Entwined Erotica Contest Winner: Airport Bathroom

We have a winner!

Good Vibrations is pleased to have been asked to judge Entwined Erotica’s recent contest. One talented erotic writer begins a steamy story… and several others finish it. May’s contest, for the story “Unbound” (begun by Lacey Michaels, with endings by Lacey and Deborah Hyde, Cecilia Tan, and Lissa Trevor), asks contestants to pen their own alternative climaxes to the tale of Charity, torn between two lovers on two continents. When her new Irish beau invites her to come back — and meet his wife! — what will she do next?

Thanks and congratulations to the runners-up:

VampireInChains (“Newer, Bolder, Better”)
InsatiablyTaken (“Red-eye”)
smartina (“Journey’s End”)
Olivia (“Change is on the Horizon”)
Erynn Louviaite (“Bound”)

And our winner is… MsRobin for the hot-hot-hot first-time lesbian story “Airport Bathroom”!

Airport Bathroom
a first time girl on girl experience
Written by MsRobin


But first I need a drink.

I wheel my suitcase down the concourse and sure enough, a bar appears. I love airport bars. They’re filled with the best and worst of humanity, and no one judges you for having a martini at 10am on a Tuesday.

I perch myself on one of the high trendy stools. The soft pulse of electronic club music emanates from speakers placed strategically along the walls.

“What can I get you?” the bartender asks with a smooth smile. She’s shorter than I am, pixie haircut just a little bit spiky.

“Bloody mary, extra strong, extra spicy, three olives.”

“Know what you’re looking for, don’t you?” She laughs, and I smile for the first time today. She winks at me with one of her overly black-lined eyes.

“Coming right up.”
She turns and saunters back behind the bar.

I catch a glimpse of myself in a long, narrow mirror, a raven haired statue amongst the bottles. I could be mysterious and alluring if I put in the effort. Today I just seem lost-somewhere between the Tanqueray and the Svedka.

The bartender’s back with my drink. She’s wearing black short shorts that show off her slender, athletic legs. I feel a tingle somewhere in my belly. Surprising. Not altogether unwanted.

“Spicy and strong,” she whispers. “Hope it’s what you’re looking for.”

I take a sip and feel the pepper and vodka soak into my cheeks. The anxiety washes away. This bitch can make a drink.

When I notice the message on the napkin, that aching fear creeps back into my gut.

15 minutes. Ladies room, Gate 53.
My ears are prickling. The heat is traveling from my salivating mouth to redden my embarrassed and excited cheeks.

I take another gulp from the bloody mary. If nothing else, I can at least give her a proper thank you for the drink.

I park myself at one end of the mirror in the ladies’ room, and pull out my lipstick, but quickly give up and let my head sink into my hands. It’ll only take her thirty seconds to realize I have no idea what I’m doing.

I feel hands at my hips, and that tingle in my hips is back. A soft voice in my ear, “Hey beautiful.”

And suddenly she pulls my hips tight against hers and stretches up to bite hard into my neck. Small, but feisty. I let my head fall back with a moan, then turn around to face her. She traces my lips with a finger, pressing it to the center. Universal symbol for quiet. She sneaks a glance around, and then pulls me into a stall.

I bend down to kiss her and it feels so new. Bursting and delicious. Softer than the men I’ve kissed. She moves my hands to her hips. She feels me hesitate.

“Something wrong?” she whispers.

“It’s just that…I’ve never…”

“Hooked up with -”
“-a woman. Ever.”

She smiles with every part of her body. “Aren’t I the lucky girl today? Don’t worry, pet, enjoy yourself.” She runs her fingers lightly over my breasts, to my neck. “You like being touched, don’t you?” I nod. Too excited and nervous to find any more words.

She’s masterful. Keeping her lips on my mouth, and my throat, she works her hands under my shirt, teasing my nipples and loosening my bra.

She starts to bite my neck again, sharp little pricks that make me jump. She hits the vein in my throat that seems to run straight to my cunt. A flood of warm wetness soaks my panties. She lifts my hands to her mouth and kisses each of my fingertips. “Now do your work, little explorers.” She guides one hand to the nape of her neck, the other goes to her thighs, and I start to move on my own. Her shorts unbutton easily. I want to know what she tastes like.

I slip the black fabric down over her tight, perky ass. It seems so easy when I’m on my knees in front of her. I just pull them down.

Tightly trimmed hair softly curls around her clit. She starts to spread her legs and her whole pussy throbs and starts to open. I can see the juice dripping onto her thigh.

I rush to her cunt, still on my knees, and she steps forward to press my face deeper into her.

As I stretch my tongue forward, I ask myself, will pussy taste anything like cock?

She fills my mouth and I can’t think, just respond, explore, devour. Salty, earthy, tender little folds of flesh, juices spurting, saliva dripping, quivering, shaking into spasms of glory. A tiny gasp above me. Body tensing, ready to burst, explode and float away. My lips on her skin, my tongue pushing inside her, those soft tight thighs drawing me in, deep, closer, always closer. Heaven you can sink your teeth into.

Rolling my tongue over her clit, toying with the bits that made her flinch, groan, shudder and pant, I feel something new deep in my body. A surging power, a well of pleasure sinking down to my depths. She grabs the back of my head, holding me just where she needs me. I give her what she’s asking for, a fast, hard, slippery tongue. She wants it fierce.

Her hips buck and I hold on for the ride, urging the intensity forward. With little panting huffs and throaty groans, I know she’s coming. I want to know how long I can make it last.

Her groans subside into long, low sighs and she pulls me gently by the hair.

“I want to see your face, beautiful. Show it to me.”

I let my head fall back, happy and wondrously satisfied.

“This face is going to make so many women happy,” she said. “And one day, one of those women will be you.”

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