Good Vibrations Celebrates 36 Years of Pleasure

Pioneering Sex Positive Retailer Good Vibrations Thanks Customers with a Month of Discounts, Festivities, and Fun

Good Vibrations celebrates thirty six sexy years!

SAN FRANCISCO (February 18th, 2013): Good Vibrations is marking their thirty-sixth year in business by thanking their customers with a month of parties, free events, product give-aways, and fun contests. Growing from one tiny shop in San Francisco in 1977 to six retail stores and a thriving web business today, Good Vibrations has transformed the adult industry landscape and delivered pleasure to the people one orgasm at a time.

Celebrate good times, come on!
From March 1st – March 31st enjoy a host of events, including free workshops, parties, receptions for our non-profit partners, “meet the maker” events with sex toy manufacturers, a special Mommy Playdate, author events, a tour of our Antique Vibrator Museum, the awards ceremony for the “Bling My Vibe!” vibrator crafting contest, and much, much more. Invite your friends and enjoy the new “Friends with Benefits” discount – bring 2 friends and get 10% off your order. Bring 3 friends, and get 20%. Bring in 5 or more friends, and get 25% off!

In-Store Friends With Benefits Promo (Left), New Downtown SF Retail Store (Right).

Pleasure is your birthright: A short history
Based upon the premise that “pleasure is your birthright,” Good Vibrations is the original clean, well-lighted alternative to conventional “adult” bookstores, offering women and men access to information, sex-positive education and quality adult products. The woman-focused business model started in 1977 has grown into six retail stores on two coasts, a robust online business and a private label of diverse quality offerings including lubes with natural ingredients and made in the USA silicone adult toys. Thirty-six years later, acceptance of sex-positive boutiques has changed dramatically, and vibrators can be found in mainstream outlets like Walgreens and CVS. Good Vibrations was the first retailer to get mainstream attention and press and remains unique and important through its offerings as a community resource for in-depth education and quality products.

“We have distinguished ourselves in this business in many ways, most importantly through education, quality, and community,” explains Executive Vice President Jackie Strano. “Sexuality touches on every aspect of our lives and many people are challenged around positive sexual expression. Our goal is to help people discover ways to experience sexual pleasure, health, sexual confidence and overall well-being. We do that largely through our educational programs and highly trained sex educator sales associates.”

Whether consulting a trained Sex Educator/Sales Associate in a Good Vibrations retail store, asking questions of Staff Sexologist Dr. Carol Queen, calling the 800 number or attending one of their many educational workshops, customers trust Good Vibrations as the premier resource of non-judgmental sex information, best-selling sex toys, and accurate information.

Staff photo circa 1980s (Left), a recent staff photo at Good Vibrations’ Berkeley (Right).

Good Vibrations’ sex-positive model transformed the industry and brought about a profound philosophical shift together with major changes in product development, innovation, and safety. Good Vibrations was the first retail company to design products by and for women, and introduced floor display models for customers to handle before buying. When the danger of phthalates (a plastic softener that may be linked to cancer) became known, Good Vibrations was the first adult company to remove items containing this ingredient from their inventory. More recently, the company went a step further and created the ecorotic® rating system so that customers could easily identify which products were the most sustainable, and why.

Good Vibrations took its responsibility of transforming the adult store model quite literally, and had a hand in starting many of the women-friendly adult stores that exist today. Staff Sexologist Dr. Carol Queen explains, “Not many people know this, but over 15 years ago Good Vibrations trained people to start their own female-friendly adult stores. They received training and vendor contacts, allowing them to open their own stores to spread the vision, and some of those companies have thrived and become our colleagues and competitors. The idea, basically, was that a rising tide would float all the boats — which is exactly what has occurred.”

An eager line at Good Vibrations Oakland. (Left) and Good Vibrations Sex Summit attendees (Right).

Community involvement is another major component of Good Vibrations’ success. Through their donations program, “GiVe,” Good Vibrations raises thousands of dollars each year for various nonprofit partners and fundraisers. In addition to offering a full monthly calendar of educational workshops and events in its stores, Good Vibrations brings adult education to the community with its Off-Site Sex Educator Program and events like Megan Andelloux’s Study Sex College Tour, as well as with presentations by its own Staff Sexologist Dr. Carol Queen, Ph.D. Bachelorette Parties get fun and informative with in-store parties and workshops, and special Mommy Playdates support a healthy sex life after children.

For a full calendar of Good Vibrations events and promotions visit

Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations is the premiere sex-positive, women-principled adult toy retailer in the US. An iconic brand and one of the world's first sex toy shops to focus specifically on women's pleasure and sexual education, Good Vibrations was founded by Joani Blank in 1977 to provide women with a safe, welcoming and non-judgmental place to shop for erotic toys. Good Vibrations has always included all people across the gender spectrum, and is a place where customers can come for education, high quality products, and information promoting sexual health, pleasure and empowerment. Customers can shop Good Vibrations' expertly curated product selection across any of its nine retail locations or on the website, where they can also find a wealth of information pertaining to sexual pleasure, exploration and education.

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