Lately I find I’m obsessed with sex.  This wouldn’t faze me at all except these days, the x-rated images floating through my fevered mind feature me fucking and being fucked by another woman.  No one in particular, just someone else with breasts and a vagina who would let me try something new and whom I would never have to see again.  I’ve had moments of wondering what it would be like over the years, but now that I’m getting older and getting past my crazy, sex-filled college days, I’m finding my one unfulfilled fantasy is bothering me more and more.  So, I do what anyone in my position in this day and age would do.  I take to the internet.

After a few days of back and forth, I finally submit my ad.  I try not to post in such a way as to anger the lesbians trolling W4W, but to still attract any ladies willing to help me scratch my itch in a night of NSA fun.  I wade through a slew of emails from chauvinists who want to show me “how a real man fucks, the lesbians who call me a narcissist, and sad girls who are willing but woefully emotionally ill-equipped to deal with a one-night stand.  I’m losing hope and then I find one that’s interesting, sexy, and grammatically correct.  I might be in love.

I feel the excitement build in the pit of my stomach as I respond to the email.  Jennifer is just my type¦at least what I think my type is.  She’s tall with a great butt and full tits like mine.  Her dark hair and beautiful eyes make me optimistic about all the possibilities before us.  She emails me back and we exchange more pictures.  A few more emails and we’re on for tonight.

I’m shaking with excitement and nervousness as I get ready for my date.  She’s coming over in two hours and I’ve got a lot of primping to do.  I’m smooth and smelling like flowers when I get out of the tub.  I go with a simple thong and bra set under my silk robe and wait for the doorbell to ring.  I’ve got another half hour to kill so I decide to get a little warmed up for the night’s festivities.  I sit at my computer and pull up some girl on girl porn sites I’ve been trolling recently.  I like the lesbian made variety because you can feel the chemistry between the actors.  There’s no gay for pay here and that’s how I like it.  After the first few short clips, I can already feel my wetness soaking my thong.  I think to change and decide not to.  Maybe she’ll like the idea of me getting hot for her.  My fingers have just started to slide into my robe when my doorbell sounds.  I take a deep breath to relax myself and head for the door.

She’s just as beautiful as her pictures, maybe even more so.  She smiles at me and walks in without me asking her to.  I like her attitude right off.  “Nice place.  She looks around approvingly and drops her coat and purse on my easy chair.  I try to smile back confidently, “thanks.  She grins back, clearly not convinced by my false bravado.  She looks at me and shoves her hands in her pockets, “So¦wanna go?  She meets my eyes with a challenging expression and I’m feeling more at ease every second.  I smile back, this time for real, “Let me show you my room.

We head back and I’m getting nervous again, but I don’t have time for anxiety as she comes up behind me the second I open my door.  Before I can say a word, she’s snaked her hands into my robe and is trailing kisses from the bottom of my scalp to the nape of my neck.  I shiver as she pushes me towards my bed.  I move away from her for a moment, but she holds me back by the hand.  “What are you doing?  I motion to my huge and open bedroom window, “Closing the blinds?  “Don’t.  She pulls me away from the blinds and then backs me up until I sit on the bed.  I don’t even have a chance to feel nervous as she straddles me and crawls forward, moving over me like a cat.  I slide back on the bed until I’m sitting with my back against the headboard.  She leans in for a kiss and I gasp weakly, “all that light coming in¦my neighbors might see us.  She gives me her best feline grin and whispers, “I hope they do¦and I want to be able to see you.  She leans in and I have my first girl kiss.

I wind my hands into her hair and pull her closer.  Her lips are so soft and puffy, I could kiss them forever.  She smiles at me and pulls away to stack some pillows behind me.  She pushes me back and kisses her way down from my neck to my breasts.  I caress her face as she sucks the sensitive skin around my nipples.  I’m usually pretty quiet during foreplay, but she already has me moaning softly.  I twist her hair in my hands as she teases my nipples.  I arch my back and she takes a full breast into her mouth while twisting the nipple on the other.  The pleasure and pain make me flood the bed with my juices.  I come back to myself when she starts to trail a line of hot kisses down between my breasts to my belly.  Her hair tickles my skin as she works her way down inch by inch and I have to work to control my voice as I communicate my last minute fears.

“Maybe¦maybe I can’t do this.  I can practically feel her smile as she brushes her lips against the skin of my belly.  The feeling of her nearness makes the ache in the pit of my stomach unbearable and I can feel my pussy clench in anticipation and arousal.  I have to speak or I’ll forget what I need to say.  I sit up and swivel my hips away from her.  I’m gasping, but conscious again.  “I’m serious, I think maybe I can’t do this.  She meets my eyes and grins that Cheshire grin before resuming her kissing.  I feel my willpower slipping away as she moves south and then I let go.

It feels like she’s spent forever licking and kissing my flat belly.  She trails her hair across my body as she runs her lips over my skin.  I’m moaning as she grips my hips harder to hold me down.  I think she wants me to beg her, but I can’t.  I just have to let her have her way.

As she eases my thighs apart, my body tenses up but if she notices, she doesn’t say anything.  Instead she runs her fingertips up and down my inner thighs until my legs are shaking.  As she kisses her way up my thigh to the place I want her to touch the most, she reaches up and strokes my nipples.  When her lips finally meet my pussy, I feel like my body is alive with electricity.  I push back against my pillows and struggle to breathe as she sucks and teases my pussy lips.

She runs the tip of her tongue along my outer lips and I tense up in anticipation.  When she starts kissing my lips like a second mouth, I lift my hips off the bed to prolong the contact with her mouth.  She gently pushes me back down and holds a palm firmly against my belly, making my insides feel even tighter.  When her tongue finally slips inside me, I have to fight to keep from pulling her face hard against me.  I try to control myself my squeezing the pillow behind my head.  Trying to stay still and let her do whatever she wants to me gets me even hotter.  I close my eyes and try to concentrate on the sucking sounds coming from between my legs.  They’re almost as arousing as the feeling of her tongue darting deeper inside me.

I can’t believe how this feels.  It’s like she’s watched my every moment of private self-love and learned exactly what I like.  Maybe this is how it is with all women, I wouldn’t know.  I try to think of something else, to distract myself and make this last, but I’m much too worked up to delay for long.  I cry out as she reaches up to pinch my nipples.  She knows a little taste of pain is exactly what I’m looking for.  As she runs her hands down my body to caress my belly and thighs, I continue where she left off, teasing my hardened nipples.   I fight to lift my head and open my eyes and my work is rewarded as I look down and grow even more turned on watching her.  She’s wearing a look of ecstasy as she probes every inch of my pussy with her soft mouth.  I drop back against the damp pillows behind me and close my eyes.  I don’t have the energy to think anymore.  I’m moaning loudly and bucking against her tongue and I forget I was ever worried about this.  This is sex.  This is what it feels like to have someone love your body.

My pelvis jerks up as I come hard against her mouth, silently, as if paralyzed by the force of my orgasm.  She doesn’t let up as I come and I’m so weak, I can’t ask her to stop.  I would beg if I could, but all I can do is writhe wordlessly under her sucking mouth.  She keeps stroking and sucking, 30¦45 seconds, forcing me to ride my orgasm out.  She doesn’t care how sensitive I am, or about the shaking of my body, and she forces me to go on for what feels like forever.  I can feel my tremors slow as my skin trembles against her mouth.  When I’ve stopped shaking, she kisses my outer lips once more before retracing her line from earlier and running her wet mouth all the way up my body.

I spread my legs wider to accommodate her as she lets her body rest against mine.  She strokes the side of my face and kisses me as I wind my fingers in her hair.  I can taste myself on her lips and I can feel myself getting wetter just from the contact.  She brushes my nipples lazily and my fingertips learn the feel of her back.  I can’t believe how quickly her gentle touch is getting me wet again.  Almost instinctively, I grip her hips with my thighs and grasp her buttocks hard.  She looks at me with surprise and lust in her eyes.  I grin back and run a hand down her spine while gripping her soft ass cheek in my hand.  As she smiles, I slip my hands under her buttocks and between her thighs.  Her eyes close and she inhales deeply as I touch her everywhere but where she wants most.

I watch her lips press together as she works to control her breathing.  She kisses me and I can feel the pressure building deep in my belly again as our hips move together in a slow grind.  I slide a hand between our dripping mounds and her skin shakes against me as my fingers find her wetness and push forward.  Her eyes close as my fingers stroke her pussy lips.  In one quick movement, I move over her and push her down against the bed.

I would love to linger over her body for hours, but I can’t stand it.  My mouth is on her in an instant and although I’ve never done this before, kissing her while stroking her breasts and thighs feels right.  Her feet are sliding all over the bed as she fights to keep her thighs open for me and I love knowing this feels just as good for her.  Quicker than I imagined possible, her obscenely tight pussy is shaking and sucking my tongue deep inside of her.  I keep flicking her clit all the while and I smile thinking of my neighbors listening to her screams.

Once she’s stopped coming against my mouth, I move away and hold myself above her to kiss her once more.  She’s emanating heat and I go to lie next to her, but she pulls my hips against hers until I’m lying on top of her.  She smiles and lazily strokes my back, “Just give me a few minutes and then you can move.  I smile back and press our breasts together, “Give me a minute to rest and I won’t have to.  When I realize we could conceivably keep this up forever, I think maybe I’ll have to revisit my position on the merits of men in bed.

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