Executive Sex Fantasy Service CASE # 238

Profile — Case #238:
Sam, as she likes to be called, is an up and coming executive. Her friend Sara, her gym buddy, works the same long hours as Sam, and to quote Sam’s joke “they both have understanding dildos at home.” {Side note: no lesbian partnering with friend as noted in profile.}

Personal Action Plan 1:
As stated, Sam needs “a hot, warm-blooded somebody — on top, underneath or anywhere.” She has tried dating some people from work but has had very poor results. (See profile excerpts #23-35.)

Personal Action Plan 2:
Sam’s friend Sara has recommended our service. She will be given a pin number and a private number to call. When she requires our services, she will call the number and give us her pin number, then hang up. She will receive a letter on our stationary, giving instructions. If she follows the instructions, we provide our services.

Case #238 has been sent to profiling for possible scenarios and needs.

As Sam signed for the envelope, a blush came to her face — it was from the E.S.F.S. She knew it would contain her pin number and the special phone number. She felt as if the deliveryman was smirking at her. Did he know what was in the package? Sam held the envelope — Pandora’s envelope, she laughed. I’ll be brave and open the envelope, she thought; these were her tickets to her new wicked life. She dialed the phone.
Sam picked up her first envelope from her desk. My God, these guys are like the CIA or something, she thought. She called and gave her pin number. She closed her door and there was the letter and a smaller envelope. She read the letter, and with business precision it outlined her part in her own sexual fulfillment.

Sam was to tell her secretary she would be having a long lunch. She was then to go to her favorite lingerie shop — she guessed they knew that from the three-hour profile session. She was to discard her pantyhose and buy a new garter belt and stockings. She was to put them on in the store’s dressing room. No panties were to be worn.

She laughed at the idea that at 1:00 pm she would be fucked out of her wits or she’d get her money back. According to the letter, she was supposed to open the small envelope, go to the destination and wait. Wait for what, she wondered? Some young escort service guy in a business suit? Maybe she would pass, but feeling the letter in her hand and the thinking about amount of money she had paid… maybe just a try. Why not? She and Sara would laugh their asses off at the gym tomorrow. She picked up the phone and buzzed her secretary. She had bought her outfit, and the freedom of not wearing panties plus the stockings made her feel reckless. As reckless as Samantha Warren got these days, she thought to herself. Now to open her magic little envelope… out fell an address and the words “Buy a ticket then find a seat and wait for contact.”

So my spy career begins, she thought as she giggled, making the young sales girl look at her strangely. She repeated the numbers three times before the cab driver pulled away from the curb. He kept looking at her in the mirror. He had asked her if she was sure she knew where she was going. Was someone playing a joke on her? Like a good spy (or was it the warm feeling between her legs and her hard nipples) she would follow orders. The nice part of the city disappeared quickly; soon there were Tarot Card shops, Tattoo Parlors and places she had never seen in the city. There was a row of live sex show houses, adult bookstores and run-down movie houses. He pulled the cab to the curb.

“This is it honey, but let me take you back to the center of town, it’s rough down here.”

She looked out of the cab’s window — it was an adult movie house, which promised hot man-on-man action.

“Well, maybe… I should… thanks”, as she pushed out of the cab.

He handed her his card, “Call me — you’ll never get a cab in this neighborhood.”

“Thanks,” she said, handing him the fare and a pretty good tip. She might need to escape and he would come in handy. She walked up to the ticket booth. A girl with dyed red hair and a lot of piercings looked at her.

“One please,” Sam’s voice seemed to whisper.

“Yeah, whatever,” the girl went back to reading a tattoo magazine.

What the hell had they seen in her profile, she wondered? She pushed into the near empty lobby. It was a movie theatre but instead of popcorn, there were sex toys and lots of condoms. The sign said that the show played twenty-four hours a day. In her confusion she didn’t even look at the movie titles. Sam walked into the dark theatre, and heads turned around at the light.

Looking up at the big screen, she gasped as she saw a man fucking another man in the ass, while he serviced another man’s cock. She was going to run for the exit when, she decided… she had come this far. She sat down. When her eyes became accustomed to the dark, she could make out two men in the front row making out. There was a man four rows down who seemed very busy with his hands. She had to admit she felt excited by the danger — the two guys going at it and on the screen some of the biggest cocks she had ever seen. Her pussy seemed a little wetter than usual and her nipples were rock hard. Okay she thought, come get me… service me, lick my pussy, fuck me.

Nothing was happening… the guys in the front had disappeared — well, one guy did anyway. The guy four rows away was slowing down; she guessed he was waiting for another actor or bigger cock. She was ready, her pussy was wet, and she had touched herself enough to know. Damn, maybe they screwed up, she thought. Just her luck, here she was sitting in a run-down porn theatre, waiting for nothing. Checking her watch, she knew she would have to go. She was going to raise hell when she called that place. She got up and stormed through the doors. The red-haired girl was talking to some guy in a muscle shirt. She went over to the side and pulled out her cell phone.

“What’s the matter honey, your date stand you up?” said the red-haired punk girl.

“I’m just trying to call my cab,” Sam replied.

“Hey bitch, I was just trying to make conversation. Besides, don’t you like our movies? Best ass-fucking around.”

“Look, I’m sorry, I just have to get back to work.”

“Well, bitch, me and my friend don’t like your attitude. I think she was smoking some dope in there, Frank. Maybe we better call the cops.”

Shit, thought Sam, this is all I need — these two getting me in trouble. People are going to talk if I get arrested in a run-down porn shop.

“Look, will fifty make this all go away?” Sam asked.

“Let’s go to the office and see what we can work out,” replied Frank.

“No, can’t we do it here?” Sam begged.

“Cops or my nice warm office, your choice honey,” Frank grinned.

“Ok,” Sam answered “but I have friends waiting for me.”

The door of the office slammed shut behind her. There were pictures of upcoming porn movies on the walls. The guy, Frank, sat at his desk smiling at Sam; the punk girl guarded the door.

“What’s a classy piece of ass doing at this place anyway? Are you making a drug deal for you and your uptown friends? The cops ain’t ever going to believe you come here for the movies.”

“I know, I was supposed to meet… ”

“What are you into some kind of kinky sex thing? Like to watch guys jerk off?” the redhead asked, pushing herself against Sam.

Before Sam knew what was happening the punk girl had her hand up her skirt.

“Christ Frank, she’s not even wearing any panties and her pussy’s really wet. She really gets off on this shit.”

Sam was speechless as the punk girl rubbed her hand against her very wet pussy. She wanted to defend herself, tell them off but like the girl had said, she was getting off on this shit.

“Stand still, bitch,” the punk girl said in a whisper. “Look at those hard nipples, Frank, she really wants it.”

Frank stood up and helped the girl push Sam up on the desk. Sam wanted to protest but she wasn’t sure if she had the power or will to raise her voice. The redheaded punk girl knelt down and spread Sam’s legs apart, pushing her skirt out of the way. All Sam could squeak out was, “oh my… please.”

“Yeah bitch I know how to please,” said the girl, roughly. Frank held Sam’s arms, pinning her on the desk.

“Lick her pussy, she needs it really bad,” Frank moaned.

“Yeah, and your dick’s hard too,” purred the punk girl looking at Frank’s crotch. “Okay bitch, I need a little taste,” the punk girl said spreading Sam’s pussy lips apart.

“Please… ”

Then Sam watched as the redhead disappeared between her legs, suddenly she felt a tongue sliding all the way up her slit. Sam almost collapsed from the pleasure, she felt herself thrusting her pussy toward the girl. Sam was moaning as the tongue made brush stroke after brush stroke on her pussy.

Frank had his cock out, pumping his huge member, letting pre-cum drip down after each stroke.

“Yeah baby, eat her, then I’m going to fuck the shit out of her,” groaned Frank.

Sam tried to pull herself together, tried to manage, control the situation, and found herself just slip away. They could do as they like as long as they kept going. Frank came over and moved her around; she was pushed over the desk, her legs apart and feet planted on the floor. She glanced over and saw an old dirty mirror — she could watch everything.

Quickly the punk girl crawled between her legs and started to lick her pussy again. Frank put his hands on Sam’s ass and spread her cheeks. Sam saw Frank’s big cock slowly enter her pussy and let out a scream of pleasure. The girl found her clit again, and they both started to fuck her slowly.

“Oh my God,” Sam moaned. She already had an orgasm once from the punk girl’s tongue, but now she was coming again. “Please, fuck me hard,” she begged.

Sam was pinching her nipples and pushing her ass against his balls.

“Oh my…, oh my,” was all Sam could get out and then she came again. Frank was groaning now and she felt his cock explode in her pussy. The punk girl kept licking and sucking her clit, she felt little waves pulsating threw her body.

The next thing Sam knew she was sitting in a cab heading uptown, cum dripping down her new stockings. She closed her eyes picturing the sex she just had; she squeezed her legs together letting out a little moan, “Oh my… ”

“Here we are honey,” the cab driver said, breaking the dream of the afternoon. She looked at her office building clean, safe and boring.

“Thanks.” She handed him the fare and another big tip.

“No problem honey, here’s your receipt.”

She took it and walked to her office door. She looked down at the card; felt its heavy paper. It read, “Compliments of Executive Sex Fantasy Service”

As she held the card she felt a shiver of pleasure. Maybe Friday she would call in sick.

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