Glycerin-Free Lube and Anal Sex Hygiene

Hi Lovely People! Its time for another Call Center Confession! Summer is in full swing and we are celebrating Anal Sex month here at Good Vibrations. CeeCee and I are hard at work in the Call Center helping everyone find the perfect toys to make these hot August days into even hotter August nights! So, just relax, sit back with an icy cold drink and enjoy this month’s Confessions! Remember — we love to hear from you so keep those questions coming! Kisses!

Q: I need your recommendations before ordering lube. I’ve used Astroglide and it’s really slick and gets the action in high gear. However, I have developed what they call “jock itch” in my crotch after using it, and think perhaps it’s due to the glycerin in the lube. I understand that you now have several lubes that have eliminated the glycerin to avoid adversely affecting tender-skin areas.

I’m also interested in finding a lube that doesn’t get “sticky” too soon. You have so many good lubes at Good Vibes, I’m sure that you can recommend a few that might address these two goals — as good as Astroglide, but without glycerin and less of a problem with becoming too sticky, too soon. I need something that works just as well on tender vulvas and vaginas as well as on me. Thank you for your assistance.
— Steve

A: Hi Steve. Sensitive skin and lubes are right up our alley! Our customers can’t get enough of our new Good Lubrications Cream lube. This slick formula is nice and creamy so it doesn’t run everywhere. And, it has no glycerin that a lot of folks find causes irritation. Maybe a thicker gel lube might be fun for you to try too! CeeCee and I really like Slippery Stuff Gel — a clear gel that is PH balanced, sterile and latex-friendly. And, it has no glycerin either! It’s perfect for vaginal or anal play and it’s also water-based for easy clean up.

If you want the bomb of lubes we suggest our newest addition to our lube line — Pink Lube. We love, love, LOVE Pink! This high-grade silicone lube has Aloe Vera and vitamin E for tender skin. CeeCee adores the pretty glass bottle it comes in (it looks just like a perfume bottle). How discreet is that? It’s a nice light formula that is perfect for vaginal use and it will not get sticky either! Perfect!

Q: Thanks for the opportunity to ask you a question. I’m a anal sex freak. I love it! I’ve been doing it with my girl for many years now. We both are each other’s first and only partner. Yet, there are some things that I am still curious about. What is the best way to avoid a bowel movement or unpleasurable odors while having anal sex? Most of the time this is not a problem because we both shower before having anal sex, but anything you would recommend to keep everything neat and smelling like flowers?
— Joaquin

A: Hi Joaquin. It sounds like you and your sweetheart are having a lot of anal fun! We have a lot of customers who are curious about the ins and outs of anal play. Here at Good Vibrations we can suggest a few things that will ensure that your anal explorations are safe and happy ones. We have a new book called Intimate Invasions that covers everything about enema play. Taking an enema before anal sex will cleanse the colon so less residue will end up on the penetrator. This indispensable book can teach you how to administer an enema, what equipment you need, how to mix enema fluids and it also has naughty stories about enema play too.

Molly and I love our Pleasure Wipes. These handy scented moist wipes make clean up after an anal encounter a snap! They come in single serve packs that make them super easy to use and great for those summer holiday travels. They work really well to eliminate any lingering odors you might have after an anal romp, plus they feel really nice on the skin!

Another book that everyone should have in their naughty book library is Anal Pleasure and Health. This must-have volume discusses everything you’ve wanted to know about your bum but didn’t know how to ask! The index in the back of the book makes finding exactly what you are looking for easy and quick. And, speaking of anal health, we highly recommend using condoms and lots of lube with your bootylicious explorations. Here at the office we like to say, “too much lube isn’t enough.” You can never have too much lube during anal play. Thicker-based gel lubes work super-well with butt play. Embrace is a great water-based lube that is designed specifically for anal use. Slipping into a condom before anal sex will protect you and your partner from any icky viruses or STD’s and clean-up is easy! Just toss the used condom away and you’re all set.


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