Going straight = not all it’s cracked up to be…!

So, I’m trying to do this straight girl thing, but sheesh! I’m barely out of the chute and already I’m in potential boyfriend processing hell e.g.: “Look, Baby, I get that you don’t have time… I mean we’re all busy but if you can’t shake your life up a little I don’t see how this is going to happen!” and “So, you say you want a part-time boyfriend but what it really sounds like you want is someone you can call and hook up with whenever *you* have time…!
[ed. note – Uh. YEAH. Pretty much verbatim what I wrote in my ad but let’s not dwell on that right this second…]

And this is with people I haven’t even SEEN yet! Christ on a cracker, what is it with boys?? Speaking of which, one of the parents who was escorting his lovely daughter, to my Boo’s Meet-the-Rats-Party and I went to go get some pizza for the kids and pretty much almost immediately he starts in on that whole “So, about me and you…” thing which is cute but which is also based on a slightly faulty line of thinking which goes thusly “I have not called this girl in a while. She is looking hot right now. I remember that I like her. I must now apologize for being a bum and not calling because I REALLY like her and if I really like her then she must really like me meaning she’s mad because I didn’t call.”

And the thing is, I’m not mad. I’m rarely mad. I mean it’s nice to get a check-in call. Nicer if I can see the person anytime close the call but really¬¶ the odds are REALLY good that if I’m not calling you it’s because I’ve got other things to think about. Again. Let me just say. Boys are wierd.

Anyways… so, the ad. the ad was placed. Responses were received. No penis shots although more than a few guys in front of cars/guys on motorcycles. My favorite was from “luv4currency”: “YOU’LL DO> SEND BETTER PIC AND WE CAN DIALOG.” Nice. In with the other “promising” responses I also got one super fun sounding way-too-confident-cutie, two nice seeming shy types who “never answer these things” and one (hand-to-god) friend of the slacker who lives on my couch!

Confident Cutie and I actually had sort of a falling out (well, I had sort of a falling out with him) because he started getting a all demandey on me and it made me flash back to previous relationship trauma so I kind of think that’s not gonna end up going anywhere (at least not anywhere good!); Shy Boy #1 and I are meeting on Tuesday for coffee/to check out each other to see if we feel like kissing and SlackerBoy Re-dub and I are supposed to chat on Wed. although, that last one is seeming really stupid in the same way letting the original Brat Pack into the house seemed really dumb so I may just bail.

I mean, it’s not like I’ve got a ton of time to fill so it’s not like I couldn’t make do with one or two (or three) nice, willing, cute, relatively non-damaged boys provided I can find some who are good with the not suddenly needing to order me around/start getting possessive/demandey on me thing. We shall see¬¶


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