Father’s Day

So I’m there in my bed, alone. My partner is out with her husband at a friend’s BBQ, the twins are taking their nap“and daddy has a cockring and a ball stretcher on and a nice dildo up his ass. It’s “me time.


You knew it was coming. ˜Cuz I sure wasn’t.

Kids have impeccable timing for interrupting sex. It’s become a running joke between Lori and me: “Quick! Let’s have sex before the girls wake up!

I ain’t mad at ˜em. Frustrated? Oh, fuck yeah, but I knew what I was in for when I signed up for parenthood. It just comes with the territory.

After quickly unsnapping and toweling off the lube I put on my drawers and went to soothe my crying daughter. She was upset that she woke up and mommy was gone. I made her a bottle, comforted her, and let her know that mommy was out but would be back soon. My “me time had turned into “us time, but my love for my daughters is more than enough. My personal needs could wait. My girl needed me and I had to be there without regret. I soothed her enough to let her lay back down, and to let me step away and back into my room. Masturbation would have to wait for another time.

Sure enough, within a few minutes, mommy came home, and everything was all right in her world. I did have fun making a show to mommy of the lonely dildo lying in the middle of my towel.


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