Dock Party Blues

Everyone else at the dock party seemed to be having a great time, but me. I think it was because I was the only one wearing a cleavage revealing, white party mini-dress because I had been misled as to what type of party it was by my friend. In addition, my friend had deserted me to go chase after a guy with a huge pontoon boat. I told her pontoon size doesn’t equate with dick size, but she wasn’t listening.

Oh, why was I at this party? There was nothing to do. There was hardly any eye candy to distract me either, except for one tall guy. He had an awesome build, like maybe that of a high school wrestler. I didn’t know what I liked more, his nice strong looking arms or his brown soulful eyes.

He had glanced my way once, but that was it. So much for some sparks with a stranger at a dock party.

It was then I spotted the blue Jell-O shots in the lime green bucket. Now that was a good idea. That could wile away some time as I waited for my friend to return. Taking two fistfuls back to my table, I popped the tops, stuck in my tongue and extracted the wiggly nectar. By my twelfth, I was positively tipsy.

Suddenly, one Jell-O shot attacked the front of my dress. Finding the bathroom line too long, I located a spigot on the back of the bait shop. Furiously trying to wash it out, I realized someone had followed me. It was the tall guy.

At first, I thought he was just gawking at obvious sight of my hard nipples from the cold water, but with some pretext, he leant his assistance. What he knew about fabric cleaning I had no idea, but he seemed rather committed.

Eventually, something did seem to be happening though, but it was not the removal of the blue stain. I was looking at the curve of his Adam’s apple, wishing I could give it a good lick when he gave my breasts a good squeeze; I let out a moan. He slid his hands up my dress. Thankfully, I’d chosen a thong that morning. He ran his hands over the globes of my bare ass and down the length of my legs.

“I’ve been checking you out since you got here,” he said. “And when you were licking that Jell-O out of those little cups, I thought I was going to go insane.”

“Good thing I had more than one,” I said.

He pulled down my thong and found my clit. It was sticking right out. He sucked it, sending jolts of pleasure through my body. Over the nub, he rolled his tongue, pushing my hood back to get at the delicate center. I gripped his hair and pulled his head closer.

As he stood, I looked him in the eyes. He undid his belt and his zipper. His cock sprang out as he tugged down his jeans. I took it in my hand, and I began to play with him, the sound already slippery and wet, as he buried his face between my breasts. He pinched my nipples, twisting hard.

The motion of my hand on his cock got my breasts going to a good beat. He sucked on a nipple, his hands squeezing beneath my rib cage to heave my breasts further as they bounced up and down. My free hand slid to my pussy. My clit was buzzing like a band saw as he pressed against me, his breath ragged.

The tip of his cock was wet as well. His shaft was becoming sticky in my hand. I leaned over and let a slow mouthful of saliva flow over its head.

Unable to take it a moment longer, I got on my knees and sucked him, flicking the head with my tongue. As I took him deeper in my mouth, I heard him groan with pleasure. He stroked my head, started to move his hips, fucking my mouth. Taking him as deeply as I could, I ran the tip of my tongue along the ridge under the head, wrapped two fingers around the base of his cock, and kept them there. With my other hand, I squeezed his balls firmly and I teased him by changing the amount of suction. Sliding my hands around his ass, I gave his butt cheeks a good squeeze, feeling his cock get more rigid in my mouth.

A chill washed over me as he pulled out and pulled to my feet. He lifted my leg with one hand, grabbed my ass with the other and entered me standing up.

My gaze widened. I wondered if I would topple over as I felt my legs weaken with the long hard strokes he was delivering inside me, but the grip he had on me did all the work.

With no warning, he pulled out, turned me around and pushed me against the wall, pulling my hips back to meet him as he entered me from behind. My knees began to go weak again. His breath was ragged in my ear.

I could feel the pressure of an orgasm of huge proportions. It let loose. I was coming. My entire body convulsed, and he clamped his hand over my mouth so I couldn’t be heard.

Suddenly, he drove into me with one final thrust.

At first, I thought I had screamed from pleasure, but I realized I saw my friend standing there. Her face said it all. He wasn’t only the type of guy who would fuck a girl in a white party dress at a dock party. He was the type of guy who would own a pontoon boat.

“Wait. The blue Jell-O shots made me do it,” I cried as she ran away.

“No way, man,” he said. “There’s no booze in them. Those blue ones are for the kids.”


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