Grooming Continued

Grooming, continued…


So after my very long discussion of hair and removal options, I realized there was another thing that I’m a bit obsessed about that I should mention – finger nails.


I used to have a terribly disgusting habit of gnawing at my nails endlessly and now that I’ve stopped, I’m a bit obsessed. And I should clarify that by long nails I mean I let them get long enough that I can sometimes type without my fingertips hitting the keys…


Everyone I’ve ever been with has expressed concern over the length of my nails – though most thoroughly seem to enjoy my awesome back scratching abilities. The problem is, that for digital penetration (like during mutual masturbation), the nails can seem a little dangerous but here are a few tips on how to keep the nice nails and still have a lot of fun…


  1. Keep the nails finely manicured – no jagged edges! I have a nail file and nail clipper on me at all times, mostly because I’m a little anal retentive but also because it’s super handy to fix tiny snags and even big breaks on the spot. The smoother the nail, the less likely it will scratch.
  2. For penetrative sex, use finger cots or gloves and if you’re worried that the nail will tear thru the cot/glove – put a little bit of cotton or tissue under the nail in the glove. Sounds weird, but it keeps the nail from tearing thru the latex and protects against accidental jabbing (ack!).
  3. Acrylic or Silk wrapped nails don’t scratch the same way natural ones do. It’s because they’re much thicker and the edges aren’t nearly as sharp – they’re much safer in respect to cuts/scratches. Also, they are less likely to tear thru gloves/cots and the polish on those doesn’t chip or fade like it would on natural nails.


That’s the basics, if you’ve got any other tips – pass them on!





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