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Flat Tire

It had been a long day and I was beat. I hated Fridays. People were stressed, traffic was rushed and it always took too long to get out of the city. By the time I left the office it was almost dark. The security guard did his final round waving to me as he skirted the exit; obviously happy it was the end of the week.

As usual my BMW was sitting there all on its own. It always brought a smile to my lips. Never thought I’d ever own one. It was my most prized possession and guaranteed to put me in a good mood once I got behind the wheel.

That was until today.

Fuck! I had a flat tyre. Why today of all days and why didn’t that stupid security guard let me know. Now I’d be stuck here in the underground car park on my own until the repair guy arrived. I wouldn’t even be able to go back into the office to wait.

Fuck, that really shits me!

I threw my briefcase into the backseat, sat behind the wheel and dialed for a mechanic. Fortunately they said one could be dispatched immediately and would be here in fifteen minutes.

I switched on the radio station and sat back resting my head against the seat.

˜Excuse me mam,’ a voice said.

I opened my eyes to see the most gorgeous blue eyes ever. The rest of him wasn’t bad either. The mobile mechanic was like someone out of a television commercial. I actually peered about as though expecting a film crew to be there as well.

˜Oh, sorry,’ I said, alighting from the car. ˜As you can see I’m flat.’

I meant to say that I have a flat but it came out wrong.

˜Oh, I wouldn’t say that,’ he chuckled eyeing my tits. Cheeky bugger, I thought.

˜Why don’t you throw your jacket in the car and wait in the truck. It will be a bit cooler and more comfortable than standing. I won’t be long.’

I did as he suggested climbing up into the front seat. I could see him in the side view mirror working away. He was bending over taking the nuts off and the crack of his arse was almost visible. I chided myself for not staying out there with him. Could have had a bit of a perv.

I noticed a picture of a pretty girl on his sun visor. Probably his girlfriend. Nice. Don’t know why but I had a pang of something, jealousy maybe. Why I didn’t know, after all I didn’t even know him. I guess it was just that he had someone and I didn’t.

I know this is wrong but I couldn’t help myself. I undid the buttons of my shirt, exposing my ample cleavage, then while still watching him I managed to slip my panties off. I was pleased as usual that I only wear stockings and not those horrible panty hose.

Now with my pussy naked and my panties securely ensconced in my handbag I planned what I’d do next. It was getting quite dark and I knew when he opened the door to the truck that the interior light would go on. A quick glimpse of my pussy and maybe, just maybe I might be able to have my way with him. Before I could think anymore though he did open the door unexpectedly and leaned over to grab his glasses.

˜Sorry,’ he said, his arm grazing my breast. ˜Getting dark out there.’

˜Yes, it is,’ I practically purred as my nipple hardened.

˜You okay in here?’

˜Actually thought I might get out. Can you give me a hand?’

Now that I had his attention I made sure my legs stayed open long enough for him to see my naked snatch. He didn’t disappoint me, his eyes flying back up to my face as he helped me down.

I made sure to slid my butt down on the seat in order to push my tight skirt up, a trick I learned in my early days. With the tops of my stockings showing I wiggled away from him his interest obviously now piqued.

˜So, you been doing this job long?’ I asked.

˜Oh, about five years,’ he said. ˜I was actually on my way home when your call came out.’

˜Lucky me,’ I purred rolling up the sleeves of my shirt.

˜Hmm,’ he said as he tightened the last of the wheel nuts, his nose almost level with my snatch.

Rising slowly he was only inches from me.

˜What do you say we do about payment?’ he asked.

˜What would you like?’

How about some of this,’ he said, his hand grabbing at my arse.

˜I don’t see why not,’ I said, smiling sweetly.

˜And what about some of that,’ he grabbed at my pussy.

˜Oh,’ I gasped feigning shock.

˜And a bit of this,’ he said pushing me back against the bonnet of the car.

˜And what if I have some of that?’ I said lunging for his cock.

Before we knew what had happened I had his cock out and he had me up on the car. He grabbed me by the hips and guided his enormous knob towards my gaping pussy. I wrapped my legs around his back as he speared his cock into me.
Lifting me off the car he bucked upwards as I slammed down into his groin. His face buried into my cleavage so I ripped open my shirt, unclipped the front of my bra and allowed him to smother himself into my tits.

Nipping at the flesh I felt the first orgasm explode from me. I can’t tell you the last time I had sex, it had been so long ago. Now with him fucking me hard in the car park of my work place I found myself longing to have him slam me from behind.

˜Put me down,’ I begged.

Leaning on the hood of the car, he lifted my skirt over my bare arse. I wiggled it back at him.

˜Come on and fuck me, will you!’ I demanded.

He slammed into me fucking me so hard I had trouble holding on. He ripped at my stockings tearing one off the suspender.

˜Harder,’ I said screaming over my shoulder. ˜Fuck me harder.’

Gripping my hips hard he pulled me into his groin grinding down as he pummeled me. I leaned further forward pushing my arse back out loving every second of it.

˜Oh God, that’s good,’ he said perspiration dripping from him. ˜Fuck you’re good.’

˜Harder,’ was all I could muster.

With that we both exploded our orgasms mingling together to dribble out and onto the concrete floor. Carefully disengaging himself he leaned against my back.

˜What do you say? I call in on my way home next Friday, you know, just to see if you’re okay, that your tyres are all pumped up.’

˜You can call in any day you want and pump up more than my tyres,’ I laughed.

He’s been coming now every Friday. We nearly got caught one night. The security guard forgot to lock a door, wondered why I’d called a mechanic as I was sitting in my car with the air conditioner on.

Can’t remember the excuse I made, just told him not to worry but to be honest a part of me wished he had of come five minutes later. Might have been a whole lot more going on by then?

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