Fellatio In The Kama Sutra

Fellatio is more than grinding your mouth over your lover’s cock until he comes hard on your face, your chest, in your hair, or down your throat. It is an art. Look no further than the Kama Sutra for some hot tips on going down on your man.

I prefer to use sex toys like flavored lube to make the practice more fun and pleasant for me. Warming lubes are also great to use when blowing your guy. The quotes below are from an article about the Kama Sutra and fellatio. My comments are interspersed in red, the color of lust.

The Method Of Fellatio In The Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra describes the act of fellatio in great detail, breaking it down into individual steps. It is described in the following quotes.

“When your lover catches your lingam in her hand and, shaping her lips to an ‘O’, lays them lightly to its tip, moving her head in tiny circles, this first step is called Nimitta.” Nimitta is translated as Touching.

[This is a very pleasant technique that focuses on the sensitive head, which sometimes gets neglected when going down on your man. You can also tap your tongue on the tip of his head while encircling his head with your lips.]

“Next, grasping its head in her hand, she clamps her lips tightly about the shaft, first on one side then the other, taking great care that her teeth don’t hurt you. This is Parshvatoddashta.” This is called Biting at the Sides.

[I like doing this one because it gives me a break from deep-throating, which I don’t do particularly well since I have a very sensitive gag reflex. Running your lips along his shaft combined with flicking your tongue on it makes this technique even more arousing.]

“Now she takes the head of your lingam gently between her lips, by turns pressing, kissing it tenderly and pulling at its soft skin. This is Bahiha-samdansha.” This is called the Outer Pincers.

[Remember that the head is the most sensitive part of the penis (lingam). Give it lots of attention, alternating between direct attention and then pressing your lips and tongue against his shaft.]

“If next she allows the head to slide completely into her mouth and presses the shaft firmly between her lips, holding a moment before pulling away, it is Antaha-samdansha.” This is translated as the Inner Pincers.

[A little suction makes this movement very arousing. Rocking your head from side to side while moving his penis in and out of your mouth also drives him mad.]

“When she senses that your orgasm is imminent she swallows up the whole lingam, sucking and working upon it with lips and tongue until you spend, this is Sangara.” Sangara literally means Swallowed Whole.

[This is as close to deep-throating as you can get and you get your entire mouth in on the action – tongue, lips, cheeks, suction, the works.]

Alternate all these techniques, taking your cues from his reactions, breathing, and vocalizations, and you’ll be the God/Goddess of Blow Jobs in no time. Make your partner very happy by honing these techniques.

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