Embrace Menopause: It’s a Wondrous Event

Is it an old wives’ tale that when women hit menopause they lose interest in sex? Or do some women have a burst of sexual desire and needs?

Some women hitting pre-menopause or full-fledged menopause don’t lose interest in sex, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. They want sex, they search for sex and they conquer sex. A common term for women of this age are referred to as cougars and MILF’s. Mainly between the ages of 35 and 55, attractive, physically fit, comfortable with their body, have children still at home, either divorced, married or single and are in search of sexual release.

Being in this age bracket, going through menopause and feeling sexier than I ever have in my 42-years, I have to admit I fall into the category of wanting sex often. Finding new interesting ways to satisfy that craving has become a way of daily life for me.

My world revolves around sex literally. From sexting on my cell phone to changing my writing genre from sweet romance to erotica, I have sex on the brain. And I have no problem with acting on those desires and urges.

At the tender age of 37, I was introduced to my first vibrator. Hesitant to use it, I never would touch it. My husband always had to be in control. That was then. Now it’s an entirely new world for me. I ask for BOB (battery operated boyfriend), I use BOB alone and he’s very handy at the bedside when the need strikes.

I am very comfortable with my sexuality, my needs and I’m not afraid to ask (sometimes demand) certain pleasures, positions and needs.

I’ve recorded countless videos of pleasuring myself with BOB, sent them to a certain someone and loved every minute of it. I’ve always wanted to see the expression on his face when he saw what the text was. This moment and facial expression would be priceless to me.

I also take pictures of myself. My finger strategically placed on my pussy lips, fingernails painted a brilliant red for effect and I start snapping. These still shots are also sent out.

All this photography and amateur cinematography skill makes me feel revived with my sexuality. The to share it is the ultimate turn on. You send the video or picture, you wait for the response. It builds the excitement and sexual tension.

Photo sessions have taken place in our bedroom. In all seriousness, what could be hotter, more erotic or more enticing than taking pictures that you’d see in a smut magazine. Not one to stare at strangers bodies in the centerfold, my husband preferred to look at my body. And I was fine with that.

I’ve started searching online for new adventurous toys to add to my collection. From the original BOB to a remote control vibrator- perfect for public and gatherings where I can get twinges and turned on and no one but me and the person in the control of the vibrator know why my eyes are twinkling and I’ve stopped talking.

Sexting is a major part of my newly discovered sexuality. Sending and receiving sext messages leave an unbelievably strong sexual desire in me. Words like pounding, easing aside the thong, little nibbles, sucking…oh, the list goes on and on.

So if you start going through menopause, embrace it. It was a life-altering moment for me and I am forever grateful.

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