Forced, Part 2

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Editor’s note: This story centers on a role play fantasy. However, some people may find it triggering for images of forced sex.

…Ashamed of my body’s betrayal and what was to come, I looked up to escape his quizzical glare. Without warning he caught one of my nipples in his mouth, its heat and slickness giving way to a wonderful feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was as if an electric current ran from my nipples straight to my pussy. I could feel my pussy betraying me even more.

“Please stop, I begged him.

“Why? he asked as he continued sucking. His tongued danced around my nipple as if they had done it so many times before. Knowing the exact speed, pressure and rhythm that made me want more.

“Please, I begged breathlessly again.

“Why? he repeated, a bit louder this time.

My hips circled in rhythm to his tongue.

“Because\’ my thoughts trailed off as he switched, leaving my abandoned nipple sensitive and as hard as a tiny pebble.

He began working on the other before yelling this time, “Because why?

The sucking was too much and he sensed this. As he resorted to nibbling, the feeling of need only escalated until the torture was too much to bare. Nibbling and sucking harder and harder, bruising. Relentlessly, my body squirmed to be released until he finally got what he wanted “ one slight moan escaped my lips. With one last bite, his head rose. Through the pitch blackness I could feel his eyes burning into mine. My chest was heaving, my arms still pinned above my head. I was helpless, controlled and I loved it.

“Because why? he repeated in a soft whisper, nearing my lips while kissing me more gentle than before.

I tore my mouth away from his which only drove him to push for my acceptance more. My tongue gave into his as did my body, though my mind still fresh with betrayal.

“You want me. I know you do. All those times you stood in front of that god damned window, touching and playing with yourself, you were doing it for me. Weren’t you? he snapped.

“No, no I swear I wasn’t. I had no idea you were watching, I pleaded.

He laughed, “Oh really? Then you’re just a little whore who enjoys bathing in front of open windows in broad daylight? Liar!

He had started fingering me again, the pad of his thumb rubbing perfectly against my clit and knew I was liking it. “Come on, tell me! he ordered.

Taking my tied hands in his, he guided them to his cock. He knew all too well based off my composure I wouldn’t hurt him. He knew I wouldn’t fight it. He knew that’s what I wanted. He knew he could let go and I wouldn’t run. A slight glimmer of light streamed through the window, piercing the darkness while unveiling the hazel color of his eyes that never broke from mine.

“Now, tell me, he hissed.

My hands tenderly stroked his cock and without a second thought, lust overtook me and the words came tumbling out, “Yes. Yes, I knew you were watching the entire time.

His voice grew quiet, “Then why do you want me to stop? Because why?

Biting back the truth but failing, I said the words I couldn’t hinder any longer, “Because I want you.

The words caught him and stirred his cock more. I could feel it. Getting in my face and holding me there he asked the question that started it all, “What exactly do you mean?

Without hesitation and out of pure lust and frustration, I begged, “Fuck me.

Incredulously, he asked me to repeat myself. Breathless again I said, “Please fuck me now. Fuck me. Please.

With a smirk, he unzipped his pants and ordered me to, “suck.

A cock had never tasted so good. Greedily I sucked him as he held my head in place. Knowing then exactly what it felt like to swallow him whole, I no longer had to imagine. My mouth explored his shaft as the flat of my tongue ran up its length and down the other side. I moaned at the taste of his deliciousness. I lapped at the head, feeling the first hint of pre-cum forming at the tip. Sucking its stringiness into my mouth, I savored its sweet flavor.

He moaned slightly, feeding his fingers in my hair to guide himself deep. “You enjoy sucking cock, don’t you?

I sucked harder and faster as if in response to the question.

“Answer me!” he demanded.

“I love it, I slurred, my body electrified.

He began fucking my throat, slowly at first in short thrusts. I gagged from the force but for some reason craved more.

“That’s right. Suck me like the good little whore you are,” he groaned, his fingers tugging gently at my hair.

His words charged me. I could feel my pussy become wetter with each tug, suck and word he said. I took all of him again and again, deeper and deeper with each thrust. Fucking my mouth and hearing his moans of approval left me intoxicated to the point of unbalancedness by the time he took me by the throat and told me to rise. I did as I was told. He kissed me deeply, passionately, gently before guiding me to the wall and spinning me around.

“You’ll trust me and do as I say, correct?” he asked, pressing his lips to my ear, slightly nibbling at the lobe. The heat if his breath making my hairs stand on end. “Or else?”

“Yes,” I said all too quickly.

“Good,” he said freeing my hands from their bounds. “Then you’ll enjoy this.” Forcing my lips apart, he shoved in the satin sash.

“No!” I tried to yell in time but was muffled. What’s happening? This is all too much. Stop! I don’t want to be silenced.

“God, you’re so beautiful and I’m going to make you feel it by the end of tonight…” he said sweeping aside my hair to kiss my neck. “Again and again.”

My panic melted once more into the warmth of pure lust as he slid his foot between my own. “Spread them,” was all he said for me to mindlessly obey.

I could feel his eyes burning into me. Running over and examining my body, my composure, my breathing and expressions. And I admit, I loved it. I loved being ogled over and lusted after. The thought that a gorgeous man, although a stranger, would watch me for as long as he did, stroke himself to the thought of me and force his way into my apartment in the middle of the night to have his way with me; turned me on to no end. My pussy tingled with growing excitement.

I could almost hear his smirk, “Show me that ass of yours. Let me get a better look at my dirty slut.

And dirty I felt as I obliged, sticking my ass out in a seductive manner. I loved how he talked to me, commanded me and the names he called me. He caressed nearly every inch of me, his smooth hands molding to my every curvature, his lips kissing first my neck and down the length of my back. Just in doing this, I could feel his breathing become shallower as mine followed suite with the lingering thoughts of what was to come.

Pushing his warm mouth against my ear, he told me all the bad thoughts running through his mind at the moment.

“I wanted to fuck you as soon as I saw you through my window that first day, he whispered, nibbling on my earlobe.

My pulse quickened as he continued to explore my body with his hands. If I were to say the thought had never crossed my mind while I bathed for him or that I hadn’t touched myself to the thought of him at least once each day that week, I’d be lying.

The tension was immense and consistently building to an all-time high. After trying to reach back to touch him he grabbed my wrists slowly and told me to keep them above my head. Dropping to his knees he picked up where he had left off; fingering me. My ass moved in unison to the pleasure his fingers fed. My arms held above my head made me feel like a prisoner. A prisoner to both pleasure and submission.

I needed more. My body craved more. Grinding more deeply into his fingers, his pace quickened. I sighed and gyrated my hips to match the rhythm of his finger fucking. Stretching me wider, he added a second. The pleasure doubled as I pushed my ass out farther, giving him complete access to do whatever he pleased to me, secretly hoping he would take the invitation.

“What do you want? he asked. “Huh? What does the slut want?

“Mmm, was all I could muster through the silken sash.

Knowing I couldn’t muster more than a mumble, my captor laughed before mockingly asking, “What was that?

The humiliation of his questioning and sexual frustration of his fingers fucking me made my lower half tingle with desire.

“What? he repeated, his pace picking up.

“Mmm, I moaned again through the restraint, my hips circling faster.

With his other hand he wetted a finger and pressed it gently against the opening of my ass. My reaction was immediate and my wetness grew. His voice went deep and in a hissing whisper he asked, “Is this what you wanted?

˜Oh, God, is what I wanted to say but instead gave a loud moan into the wall in which my head was now pressed, coaxing my body to stay standing until I was told otherwise although I wanted to collapse.

His slick finger caressed me and within a split second he began sliding in just the tip. The sensation his fingers fed inside my pussy and around the rim of my ass was incredible and before long, had me nearly doubled-over, panting for release.

His finger withdrew and grabbed for my hair, his other hand still focused on my pussy. The pull of pain quickly turned to pleasure and I struggled to catch my breath.

“Turn around for me,” my captor commanded and like the good slut I am, I did so without fuss.

Laughing to himself at my gradual obedience he laid into ultimate torment. His tongue lapped at my lips, the tip delved into my slit leaving me writhing in pleasure. The heat and moisture had me melting into his mouth. His beautiful tongue alternated in speeds of flicking that made my body feel on air and my pussy on fire with passion. His fingers pushed, prodded and caressed my inner walls, leaving them coated with the same juices I could hear him lapping. His moans of pure lust were being fed. In an addictive, yearning way his fingers and tongue danced as one to the song of my hunger and aching. So skilled, so perfectly rhythmic, his wet tongue lapped at my pussy. My mind went blank and it wasn’t before long my breathing grew heavy through the makeshift gag. My hips arched upwards in lust as his fingers filled me more, my back slipped down the wall before one strong hand met my stomach.

“You’re about to come, aren’t you? Aren’t you?” he taunted. My arms came down in an instinctive instant, to hold his hot mouth there until I was finished with him. He felt my freed hands and immediately withdrew. I cried out into the wretched gag.

“You promised you’d do as I say or else,” he hissed. “Remember?” Crawling up my exhausted, heaving, unfinished frame he met my eyes before saying, “Open.”

My jaw loosened as he pulled the gag from my mouth with his own. It dropped to the floor, my back still firmly pressed against the wall.

“Do you want to come? Do you want me to make you come? he asked, placing the two fingers he had just fucked me with inside my mouth. I sucked them clean without waiting for a request. The smell and taste of my pussy had always turned me on and I had found with men, they don’t hate it.

He smiled slightly, “I want to hear you. Say it. Do you?” he pressed, the tip of his cock resting purposely against my swollen slit.

I stood before him shaking and wordless.

“Tell me what you want,” he rephrased as he slid the two fingers momentarily back into my warmth to use to stroke his cock. “Tell me,” he said, stroking his length slowly.

Opening my mouth to respond, I was too late. With one forceful thrust he was buried inside me, pinning me to the wall. Again he pushed deeper than the last. My hands clawed at him, my legs begged to climb him. Our bodies slammed into one another with such force and raw energy. Throwing me onto the bed he looped my leg through his arm and pinned it down, all the while never missing a beat. He grabbed the other, holding it in place over his shoulder, his cock buried to the hilt.

“Beg me to fuck you properly, you little slut. I want to hear your every scream and noise. Go ahead, I don’t care who hears,” he demanded, gaining power with every thrust.

His hand stiffened around my neck as he brought my head to his. Ordering me to turn over, he took my ass in his hands and drove into me.  Mercilessly he pounded into me before demanding that I drop my head. The mix of pleasure and pain was too great as I desperately tried stifling my cries.

“I can’t hear you!” he yelled.

His thrusts were building in speed and force. What used to be pleasure had turned to pure pain. His hand rose in anticipation for an answer but fell all too quickly. Its blow stung my cheeks but delivered a hint of pleasure among the immense pain. It was nothing I’d ever felt before. Each hit only intensified this feeling within until I was bucking back into his forceful thrusts, sweat pouring from my body.

One moan was all he needed to hear before he grabbed both legs and flipped me over to face him. Dragging me until my ass was hanging just off the bed he pushed into me with a gentler movement. It wasn’t enough. After all he had exposed me to just minutes before, I needed more. My hips met his as they spurred him to quicken. He didn’t oblige and with the flash of a smile he withdrew. Again I was left panting as he fed my mouth his cock. Taking him deep, he held my head in place as his fingers found my clit. He rubbed my nub until my vision blurred and my stomach was in knots. Giving in to the wave of pleasure I was about to ride, his cock fell from my mouth.

“Come for me,” was all he said and I was his.

My body collapsed and convulsed in what seemed to be a never ending surge of contentment. My cries of release tore through the darkness, my hands twisted in the bed of satin sheets below me. His eyes were fixated on the body he had just caused intensity to rock through as he stroked himself. Guiding his cock to my gapping, awaiting lips, I knew it was his turn. He came with a deep groan in long spurts of the deliciousness I had come to know before. I enjoyed it all and proceeded to milk him dry, licking clean my lips while swallowing the proof of a scene that was all too wanted.

We laid still for a few moments, his body across mine; the sound of our rapid breathing slowing.

“Was it everything you imagined it would be? asked the breathless all-too-familiar voice.

I turned to face him.

“That was simply incredible, my love, I said with a smirk.

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