What’s in the box? What’s in the box? This news report is pretty standard and dull, but check out the box behind the reporter. That thing is HUGE!!!

I would be mortified if such a thing of mine ever made it on local television. I’ve been embarrassed by a few things I have lying about in my bedroom, such as the under-the-bed restraints we can’t use because we have a waterbed, or my electro-sex kit I have sitting on top of my headboard (that thing scares me but I do like it). I remember the scene in “Better Than Chocolate” when one of the character’s mom’s finds a stash of sex toys in a box under the bed and she uses the rabbit – her first time ever seeing one. She ends up loving it, of course. Her daughter finds out and it so embarrassed she wants to crawl in a hole and die.

If I lived the home pictured below I’d be so embarrassed by what’s in that box that I’d crawl under my chair hoping to shrink up and fade away. I bet the owners never live down … what’s in the box!!!

Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations is the premiere sex-positive, women-principled adult toy retailer in the US. An iconic brand and one of the world's first sex toy shops to focus specifically on women's pleasure and sexual education, Good Vibrations was founded by Joani Blank in 1977 to provide women with a safe, welcoming and non-judgmental place to shop for erotic toys. Good Vibrations has always included all people across the gender spectrum, and is a place where customers can come for education, high quality products, and information promoting sexual health, pleasure and empowerment. Customers can shop Good Vibrations' expertly curated product selection across any of its nine retail locations or on the GoodVibes.com website, where they can also find a wealth of information pertaining to sexual pleasure, exploration and education.

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