Frozen Desire

She shifted her eyes slightly to the left, craving his attention. No response. A tiny shift of her foot caused his head to rise from his paper, his face devoid of emotion.“Was I not clear? Were you not instructed to remain perfectly still?” His voice was harsh, but she adored the very sound of it.

“Yes Sir. You were clear Sir. This doll was at fault for moving.” Her need for attention met, she reverted to the pose as dictated by him.

He had arranged her to best exhibit her athletic form, tight ass and perky breasts. With back straight, her head was bent, chin to chest, her mouth barely open as if caught in the middle of a sigh. Eyes downcast, her gaze fell on bent knees, spread to reveal her sex while her feet lay sole up behind her. Her arms were pulled back slightly, her hands resting on her thighs, palm up.

He stood slowly, setting down his paper and walked around her to make sure she was repositioned perfectly.

She strained to hear any sound that meant he was getting ready to punish her for the transgression. Instead, he took his seat and picked up his paper. Each turn of a page was like a rasp against her skin.

Finally he was done reading the paper from front to back as she sat frozen, awaiting his pleasure. He stood and walked over to the wet bar. Ice cubes tumbled into a crystal tumbler.

She listened to his footsteps as he came up behind her.

“Head back and open your mouth.”

Doing as he directed, she strained to tilt her head back while opening her mouth to its fullest. One by one the ice cubes were placed into her mouth.

“Hold them in there.” Her teeth began to ache from the cold and melting water dripped down her throat. It was a challenge to hold them all in while not choking. But she did it and managed to remain frozen in place.

He poured himself a drink, never looking over at her. However, she knew if she moved or lost an ice cube, he would know and she would pay. After some time, she again heard ice hitting the crystal. He came to stand behind her once more.

“Close your mouth.”

The ice had melted enough that she was able to close her lips around the frozen cubes. He knelt behind her.

“Get on your hands and knees.”

She complied quickly, her ass and shaved sex now fully accessible for his pleasure. Her heart began to race as she wondered what he would do to her this time. A heat began to spread from her core. Suddenly a shock of cold made her flinch. He was running an ice cube along the crack of her buttocks. She worked hard to bring herself back under control.

Then things got harder as he slid an ice cube into her pussy. She wanted to gasp as the cube touched her delicate flesh, but to do so would cause the ice in her mouth to fall to the ground. She centered her thoughts as one after another the cubes of frozen water slipped into her pussy, filling it up.

She couldn’t help but moan from deep in her throat as the first ice cube pushed into her tight asshole. Uncontrollable shudders travelled up and down her spine as cold shocks penetrated into that private hole.

There was so much of it. The ice filled her three holes, sending cold waves of exquisite pain and pleasure through her.

He stood back to admire his work. With a flicker of her eyes, she dared to glance at him. He was getting hard, the bulge in his pants proved that. She began to get excited as he pulled his long cock from his pants and stroked it.

As the heat from her body melted the ice, water dripped from her naked body, pooling beneath her.

With three steps he was in front of her, his hands in her hair. Pulling her head up he ordered her to open her mouth. His first thrust came just as the ice began to spill out. He groaned as the cold shock hit his hard, hot cock. Ice tumbled to the ground as he thrust himself deep in her throat.

When the ice was gone he pushed her head to the floor and moved behind her.

She felt the melting ice cubes shift within her pussy as he entered her. As his cock hit the cold he groaned once more, this time louder. He drilled into her harder and harder. She was getting closer and closer to her climax.

Suddenly he was no longer in her. She moaned in disappointment, not caring if it brought punishment.

More ice was shoved into her asshole as she gasped. These were larger cubes and she felt each one as it was pushed into her. The pressure was just one step away from pain. Then his hands massaged her ass.

She felt him against her; it was her only warning before his hardness entered her. He cried out in ecstasy as the ice cubes pressed tight against his rigid cock.

Each thrust sent unimaginable sensations through her and as his speed built, so did her need.

“Please Sir, can this doll please come?” Her voice was strained.

“Not yet, my doll.” He pushed deeper into her, continuing his frantic pace. She squirmed under him, squealing as his hand connected hard with her buttocks.

“Oh Sir, please. Please can this doll come now?” She barely got the words out.

“You may.”

The two words unleashed the storm bottled inside her. She tensed and her muscles clamped down on his cock, taking him over the edge with her. Her screams covered his cries of release.

As he cleaned her with warm water, she quivered. He wrapped her in a warmed blanket and held her, pressing his lips to her forehead. “You make me proud.”

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Shayna York

Shayna York writes erotica; sexy, steamy fiction. She is the raunchy alter-ego of a 30-something woman who was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. By day, she works in the field of communications, planning events and making things happen. Shayna believes erotica is all about getting your mind tuned in and your body turned on! Her first published story, 12 Steps to Desire is available now at:!

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