Five First-Time Vibrators for the Aroused and Overwhelmed

Five First Time Vibrators

I am a Sex-Educator Sales Associate (SESA) at Good Vibrations.  For the past year I have been lucky enough to be in the business of selling vibrators.  As you might have heard, May is Masturbation Month and here at Good Vibes we encourage celebration in whatever form you see fit.  If you’ve never owned a vibrator before, there’s no better time than May to find one you love.  Below, find my SESA guide to first-time vibrators — ones I regularly recommend to people who have never before owned a vibrator and are unsure about where to start.  We hope you’ll find something here than brings you May flowers.

Good Vibrations Bliss Bullet

While corded bullets like this one are never the sexiest looking, the utility of a cord cannot be underestimated.  Having a bullet connected to its controller by cord means you can place the vibrating bullet wherever you want it to go and continue to control the vibration without disturbing its placement.  The attached remote makes this an ideal bullet for couples, since it is easy for one person to hold the bullet and for the other to adjust its vibration speeds.  The size of the Bliss Bullet is also small and fits well between two bodies during play.  Used partnered or solo, the Bliss Bullet delivers strong, rumbly vibrations that range from low to very high.  At $16, this is an amazing first-time vibe for someone looking for external vibrations in a package that is both tiny and discreet.

Pleasurette Mini Waterproof Vibrator

The Pleasurette is another clitoral vibe, slightly longer than a bullet (about the length of a finger), which means it can also be used for shallow internal play.  This vibe comes in a variety of colors and three speeds.  Most people who pick up the Pleasurette are struck by how little it looks like a vibrator.  This fact is huge for a lot of first-time vibe owners — especially those living with parents, roommates or children.  The Pleasurette makes this list because it is simple, quiet and un-intimidating.  These characteristics also make it a great vibe if you’re looking for a gift for someone else — all you have to do is choose their favorite color!

Silky G Waterproof G-Spot Vibrator

I have sent many happy customers out the door carrying one of these.  The price is right and the shape of Silky G gives people a lot to work with.  If you are interested in g-spot stimulation, the curved tip of Silky G is firm and the body is slim, making it easy to maneuver the toy for optimal g-spot stimulation.  Unlike other more blatant g-spotters, this vibe is not so curved it cannot be used for thrusting, if that’s what you prefer.  Looking for external buzz?  Use the large, upper body of the Silky G to massage the vulva, or the curved tip to concentrate vibrations clitorally.  A customer can figure out so much about themselves and their pleasure responses from this vibe, which makes it a go-to first-time recommendation.  Made from a firm plastic, this vibe is non-porous and easy to clean with soap and warm water.  Try using it with a couple drops of silicone lube for a silky, slide-y, sexy time.

Note: If the sound of this vibe peaks your interest, but you’re looking for more girth, check out Silky G’s big brother — Gyro G.  While the shape and functions are the same, this purple or pink alternative delivers on girth.

Ooh by JeJoue

I tend to recommend battery vibes for first-timers, but if a rechargeable vibrator* seems more your speed, the Ooh line by JeJoue is one of the best I can recommend.  JeJoue has brilliantly come up with a vibrator that detaches from its motor (think of it as the Build-A-Bear of vibrators) and comes with different silicone attachments including a “Vibrating Pebble” and a “Classic Vibrator” attachment.  The “Her Name is Rio” kit offers both these attachments as well as the rumbly vibrating motor, which comes out to two rechargeable vibrators for $105.  With alternating attachments a customer can experiment with what they like — the external, broad surface of the vibrating pebble, or pinpointed g-spot penetration from the classic attachment — without having to buy several vibrators for twice the price.  Once familiarized, JeJoue offers other fun attachments like their stretchy cock ring, which could be an excellent addition to partnered play, or offer vibration to a non-vibrating dildo.

*For those new to the wide world of vibrators, a little low down on rechargeable versus battery-operated vibrators. In general, battery vibes are cheaper and can last anywhere from 3 months to a year (though I’ve heard stories of ones that lasted much, much longer), which makes them ideal for figuring out what your body likes and doesn’t like.  Rechargeable vibrators, besides giving you the luxury of not having to constantly buy batteries (or steal them from the remote) are built to last much longer and generally come with a year-long warranty.  The vibrations you’ll get from rechargeable vibes will likely get stronger than most battery vibes and be quieter, but come with a price tag more in the $100 range.

Amorino Rechargeable Vibrator

The Amorino by Fun Factory is another rechargeable option, and noticeably the only rabbit-style vibrator on the list (these are also referred to as a twice-as-nice style).  I am usually hesitant to recommend rabbit-style vibes for first-timers because they have a lot happening at once.  I like to encourage customers to investigate the why of what makes them come.  Sometimes, the combination of penetration and clitoral stimulation is magic, but sometimes it leaves you wondering why.  If a twice-as-nice is what you seek, however, the Amorino is ideal.  Amorino is on the smaller side and is a standard shape except for the silicone band around the top.  This band is designed to vibrate and stimulate the labia and clitoris during use and makes this an incredibly versatile toy.  If you choose, it is easy to remove the band and use this as a standard rabbit-style toy.  With the band, however, this toy can be used externally, internally or any other way you can stretch your imagination.  The multitude of options offered, in addition to the fact that this toy is rechargeable, 100% waterproof and comes with a 2 year warranty make it an incredible choice for a first-time vibe owner.

Sex-Educator, Sales Associate
Good Vibrations

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