Do you want to “Cop” a feel?: Fantasy Role-Play isn’t against the Law

Recently I was showing affection to my partner in a parking lot“ get your mind out of the gutter, we were just kissing in public. As we were kissing a police cruiser drove up and parked next to our car. I was joking with my partner that we were going to get a ticket for public displays of affection. My partner said that would make for a great role-play.  He told me that he has fantasies about being pulled over by a female cop.  I said, “tell me about it. This is how he saw that playing out – He did mention that I would need a police uniform.

The fantasy started out by being pulled over on a quiet country road by a state trooper.

My heart was racing, fearing what deep trouble I would be in.  But as I saw the officer approach and that it was a woman, my heart started racing for a different reason.  The officer tapped on the window with her nightstick.  She leaned over at the window and revealed a very low cut uniform as she asked me for my license and registration.  I said, “Was I speeding officer?  She said, “I’ll ask the questions.  The officer looked at my license and then asked, “Do you like to go fast?  I answered, “Well, that depends.

At that point the officer asked me to step out of the car, which I complied with the request.  I thought my jeans were tight until I saw how her uniform was hugging the curves of her body.  My tight jeans were almost as form fitting as her outfit – and I could picture almost every curve of her body.  “This immediately got me aroused.  And that’s when she spun me around, put my hands up on the top of the car started frisking me at the base of my leg, running her hands up my leg from my ankle, up the inside of my thigh, grabbing my ass in both hands and down the other leg. I hadn’t been felt up like that since the last time I went through TSA security at the airport.  She spun me around again.  This time she ran her hands up from my ankles, up my inner thigh, stopping at my crotch. Then the officer grabbed my bulge in my jeans and asked, ” What is this?  Are you concealing a weapon in your pants?  I said, “It all depends.  She then unbuckled my pants and pulled out my cock, grabbing it in her hands and says, ¦

You get the picture.  Work with it.

(Can you tell this person read a lot of Penthouse Forum when he was younger?  ;))

That’s a fairly easy fantasy role-play to reproduce, if you can find a quiet country road and if the uniform you find doesn’t mistake you for impersonating an officer¦ and even if you weren’t to act it out, it’s the sense of sharing something intimate between two people that makes this special.

What also makes this fantasy work is the communication and the openness of both partners.  Note, it is important that the partner who is being told the fantasy that they try NOT get too wrapped up in interpreting “What does this mean??  It doesn’t HAVE to mean anything.  It is a turn on for the partner¦ and THAT’S the important part.  Fantasy is okay.  Like I said, it doesn’t always have to be done… but you could bring it up again later as a way of arousing your partner in a time or place that is unexpected!  Now isn’t that a fun idea??


The MamaSutra

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