Double Duty: How Twice-as-Nice Vibes Measure Up

If there’s one type of vibrator that’s guaranteed to elicit a response from would-be toy owners, it’s the twice-as-nice vibe. At our retail stores, people pick up these toys with an initial look of befuddlement. Their look quickly turns into enlightenment, followed, nine out of ten times, by a deep blush and giggle.

These vibes do look a little daunting. But do they do the job? Customer feedback suggests they are the end-all, be-all in sex toys. The insertable shaft swivels, rotating strategically placed pearls that bump and grind in the vagina, while the vibrating animal at the base provides a ticklish sensation on the clit. All that, along with a relatively high price tag and complicated design, may make it seem like the purchase of a twice as nice might allow you to cross the “Buy a sex toy” item off that “To Do” list forever. While the purchase of a twice as nice has made thousands of our customers very happy indeed, a girl needs to take a few things into account in order to make these toys truly double the fun.

As with any other sex toy, size matters. If you’ve purchased an insertable sex toy before, measure the toy, decide if you’d like something bigger or smaller, and use those measurements to guide your twice-as-nice purchase. If you’re a first timer, start out in your kitchen. Clean a cucumber, get a knife and carve it down. Cover it with a condom and try it on (this trick is for vaginal penetration only). How does it feel? Too wide, too long, too small? Keep carving away (or get a new cucumber) and trying it out. For once, it’s okay to use the same condom multiple times. Once you find your ideal fit, measure the length and diameter (distance across). Keep in mind the length you measure should be the length that feels comfortable, not the maximum length you can stand.

Next, take a look at the twice-as-nice vibes we offer. Along with the toy’s diameter, you’re going to want to consider the length of the shaft that you would need to insert to feel the vibrator at the base. Typically, the base vibe delivers a concentrated buzz at the tip of the critter, so you’re going to need the shaft to be long enough (and short enough) that the tip of the critter (the bunny’s ears, jaguar’s nose, fish’s tail, etc.) reaches your clit. The vibe itself resides in the animal’s body, so by inserting the toy deeper, you’ll feel the same strong buzz over a slightly increased area.

The distance between the shaft and critter vibe won’t make a huge difference in the enjoyment of your toy. If the vibe isn’t hitting your clit the way you’d like, you can probably angle the toy or adjust the clit vibe to hit it in the right spot.

How exact do you need to be? Considering there are only so many toys available in so many sizes, an 1/8″ margin in toy diameter and 1/4″ in tip-to-tip measurements should be fine. Just keep in mind that it can be disappointing to get home with a new toy that feels way bigger than it looked to you in the store.

Now, on to the pickin’s. We offer a big selection of toys that offer a variety of sizes and features. What’s best for you? Read the blow-by-blow for most of our twice-as-nice vibes, from smallest to largest, below. I’ve listed each vibe’s diameter, length of shaft from tip of the shaft to the tip of the base vibe and the distance between the shaft and the tip of the clit vibe. Keep in mind the tip-to-tip measurement is the minimum amount you’d have to insert to feel the clit vibe.

Deep Blue
1 1/4″ in diameter, other measurements n/a
It takes two hands, but the Deep Blue allows you to put its vibe (attached with a phone-cord-like tether) wherever you want — your clit, your nipple, your kneecap, if that’s what does it for you — though the vibrations are gentle. It’s a good choice for a woman looking for her first twice as nice.

Cyber Beaver
1 3/8″ in diameter, 3 1/4″ tip to tip, 3/8″ shaft to tip
Another toy with a long reach, this one is Japanese-made and offers the same high-quality motor as the other models — and it’s made with softskin, which feels like real skin and warms as you use it. It’s a remarkable material; unfortunately, it’s difficult to keep clean unless you use it with a condom. If you have the time and inclination for maintenance, however, this could be the toy for you.

Rhythm Master
1 3/8″ in diameter, 3 3/8″ tip to tip, 7/8″ shaft to tip
Here’s a toy with a longer, narrower shaft, a lower price than most comparable toys and an attractive plastic box that’s great for storage or gift-giving.

Rabbit Pearl
1 1/2″ in diameter, 2 3/4″ tip to tip, 1″ shaft to tip
The Rabbit Habit and Rabbit Pearl are both toys you hear about a lot, and for good reason. They really do stand heads and bunny ears above the rest. Made in Japan, they’re strong and very well-made. Both toys have a similar design, but slightly different measurements. The Rabbit Pearl is the model we’ve been offering for years; we particularly like it because its battery pack is corded to the vibe, so you can adjust while looking at the controls.

Pisces Pearl
1 1/2″ in diameter, 2 7/8″ tip to tip, 1 1/8″ shaft to tip
Made in Japan, this high quality vibe has been a longtime customer favorite. Though the Pisces Pearl’s shaft is overall longer than that of the Rabbit Pearl and Rabbit Habit, the fish at the base reaches up a bit farther.

Silver Pearl
1 1/2″ in diameter, 3″ tip to tip, 3/4″ shaft to tip
Are pearls your thing? The Silver Pearl only has a few, but fits them on a track (rather than having them bump each other like in most other twice-as-nice toys) so you’ll feel their rotation more intensely than in other toys.

Rabbit Habit
1 1/2″ in diameter, 3″ tip to tip, 1 3/8″ shaft to tip
Same high quality and strength as the Rabbit Pearl, but with slightly different dimensions and a built-in battery pack. The price tag may seem high, but it’s worth every penny.

Dragon Pearl
1 1/2″ in diameter, 3 5/8″ tip to tip, 3/8″ shaft to tip
A longer, slimmer version of the Mermaid Pearl, shaped like a friendly dragon and covered in fabulous, easy-to-clean silicone.

Mermaid Pearl
1 5/8″ in diameter, 3 1/4″ tip to tip, 3/8″ and 1″ shaft to tip
Why two shaft-to-tip measurements? The Mermaid’s “tail” forks into two points. If you’re looking for a larger-sized vibe, the silicone Mermaid’s for you.

Rolling Thunder
1 5/8″ in diameter, 2 1/8″ tip to tip, 1 1/4″ shaft to tip
This vibe is the perfect choice if you’d like more intense pearls like the Silver Pearl but would prefer a toy with a shorter, wider shaft. If you’re a beginner or on a budget, you can’t beat the price. However, you may find its quality isn’t as high as the Japanese toys.

Bear Necessity
1 5/8″ in diameter, 3 1/4″ tip to tip, 3/8″ shaft to tip
What if the pearls feature isn’t that exciting to you? If its larger size works for you, the Bear Necessity is an excellent investment for its strong Japanese motor.

Once you’ve found your size, you may want to check out the individual product blurbs for more features you may want to consider, such as extensive pulsing and rotation options, material, volume and vibration intensity.

Now that you’ve waded through all the measurements, pros, cons and maybes, and finally brought your new friend home — go to town! And keep in mind these tips:

* Use lube! A water-based lube like Liquid Silk, Astroglide or Slippery Stuff will help make your introduction more nice and friendly-like.

* For longevity, use the jelly rubber and softskin toys with a condom. The Pisces Pearl, Rabbit Habit and Pearl are made from vinyl, which is less porous than jelly rubber or softskin. The Mermaid and Dragon Pearls are silicone, which is nonporous and doesn’t need to be used with a condom.

* Some women find the rotating shaft a little much at first; some will have difficulty with holding onto the base. If either is the case, insert the shaft with the power off and start slow. Try to gently squeeze your PC muscle (the way you would if doing Kegel exercises) around the shaft and set it on a slow rotation. Your muscles should start to give the rotation enough resistance so that you’ll be controlling the vibe.

* Once you get used to the rotation, try changing speeds, moving it slightly in and out, and then incorporating the clit vibe.

* Once you get the hang of it, experiment with the shaft angle. The Japanese vibes (Rabbit Habit, Rabbit Pearl, Pisces Pearl, Cyber Beaver and Bear Necessity) and Deep Blue have bendable spines that allow you to add more or less angle to the toy. Be warned, the spines should not be bent more than a few degrees in either direction, and should be bent very gently and carefully. But you should be able to achieve a slight angle, which, once the shaft starts rotating, will make a big difference in your experience.

* Twist your vibe around and tickle your anus with the base vibe (you should cover it with a condom or finger cot when going to the anus, then remove it once you go back to your clit).

At the end of the day, however, how much you enjoy your new dual-action toy is up to your body. If you feel like the toy isn’t doing it for you, the external vibes are still excellent used on their own on the clit, and shaft on its own in your vagina or anus.

And if your body decides the dual action use toy is for you? We have the feeling you’ll find that “twice as nice” is a bit of an understatement.


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