From Inside the Store: Gifts for ______

After working at Good Vibrations for a while, I’ve helped a lot of folks with a lot of different questions.  Although I get tons of unique questions, there are a few questions that pop up fairly often.  I have compiled a sort of list of the frequently asked questions I encounter at the store.  This is one of ’em:

“I’m looking for a gift for a ______, but I don’t know them well enough to buy them a sex toy, what should I get?”

Let’s be real, shopping for someone is hard enough without having to figure out their sex toy preferences.  But you’re in luck; there are tons of non-sex toy options here in the store for your gift-giving needs!

I usually start with suggesting a Good Vibes gift card.  That way if your gift recipient DOES want a sex toy, they can come pick it out themselves.

Want to pickup something more personal?  We have a great Body and Massage section with massage oils, lotions, and candles.  Check out the Ignite Me Massage Candles.  These candles are soy-based so they burn at a lower temperature (also great if you want to try out wax play).  Just light the candle, let the wax pool, blow out the flame, and pour.  Not into candles?  Try the Relax Me Fizzy Bath Balls.  They come in a variety of scents and release oils, baking soda, and a relaxing scent into your bath.  On a side note, these are FIZZY, not bubbly.  You’ll get some effervescence, but these aren’t meant to turn your bath into a bubble bath.

Looking for something less relaxing?  How about lube?  Lubricants, for the most part, make everything better.  All of our lubricants are body friendly, so it’s easy to pick one out for a gift.   If you’re unsure of what kind of lube they might like, pickup a bunch of smaller sample sizes, especially if they’re unfamiliar with lubricants.  That way they can try out a bunch and figure out which one works best for them.

We also have a host of great books.  Everything from Color My Boobs! to Sexual Intelligence.  You can choose from erotica, how-to books, relationship and sex guides, to books on sex and cancer, sex work, and porn.

We are so much more than just vibrators and dildos, but if you’re still having trouble picking out a gift, just ask one of our SESAs.  We’re here to answer your questions and give you all the information you need to pick out that perfect gift.

AJ Jones

AJ Jones is a Sex Educator-Sales Associate at Good Vibrations, a graduate of San Francisco Sex Information’s Sex Educator training and current SFSI volunteer. When she is not educating folks at Good Vibes she is (still) a student studying Gender & Women Studies and Human Sexuality, attending Bay Area sex geek events, and devouring unhealthy amounts of donuts.

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