Erotic Art by Karin Tobiason

Karin Tobiason

Karin Tobiason is a self-taught erotic artist who has been perfecting her craft since 1995. She carefully carves out the human form starting with a watercolor palette, which she cuts into the muscular form and then collages it into an abstract figurative montage. Her figures are placed on a stark background to emulate a marble sculpture.

Tobiason began painting in the late evenings with a child’s watercolor set and an old blusher brush. Untrained, she toiled into the late hours drawing household still life. Frustrated by seemingly amateur results, Tobiason cut her paintings into pieces and found herself puzzling them back together into simple human forms. It was this artistic process that ignited her creative passion.

She presents the human form in a unique manner. She tastefully captures the heart and soul of passionate human sexual expression, in a slightly abstract style that often suggests more than it reveals.

Tobiason, an identical twin, was born in Seattle, WA and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area. She graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science. She owns as a Public Relations Firm during the day and pursues her painting at night.

Gallery Representation:
Bainbridge Island Arts and Crafts Gallery, Bainbridge Island, WA
Good Works Gallery, Glen Ellyn, IL
Good Vibrations, Berkeley, CA\’2003

Artist Statement

“The first time I remember feeling passionate about art was in kindergarten. In front of a tall easel, too eager to wait for a paintbrush, I stuffed my little fist into the soup can of cool red liquid and slathered it onto an empty piece of newsprint. My creative anxiety was released — and I got lost in time and space.

As an adult, I began painting alone in the late evenings with a child’s watercolor set. The minute I brushed that first sweep of paint, I again felt the loss of self and loss of time. I obsessed on the task of teaching myself to draw. And when I began working with the human figure, my real passion emerged.

An artist friend of mine refers to the creative process as ˜making love.’ He couldn’t be more right. I engage with a muse, a being with whom I feel an emotional connection. I lust. I surrender my will. I am tormented. The anxiety grows as I focus my attention towards capturing the power of the image. It is not until the painting is complete that I feel the release. Then I am satisfied, fulfilled, relaxed, at peace. Until the creativity lust builds tension again for the next encounter with the next lover-muse. When I do not paint, I experience a deep loneliness, a soulless longing.

I never know how the paintings will turn out. Sometimes I’m disappointed, yet often I am in awe of the final piece. At times I fear I will never be able to create another painting because I am very aware that it is not ˜I’ creating it in the first place. Rather, it is a force much greater that works through me. Nothing in life feels more glorious. Nothing in life renders me more vulnerable.

I’m enamored with the human form; it is inspiration itself! When I connect to the soul essence of my model/muse, it is then that I am given access to so much more than just line and form. I live for these occasions in which this connection is shared between us. The artist and muse merge into one. I cannot predict it prior to each experience. Nor can I explain it. I can only experience it.

My hope for the viewer is that my art will remind you of being in love and inspire you to love ever greater — that it will spark lust and sexual tension from a place within; a place that burns from purity, honesty and beauty. A place that leaves you raw and vulnerable but altogether powerful¦.when you love with a vengeance!

Love and Light,


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