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New York-based writer and women’s sexuality teacher Pamela Madsen, author of Shameless: How I ditched the diet, got naked, found true pleasure…and somehow got home in time to cook dinner, comes to San Francisco next week with her partner  Mac S. McGregor to teach a unique weekend-long workshop, Portal of The Feminine: Understanding The Erotic Equation and Female Arousal to Change Your Life. Good Vibrations is happy to co-sponsor this special event as well as offering a taste of Pamela and Mac at our Polk Street store on Tuesday, January 12, for their class Come on a Sex Safari! Ten Erotic Resolutions for 2016.

We caught up with Pamela just as she was about to teach a class, and she kindly took the time to tell us a bit more about Portal of the Feminine and her work.  There’s still room in the 1/12 class as well as the advanced weekend workshop–follow the links to find out more and/or to sign up!

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 1) Many women don’t get what they need to have wonderful erotic lives. Why?

One of the biggest reasons is that women simply don’t know what they want. How can you ask for a grapefruit if you have never tasted an orange?

 2) Do you think any woman can benefit from learning more about her own relationship to the erotic? What about women who haven’t ever had a good erotic experience?

We all can benefit from learning more about the erotic. Our sexuality is an evolution, and we just need to be open to the possibilities.

3) Who is the ideal candidate for your workshop?

Any person who identifies as female. This workshop is open and beneficial to women at all stages of life.

 4) What does it mean to you personally to be a guide for other women via your teaching work?

It means I’m always busy! I spent the first part of my professional life as an activist for women’s reproductive rights, now I help women birth themselves. It’s an extraordinary experience supporting women connect or reconnect to their essential core life energy. I get to witness beautiful reunions between a woman and her body doing what I do. It’s a gift.

5) You created your workshops for women partly because in your own sexual awakening journey, you found great value in group work. Can you say a bit about your own story to help other women know what inspires you about this?

The simplest answer is that I realized that the hunger inside of me could not be stuffed down with food, shopping or other addictions. It was not about my marriage. It was about me and my own relationship to the erotic. The healing that can happen when women do this work together is exponential. It is unique, essential and priceless.


Workshop details:

Portal of The Feminine: Understanding The Erotic Equation and Female Arousal to Change Your Life

Are you ready to to developing an internal guide to successfully and sustainability explore your sexuality?

Please join Pamela Madsen and Mac S. McGregor, two internationally known sex educators who have done pioneering work in women’s Sexuality, Fertility, Gender and Asian Healing Arts for a non-residential two day retreat created just for women. Perhaps you have never heard the term “Erotic Intelligence”, “The Erotic Equation”, “Erotic Guides” or even “Uses of the Erotic”?

Most women live outside ourselves, and rely on external forces, input and directives to guide our lives rather than from our internal knowledge and needs. When we tune out our own internal erotic guides we limit our capacity for creativity, sexual expression, pleasure, and our own ability to be powerful in our careers. This workshop will introduce you to your own internal guide perhaps for the first time, or take you deeper of the power of the erotic within ourselves.

The retreat will begin the moment you register with homework assignments and the opportunity to participate in a special Facebook Group created just for our participants attending this experience.

We will join together Friday evening before our Saturday retreat to know each other, share some light food and wine, create the intentions for our retreat and begin to explore this concept of the erotic as an internal guide for women.

On Saturday we will begin the process of exploring, reclaiming or getting to know our personal erotic internal guides.

Our process will include:

* Guided meditation into listening to our own internal erotic guide.
* Explore The Lotus Lift Meditation to tap into Arousal Energy to fuel your creativity
* Explore our full female expression and how we hold those emotions in our bodies.
* Understand “The Erotic Equation” and learn to utilize this in daily life.
* Identify Your Erotic Creature.
* Examine why we keep ourselves small erotically and practice opening ourselves up to our greatness
* Delve deeper in our sexual desire and learn to honor, access and express it.
* Understanding menstruation, perimenopause and menopause: How do these stages of female biology affect our sexuality, creativity and desire. How does the voice of our
internal guide shift with each life change?
* Confront our hunger in every form from sexuality, to food, to money.
* Tell the stories of our bodies.
* Learn to access and work with our Arousal and Orgasm as a holistic tool for healing and transformation in our lives.
* Explore Tai-Chi as a means for connecting to the erotic with Martial Arts Master, Shihan Mac S. McGregor
* Explore relationship issues with Pamela and Mac S. McGregor

Women will have access to the Facegroup group before and after the retreat is over for further support.

When and Where: Friday, January 15th from 7pm to 9pm, Saturday, January 16th and Sunday, January 17th from 10am to 6pm. Snacks will be provided and lunch is independent. Location: The Center for Sex and Culture 1349 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103 (Friday evening gathering is at a separate location; when you sign up, you’ll get that information.)
Who: Anyone woman 18+ with ID
Cost: $350.00

Advance registration only. Purchase your tickets HERE.

Once you purchase your ticket we will add you to our private Facebook Group for homework and support!

Contact: Pamela@backtothebody.org for further information.

About the Educators:
Pamela Madsen is an Integrative Life Coach Specializing In Women’s Issues: Sexuality, Fertility, Body Image, Wellness and Rejuvenation. Pamela Founded The American Fertility Association and is Co-Director of “Back To The Body: Sensuous Retreats For Women” celebrating it’s fourth year and 21 sold out retreats. Her book Shameless: How I Ditched The Diet: Got Naked, Found True Pleasure and Somehow Got Home in Time to Cook Dinner (Rodale) has been a #1 Best Seller on Amazon. She is a sexuality blogger at The Huffington Post and Psychology Today and has made appearances on Oprah, The Today Show and 60 Minutes as well as many other news outlets. You can learn more about Pamela here.

Mac S. McGregor is a known as The Gender Sensei. He educates about the gender spectrum, gender identity, and gender issues. His experience of teaching and competing in the martial arts (15 Black Belts and World Champion) has given him an edge that few are able to offer in this field. Mac has officially earned the title Sensei in the martial arts, Sensei meaning teacher in Japanese. He earns his title as he puts people at ease through humor and an open attitude when teaching and speaking about this very sensitive subject. Mac educates all over the country about gender (Blogger at The Huffington Post), but he also offers classes on self-defense, martial arts, tai-chi wellness, and energy at seminars, conferences, businesses, and groups all over the world. He is a professional life coach, personal trainer and a highly sought-after motivational speaker. Mac is the Director of Holistic and Asian Heath for Back to the Body: Sensuous Retreats for Women.
Mac Handsome

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