I have just been informed by a second person today that my “shirt is distracting” — the first person to clue me in was my beautiful Boo, who told me that my shirt made her want to “do my buttons up” (a really very nice gesture which I chose to decline) then here at work, I was told that I needed to “close my shirt” because it was “distracting” (that particular comment however came from someone who not only has no power over me and/or my position here but who also has been nursing a tiny crush on yours truly for a bit now and so, it too, was summarily dismissed.) I do, however plan to test the distraction potential of this shirt on one or two people who I would actually like to stir up so stay tuned for more on that subject.

In other news, I should probably put a note in here about the Conference I just went to and the various hijinks that may or may not have gone on but instead I will simply say that if all of the lovely ladies that I met and flirted with and subsequently invited out for the Company Holiday party/to stay with me personally actually take me up on the offer… Well, I’m screwed pure and simple. Fun to throw it around like I meant it though! ;-]


Good Vibrations

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