Get In the Van….We’re Taking the Toys on a Road-Trip!

Hello Wonderful Readers! Welcome back to this month’s Call Center Confessions. This summer certainly has been a hot one, with lots of folks getting away and traveling. We have some great questions from curious explorers about how to have fun with toys on the road and more! Read on¦

Dear Molly and CeeCee:
I hope you can help me try to find some vibrators that I can take with me on camping trips. We camp a lot and when you are right next door to your neighbor¦you can’t have that buzzing sound floating around the campground! I need something that is quiet and small. Also, it would be great if you could suggest stuff that is either waterproof, or easy to keep clean. Any ideas for us?

Keen on Camping

Dear Keen on Camping,
Thanks for sending us your questions. Lots of our customers like to “rough it”, be it between the sheets or out in nature with tents and sleeping bags. When you’re communing with Mother Nature and don’t want to scare wildlife away (not to mention make your camping neighbor jealous), quiet toys are a sure way to get your groove on.

Getting wild out in the wild is going to be easy as pie if you take a Good Vibrations’ goodie along! Easy clean-up is a must when the nearest water supply is down the trail and over that hill. That’s why so many of us love the non-porous materials of our on-the-go travel-type vibes.

So, your camp is all set up…tent is pitched; ice chest and picnic supplies ready, lanterns are lit. You’re cozy in your tent, and ready for some lovemaking. Let’s see what our Devine Toy Satchel has in store, shall we? Hmmm, looks like quite a few nice little goodies are in here!

Oh, look, here we have the Nea! Not only is the re-chargeable Nea a real stunner, with smooth black plastic detailed with delicate flowers on the outside, this cutie is also almost silent when put to work. You can keep Nea purring away for up to 7 hours on a single charge, so there’s no worry about having batteries on hand. Nea wipes clean with a moist cloth too! Now that’s easy, don’t you think Molly?

Brighten up your sleeping bag with our Little Chroma vibe. This quiet and sleek sophisticate houses a removable battery and motor! Tightening the cap controls the speed settings of the colorful outer-anodized aluminum shaft. When the cap is fully closed, the vibe is waterproof-perfect for a canoe trip and that lush little beach on the river’s edge. Take a restful break from all that paddling and dip into the water with your Little Chroma…and start floating into your fun zone!

Now that we have cooled off, let’s get wet with some G-spot play! If you want a powerful, solid toy with a generous width, Thumper has arrived! We are not talking about Bambi’s little friend, although Thumper is perfectly at home with you in the woods. Thumper’s strong, deep and quiet thudding vibrations will hit your G-spot at just the perfect angle to gush away the day. And cleaning Thumper after all that messy fun is as easy as a quick rinse and air dry! That sure beats washing socks in the hotel sink doesn’t it?

With all this G-spot action, your C-spot might be feeling like getting all loved up too! What well-equipped outdoor excursion would not include the fabulous (and discreet) new C-Spot? C is for clit, and yours will be harder than that 3-mile hike you’re thinking of taking. This newbie is long and thin, with an angled head for a perfect clit fit! Molly loves the design of the C-Spot with its extra long handle. It is great for differently-abled folks who need a little extra reach, and it won’t get in the way during partner sex! Talk about getting it all done right! We love the metallic purple plastic material, and it’s waterproof too!

When talk around the campfire turns romantic, and all the stars in the night sky are putting a twinkle in your sweetie’s eye, it’s time to try on a new trick. Surprise your man with the wondrous Fukuoku 9000. Don’t let the tongue twister of a name fool you! Even if you can’t pronounce it, this little marvel is going to have your man in the palm of your hand. Literally. Here’s how!-slip this discreet little vibrator onto a finger. It comes with finger pads of different textures for new sensations or different occasions. Now, here’s the fun part…you can give your man a hand job that will have him glassy-eyed and weak-kneed in no time! The extra vibrations around the head of his penis, underneath the head and along his shaft and balls will result in vesuvian eruptions and euphoric rapture! Molly and I think a really neat trick is having one on each finger! With that much fun going on, getting out of the tent might not be happening any time quick!

Don’t forget to bring along an easy clean-up water-based lube like Liquid Silk, its long-lasting and works for all kinds of fun recreational activates. Molly and I always keep some GV Wipes handy for just these sorts of occasions! This vanilla-scented wipes come individually-wrapped (super convenient for travel) and are gentle on sensitive areas of skin. Just whip out a wipe and start all over again!

Dearest CeeCee and Molly, My partner and I

Good Vibrations

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