Erotic Pregnancy Photography at Home

Women do all sorts of things to document their pregnancies, from marking the growth of their bump on the wall to making huge casts of their bellies. Beyond video clips taken for my online stores, the only form of documentation I’ve opted for has been photography.

With my first pregnancy, I hired a photographer acquaintance to take some ethereal, natural pictures of me. I wanted to be wrapped in net, posing serenely in a forest. (I know. I blame it on the hormones.) They came out really great and you can’t even tell how miserable I was. Determined to get good shots, I climbed, buck naked, through a pile of nettles to get onto a log that looked like a promising perch.

The photographer, who had taken adult pictures before, was a little surprised that I wanted to be nude in the photos. Though she is a talented erotic photographer, most of her paid work comes from photographing children, weddings, and the like. It hadn’t even occurred to me to wear clothes in pregnancy pictures. I wanted to show off my belly, not cover it up–except with the net I bought from a craft store. She even said she probably couldn’t use any of the shots in her portfolio. I hadn’t realized just how offensive some people might find an image of a naked, pregnant woman leaning against a tree, gazing quietly into the distance. I thought it sounded not only harmless, but sweet. She has since changed her mind and one of my pictures did make it to her portfolio.

For this pregnancy, I decided to go a different approach. I hired a male photographer who had taken some great portfolio shots for some of the local pro dommes. For all I know, he’s never photographed a wedding or bar mitzvah in his life. While the woman photographer I had shot with before was definitely into the ladies, shooting with women has always felt very different than shooting with men. For one, women shoot a lot faster. Guys tend to want to keep the pretty naked girl in the room for as long as possible.

Wardrobe was different, too. I ditched the Mother Earth vibe and got out some stockings, heels, an apron, and an over-sized hair bow. I wore a lot of make-up, including false eyelashes, and left my hair down. My husband has a thing for maids and pregnant women, so I figured I would combine the two and do a really kinky shoot–just in time for Christmas. I sent him one a day until they ran out.

The pictures came out AWESOME, as evidenced by my husband’s reaction. He told me to stop sending them to him while he was at work because he couldn’t resist opening them and would end up with a huge erection. Evidently that’s not what people want to see when they call on their sys admin for help.

I really wish I’d taken more dirty pictures the first time I was pregnant. My husband snapped a few when I was getting ready for bed one day, convincing me to put on a black garter belt. I was a frizzy, pasty mess, but he seemed to enjoy taking the pictures and I certainly enjoyed getting reamed afterward.

This time around, I’m not wasting the opportunity, though it’s hard to find the time with an insomniac toddler on the loose. We’ve managed it a few times with great results and, from my experience as a professional model and a pregnant lady, I wanted to offer a few tips to moms who also want to document the sexual side of their blossoming womanhood.

  • Love Your Belly Pose to emphasize your belly, not hide it. It will make the rest of you, which might be a little chubby, look smaller and, after all, it’s the whole point of the pictures!
  • Lighting Try to shoot in natural light. It’s best for most home cameras. If you can’t shoot in natural light, try at least for consistent light. If there’s a lot of contrast, you might want to turn the pictures to monochrome later. Artificial home lights can render pictures a little orange, which might not be good for other types of photography, but those warm, sexy colors are flattering to to the flesh. I.e. they hide cellulite.
  • Check the Photos This means occasionally stopping your partner and getting them to come show you what’s going on so far. You can check lighting and posing–and surreptitiously rub your boobs against their arm.
  • Be Slutty No one is going to see these pictures unless you show them (or your partner does) and there’s no reason you have to behave differently just because you–of my god!–had sex in the past and got pregnant. Be as dirty as you want to be. Drench yourself in baby oil, use a vibrator, handcuff yourself to the bed and write “breeder slut” on your chest in lipstick, feign innocence with big eyes and a teddy bear; whatever you think is hot!
  • Involve Your Partner All the naked pictures are bound to get your partner hot and bothered. So, get a pregnant POV of PIV, if you can. It looks really hot! One of my favorite private pictures with my husband shows him penetrating me doggy style, my belly hanging down as I look over my shoulder, right at the camera. He took the photo from a low, side angle and my butt, if I do say so myself, looks amazing. Be sure to use flash for action shots or they’re likely to come out blurry, even in the best light.

Once you’ve taken your photos, don’t just store them away. Look at them, even if you’re looking alone. They’re just as much for you to enjoy as your partner, perhaps more. While your partner may not think to look the pictures up again, what with having the real deal right there, catching you looking can remind your partner and even get you laid!

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