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Hello Wonderful Readers! Thank you for joining us again for this month’s Call Center Confessions. This month we are exploring becoming orgasmic for the first time, and vibrators for first-time users. These are two of the most commonly asked questions and we have some very useful help right here¦read on!

Hi Molly and CeeCee,

I heard about you in Betty Dodson’s book Sex for One: The Joy of Self Loving, and hope you can help me. This is really hard for me to say, so I am just going to say it. I am 52 years old and have never had an orgasm. I think maybe a vibrator would help me ˜get there’ and am asking for some suggestions you experts might have for someone like me. Thank you for any information or ideas you may have for a ready-to-blossom woman!

Ready for the Big O!


We are so glad you contacted us with your questions! Please do not think you are alone in having difficulty reaching orgasm. Many people ask us the same questions and we have some fun suggestions that might help you become the sexual goddess you want to be! What could be more fun than learning how to experience sexual pleasure! We love helping people find ways that will work for them; you have definantly come to the right place for ideas and solutions.

Most women discover how to orgasm through masturbation. A wonderful tool for masturbation that is a staff and customer favorite is the Jasmine from the Emotional Bliss line. We love the options this vibe can give to a newbie or veteran toy user. The Jasmine is light and rechargeable, so you never have to think about batteries. It provides direct clitoral stimulation with a textured surface for great sensation! What makes this item a superstar are the variable intensities and vibration patterns that are packaged oh-so-well in one simple-to-use product! Throw in a charger and 4 international conversion plugs, and this baby is set for use at home and away! The perfect travel companion: quiet, discreet and always ready for some fun no matter how busy the day has been.

Eroscillator Two PlusMany of us remember Dr. Ruth Westheimer and the Eroscillator Two Plus, which may be the most discussed sex toy in recent history! The Eroscillator started making news when sex therapist Dr. Ruth began recommending it. Lucky for us and for you, we have this amazingly simple and effective dynamo right here for your pleasure. What makes this marvel a sure-to-please toy box favorite, is the oscillating rotation movement of the vibrations. Most vibes create a “pounding type of vibration, which, when powerful enough, or applied for extended periods of time, can cause some women to experience a numbing sensation in the clitoral area. Not very fun when you are trying to discover ways of achieving orgasm! Oscillating movement is vibration that moves from side to side at a very high velocity, the sensation is unique and is not as likely to numb the area it is applied to. Want more? Well, how about a REALLY long cord for plug-in pleasure where it is comfortable for you, rather than where the closest outlet is? The unit comes with 3 different attachments, for clitoral play or use on or around the labia; and if that isn’t enough you will also get 3 different speeds and a virtually silent motor! Can we all say WOW!? Molly and I think you will be saying a lot more than “Wow once you try out this marvelous little wonder! Ooh la la!

A great way to explore solo sex and reaching orgasm is giving yourself plenty of time to relax and love your body. Light some scented mood candles, have a bubble bath and get cozy with our fabulous Super Silicone G Spot Kit. The Hitachi Magic Wand is a hugely popular massager that can be used for intimate use, or to relieve that sciatic back pain or sore neck muscles after a day at the office. In the kit, this Cadillac of Vibrators is paired with a G-Spotter Attachment Deluxe for fabulous external and/or internal use, and a bottle of our luxurious Good Lubrications Cream Lubricant. The Hitachi is famous for its powerful vibrations, durability and ease of care and cleaning. The silicone attachment is perfect for transmitting vibrations through the walls of the vaginal canal and into the external vulva area, thanks to the very dense silicone material of which the attachment is made. The attachment is non-porous, so all you need to do for easy clean up is wipe down your items with our new Medclean Wipes. These wipes do not leave residue or chemicals behind on your toys. They are alcohol and scent free and also antimicrobial (try saying that 3 times quickly!), which means they fight bacterial, fungus and viruses such as Hepatitis B. How quick and easy will cleaning be with a handy pack of these around? You won’t even have to leave the play room to wash up after the fun!

Sometimes, a little something light and easy is what will do the trick\’like having a snack instead of a meal. Molly and I love the Fukuoku 9000 because it is really cute, small, comes in pretty colors, and it is super discreet. It may be hard to pronounce, but this little zinger will have you singing on a rainy day, with our without Fred Astaire!

The Fukuoku 9000 is a fingertip vibe. Once you slip on the textured vibe pad, just slide the simple one-touch on and off switch. The vibrations are quiet and pleasantly strong but not overpowering. Because the vibe slips onto your finger tip, you never need to worry about anything slipping from lubed up parts, and the light and natural feel of the vibe makes it seem like it’s not even there! The 3 different textured silicone finger pads plus a cute carry/storage case makes this vibe a must for travel, or just to keep handy in your handbag or rucksack! It takes 3 watch batteries, which are included, plus an extra set. The 9000 comes in a fun rainbow of colors, green, red, black or purple. So grab a couple in different colors to match your outfit or your mood.

Reading about how other people have discovered what turns them on can be a fun way to discover how to enjoy solo sex and orgasms. First Person Sexual might become your favorite one-handed read warm-up before, or during, your sensuous solo sessions. More than 40 men and women of all ages tell their stories of when and where they practice their solitary pleasures, what inspires them and how they do it! What a great way to explore different techniques, enjoy guilty pleasures or discover a new position that brings ecstatic release! This book explores and celebrates the full scope of flying solo.

Hi CeeCee and Molly
This is really hard for me but I am just going to say it. I am virgin so I am wondering what you would suggest as a good vibrator for a first-timer. This probably sounds like a not-so-bright question but, am I still a virgin if I use a vibrator? Thank you for in advance for your help. Can’t wait for the response!

Virgin Vicky

Dear Virgin Vicky,

Thank you so much for writing in and sharing your story. CeeCee and I just love being the ambassadors of masturbation and helping folks discover self pleasure. Let’s get started and get you on your way to hairy palms and blindness. Sorry, I never get tired of the old masturbations myths.

Pleasing yourself can be some of the most enjoyable and safest sex around. Before we talk about products, we would like to address your second question: if you masturbate are you still a virgin? First off it is important to define what you think a virgin is. According to my, Office Edition: Webster’s II New Riverside Dictionary: a virgin is someone who has never engaged in sexual intercourse. To expand on the definition, some people consider the breaking of the hymen to be official loss of virginity. Furthermore, we are left to possibly wonder what sexual intercourse is. Do you define sexual intercourse as: any sex related act or penetration of any kind? Does sexual intercourse have to involve at least one other person? Or, is it defined by penetration with a penis in the vagina. Or, if you are a gay male is it being penetrated anally or penetrating someone anally. A woman may never sleep with men, but will have lots of great sex; is she still a virgin? Nowadays, some people are virgins more than once, choosing, after a period of sexual activity, to be abstinent.

Our point is, it can be left up to the individual to define what they consider to be “sexual intercourse and if one is a virgin or not.

When trying to buy a vibe, our selection can appear daunting. To get through our selection in a snap, narrow down you choices. Set some criteria. One way to weed out those not so compatible vibrators is decide on what type of stimulation you are looking for. Do you want something for inside stimulation or outside stimulation or both? Many women find clitoral (outside) stimulation quite pleasurable and necessary to reach orgasm. And, ask yourself what type of material do you want.

Tickle Your Fancy: A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Self-Pleasure

We love our resources, and Tickle Your Fancy: A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Self-Pleasure has received heart-felt reviews from our customers and staff since it first became available. Sadie Allison provides clear and accurate information, in her unique upbeat writing style, for women by a woman: on anatomy/physiology, vibrators and dildos, technique and more. This book is must read for anyone wants some encouragement and real facts on masturbation.

Simplicity met Style and made our Pearl Drop Vibe. This silky smooth vibe just requires a little twist to get the vibe a buzzing. It is great for folks new to sex toys because it is a snap to use and clean, and only cost a few dollars. The vibe is tiny, discreet, and runs on just one AA battery. The vibe has a satiny finish that feels divine against the skin and is just great for getting to know and love one’s special vulva.

The Pulsing Passion Bullet has been a favorite among staff and customers since we picked it up. This bullet vibe will have you pulsing with pleasure with its silky soft yet firm hard plastic exterior, which transmits vibration so well. Have fun with the six pulsing patterns and speeds, with just a gentle tap on the shiny button or spin on the dial. This vibrator can last longer than half of tinsel-towns relationships, with its uber easy to replace bullets. The motor of the vibe is in the bullet, so when the motor goes, just replace it with our Ivy Bullet Replacements. If only replacing CeeCee’s pet goldfish Bling, Bling was as easy. She has been crushed since her passing a few months ago.

Newbies and veteran masturbators alike just can’t get enough of the Laya vibe. This vibe ushered in a whole new class of external vibrators with it ergonomic design and its ability to pulse and have variations in intensity; in addition to its ability to hug the vulva area. The Laya hits all the right spots.

If you want a little internal stimulation, our Mini Vibes are a must-have. They come in three different styles. You have your choice of the: the Mini Dolphin with its focused tip in a lovely pink or the Mini Max, in a lovely lavender shade with texture along the shaft. All of the Mini Vibes feature the velvety soft silicone that CeeCee just loves to fondle. They are waterproof with a click of the cap, and have a variety of intensities as well as three distinct pulsing patterns, so you’re sure to find a favorite setting or two.

Well Vicky, consider yourself SERVED! Go out there and find the vibe of your dreams and enjoy the pleasure you can give to yourself.

Molly and I hope everyone has enjoyed reading with us this month! Remember, when you are anxious about having an orgasm or ten, it ain’t gonna happen! Anxiety = no orgasm. Feeling sensual, enjoying your body, relaxing and not concentrating so much on ˜getting there’ will allow your senses to take over and bring you over the edge. Once you start having orgasms, they will become easier and easier to enjoy! Please send us your questions as soon as you can because we love hearing from all our wonderful readers. Email us at! We are here waiting right now!

Molly and CeeCee


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