Happy Birthday, Baby!

All happy wishes go to my primary reason for existence! I love you, Boo! Thank you soooooo much for blessing me with your existence!

Things I learned this past week-end:

1) I’m a REALLY good parent but only when I just have one kid. (Seems like it doesn’t matter which one — interesting because they’re complete opposites) but in terms of togetherness and patience and figuring out fun, active, wonderful ways to be together when it’s mano y mano, I excel! Sadly, it is almost never that I’ve got one-on-one time with one or the other kid so not sure what that says about the majority of the parental experience my TWO babies are being subjected to…

2) I love my kids. Really. I do. they’re cute and perfect (and potty trained!) and really really sweet. And smart too. Yay

3) I love my friends. (see above)

4) My new boyfriend is nice and helpful and really very sweet. (and did I mention helpful? Especially at the keeping the suddenly uber-clingy three-year-old entertained whilst her mommy navigated a (admittedly light version of) “need to just freaking STOP and be in one place for like a second already” moment.

5) I LOVE the pseudo cold weather that is the fall in California

6) I really need to get my school-related reading ON because at the rate I’m going I will be ready to re-write my dissertation proposal in approximately 14 years.

7) I’m really, really tired. Really. And I’m going to be that way for the rest of my life. (I guess that’s o.k. though. I mean, someone’s gotta be, right?)


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