re using the smooth end, and the taper, shaped something like the Platinum vibe, hit Holly’s G-spot in the same way. Of all these dildos, the Saturn was the easiest to handle, with the ribbed end a cinch to hold onto even when my hands were slick with lube. Both the Jupiter and the Saturn offered this benefit, but the Saturn is slightly longer. Regardless, the very straight shape of the Saturn offered a nice alternative to the Jupiter, and by the time Holly had her final orgasm of the evening, both of us were sold on acrylic toys.

If I had to pick between these… oh, do I have to? Holly says her favorite is the Platinum Vibe, but it gets extremely close competition from the Barbell. And I can tell you from the size of Holly’s toy chest, that if nothing else, she’s not a girl who likes to choose just one toy.

One of the great benefits of both metal and acrylic is that they’re durable — metal more so than acrylic, obviously — so we’ll be enjoying all four of these toys for a long time to come.

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