Even Better

The August sun sank beneath the hills surrounding the family estate. The wedding reception had whittled down to a few close friends and family members. Most guests had gone and all that remained were the adventurous few, summarily thrown into the pool after the long hot day. The bride laughed in her gown as the groom pulled her into the shallow water, her tan chest slipping out of a tight white bodice. Standing alongside the pool in my still-dry silk dress, I glimpsed the bride’s cousin emerging from the hot-tub. Steam rose from his built body. Light brown curls, penetrating blue eyes, a strong jaw, his youthful tan skin reminded me of the beach at midday. I pictured him in a toga, taut muscles beneath starch linen. He definitely had my attention.

Watching my step, I avoided any reveler whose sole desire was to pull me in the deep end. As I wandered on the lawn, my whole body responded to the Adonis. Curls peeked above the line of his dark navy shorts, drenched from his hot-tub soak. His whole body radiated heat.

In his mid-twenties, did the ten year age gap between us make him off limits? At least this 30-something could admire from afar.

Our paths crossed and he stepped in my direction, wondering aloud why I was not yet wet. A slow smile came across his face. If only he knew the growing wetness between my thighs. As I adjusted the silky sheath, which I’d carefully selected to show my college ex and now the wedding’s best-man that I still had a body worth watching, I explained my fear of being thrown into water.

He leaned closer, his eyes sparkled, and he whispered “I want to feel the fear. Will you let me feel the fear?

He motioned a playful threat to launch me in the pool. Before I could think, his hands circled my waist. Instinctively I grabbed his muscular upper body. The heat of his skin brushed my taut nipples.

As I wiggled, his grip tightened, my dress absorbing the water from his shorts. Fearful he might throw me in and fearful he might let go, a breathless “No¦ Please¦ escaped my lips. His breath caressed my cheek as his pelvis pressed into mine, inviting me to fight harder and cling to him. His body still wet and warm from the hot-tub, our skin stuck like glue.

I’m not sure what surprised me more, full-on flirting with this dream man or the bulge in his shorts caressing my thigh. A shiver ran through my body.

“Oooh¦ I whispered close to his ear. “Be careful, I might scratch, digging my nails into his back. “Or maybe bite¦ I said playfully licking my lips.

“Even better, he said. “I like girls who put up a fight.

Lifting me off my stilettos, his cheek pressed firmly into mine as his body threatened to do more. The excitement was more than I could bear. I clenched my legs now around his waist, feigning a good fight, as he carried me effortlessly along the tremendous Georgian home. In the shadows, our mouths met. My lips welcomed his tongue, ravaging in the softness and desire. I wanted to take his whole body into mine. Clutching his curly hair, his hands wandered every inch of my body. Totally aroused, I tugged at his shorts as the Adonis slid my dress above my thighs. His hands caressed my exposed ass, teasing at my thong. His pinky teased at the silky hem. His strong fingers traced a line from back to front, drops running down my inner thigh. He was learning how wet I actually was.

“Be careful¦ We might get caught, I whispered clutching my fingers around his stiff cock.

“Even better, he groaned, a low moan emerging from the back of his throat.
Laughter in the distance roused the fear, as two fingers slid into my wetness. My heartbeat quickened as I sucked in a rush of air. His fingers penetrated gently at first and then quickened in my hot box. I envisioned him filling me to the brim, his dick full and hard.

In a way that was totally surreal, my body filled with intense light.

This Adonis encounter was too good for interruption, too rare to risk being caught and stopped midway through pleasure I hadn’t experienced in a decade. Thoughts of the girlfriend he described at dinner visiting her parents in Chicago and my husband too busy traveling for work, neither interested in the lure of a friend’s wedding, lured me to tug further at this beautiful specimen.

“I can put up more of a fight ˜round this way, I coaxed him further into the shadows. Around the side of the house, away from the party, moonlight cast a glow on a large marble porch. I couldn’t resist biting and nipping at his neck, the sexiest part of any man. Desire flooded my body. Our eyes locked and we knew. Consented he would feel more than the fear in me.

His hands reached around, urging me up the grand stairway, pulling the straps of my dress down to reveal full-size tits. He gasped and ran his lips the length of my torso, taking each tit in his mouth, suckling their soft sweetness. My hands explored his whole upper body, tracing lines around every muscle, reveling in his hardness. My panties slid slowly to the stair.

Pressing into me, he lifted my bare ass onto the handrail. The shock of the icy metal jolted my already heightened senses. Spreading my thighs, his fingers explored again. My pussy throbbed and tightened as his thumb teased my clit. Rubbing his hand over my mound, low groans escaped my lips. He pushed on, exploring the folds of my body, bringing me closer to creaming in his hand. Leaning into him, I bit on his ear to keep from screaming in ecstasy. Wetness grew between my legs as I begged him to fill me inside.

Reaching below, the tremendous size of his fully-erect penis caused me to gasp. The extent of his hardness emerged. Sticky drops of pre-cum slipped in my hand. “Be careful¦ I whispered, edging him inside with one deep thrust. Powerfully his cock pushed into me, our bodies cemented together with sweat. Time stood still as he pumped to the rhythm of our breaths. My head dropped to his shoulder, tasting saltiness on his skin. He entered again and again, his cock filling me completely.

As if in a dream, I pictured myself fucking this Adonis. Unable to believe the rock-hard Greek God was lapping up every ounce of sex as droplets of my juices covered the stairs.

My cunt squeezed tight, coaxing him to my g-spot. The sensations were too much. My pussy tensed with every thrust; I could contain myself no longer. “No¦ Please¦ I whimpered as a shivering orgasm filled my whole body. “Don’t stop. His hands clawed at my back and the touch of my fingers, scratching his nipples, brought him to climax. Full, hot, white lightning. A low moan escaped his lips as loads of hot cum shot deep inside, filling me in the moonlight. He came like the Adonis in my dreams.

Silence gripped us both as our heat melted into a single pool. Feeling protected by his strength, I nibbled at his ear. “Did you feel the fear?

“Even better.”


S. Lynne

S. Lynne is a mild-mannered professor by day and a vixen by night. Though most of her writing is scientific, she indulges her sexier side by recounting true stories of romantic interludes. S. Lynne is relishing new-found freedom after the end of a 15-year relationship. With many dating sex-capades to share, she hopes to educate and inspire!

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