Erotic Intuition with Dr. Alison Ash: Meet Our Teachers

I caught up with Dr. Alison Ash last night for a short and sweet preview of her class on erotic intuition. This is appropriate for any person and filled with insight you would never get in a traditional sex ed class. Here’s a teaser!–Carol Queen PhD, Staff Sexologist

What role does intuition play when it comes to having sex?

Intuition allows us to better attune to our lover(s)’ wants and needs, helping us be better lovers and have more pleasurable sex! 


What elements of our lives support being more intuitive, and what squelches it?

Our society prioritizes the thinking mind over the feeling body. Getting out of our heads and into our bodies allows us to access our intuition, and learn how to interpret all of the non-verbal signals we receive all the time. 


Obviously being intuitive to our partner’s desires is a plus for our partners–but how does it make sex better for us?

Just like our intuition, we also feel pleasure in our bodies! Being an intuitive lover means that we can increase our ability to experience pleasure from the act of giving, which will make it easier for our lover(s) to receive and hotter for us to give! 


You can still get tix to Alison Ash’s class tonight–we accept walk-ins, too, IF there’s room. Or join our email list to hear about upcoming classes ahead of time. (Just scroll down past the new products for the sign-up bar.)


How to Be An Intuitive Lover

Tuesday, January 9, 6:30-8:30pm

1620 Polk Street, San Francisco

$25 in advance, $30 at the door as space allows.

There is no manual for navigating intimate experiences and too often doubt and confusion limit our capacity to feel pleasure. Do you ever wish you could deepen your intuition when it comes to knowing how to please your lover(s)? With Alison Ash Fogarty, PhD— sexual empowerment educator, sex and intimacy coach, and founder of—you’ll learn how to cultivate your innate intuition. Discover how this confidence enables you to feel pleasure while giving pleasure!

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