Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury

Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury is the cutest, sexiest video I’ve seen in a long time. I had to take a break from working on my latest erotic novella to tell you about it. Rather than get hot and horny for frat boys her own age, Rachel Bloom gets all moist in the knickers for nonagenarian superstar science fiction and fantasy writer Ray Bradbury, who I hear likes this video. It’s definitely not safe for work. The video is below, so enjoy it.

I can see the appeal. Smart, sexy, older men have always appealed to me, and as I get older I like the scientist, professorial, geek types that I have always preferred even more. When I was in my twenties and thirties I liked men in their fifties. Now, a few decades later, I am finding myself attracted to a few select men in their seventies. These guys can run circles around men half their age and they have more life, stamina, and they are more fascinating than men just out of college. This video just proves to me that smart is sexy no matter how old you are.

I know I got hooked on the scientific, professorial types when I was in middle and high school. These guys were weird, eccentric, and scary intelligent. My high school chemistry teacher was a Native American who frequently brought in road kill for his best friend, a biology teacher, to stuff since that guy was a taxidermist. My chem teacher’s wife bought him a second, personal freezer for his road kill since she was tired of opening the freezer to get chicken out for dinner and finding some dead animal wrapped in plastic in there with the food. Yeah, sick stuff but I loved the guy.

Another scientist who hooked me worked at a science center where I ran the planetarium when I was about thirteen years old. One day I came in when he was standing behind the elderly director, yelling at the guy at the top of his lungs, cussing up a blue streak. The elderly director didn’t even pay attention. At that moment, my scientist friend turned to me and said “Oh, don’t worry. He can’t hear me. He’s deaf.” and went on to yell and curse some more.

It was love at first shriek.

So now you know why this video is so much fun for me. If you haven’t seen the Youtube of “Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury”, you absolutely must see it! Warning – not safe for work. Not one bit.

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